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Server Protocol Pocketmine-MP

LightCraft is an innovative server for the bedrock edition of minecraft, we have minigames & gamemodes including, survival, factions, kitpvp, duels, sumo, skywars, parkour, what’s the build, and much more!


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Website redone, New players to discord api sync, bridge minigame coming soon!

New factions hub is coming very soon :)! Also the bridge and uhc is planned to come out on ~ the 13 of August

new buildings are being built at hub at the moment!

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14 Responses

2.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Edgyy says:

    Omg this server’s so bad they don’t even know what muting is lmao ????????

  2. Error 4o4 says:

    How do I apply for builder?

  3. Error 4o4 says:

    How do I apply for builder?

  4. Error 4o4 says:

    How do I apply for builder

  5. SparkThunder05 says:

    This server is really fun to play on, and I love the no killing rule in Survival mode!

  6. FireWolf says:

    Server is bad. Banned me for no reason at all. Also, everything is designed poorly.

  7. Guest-2519535826 says:

    Hello I would like to join the server, but I have two questions: the server working for me if I join with phone?
    2. Is the server whitlisted?

    Thank u 🙂

    MC name: wolfspyplay

  8. Guest-4696427785 says:

    I really like this server the members are so nice!

  9. He is a nice server as soon as someone was friendly

  10. Guest-7610933560 says:

    I got banned and called a skybird. Can I get unbanned and can you tell me what a skybrid is? Just unban me so we can talk

    • you got banned for saying racial slurs (rule broken of swearing) and calling the owner stupid multiple times (rule broken of name calling), a “skybird” is a bird in the sky and is also a developer for the server. if you believe you were banned unjustly you can make an appeal at the website.

  11. Guest-9891406363 says:

    My gamertag
    Ductile cube500

    Am join tommorw

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