Loyal MC Bedrock and Java Crossplay (IP Has Changed)

Server IP   Connect
Status Online
Players 22/100
Server Protocol Other

Loyal MC is a Bedrock Edition and Java Edition Crossplay server that allows both editions to play together! On this Survival server you can play with your Java or Bedrock Friends in the same world.

Message To All Existing Players

On November 30th 2020 the port was changed to the default Bedrock Port 19132 please use 19132 instead of 25573 sorry for the inconvenience. 

Cross Platform!

This Server is playable on Java Edition and Bedrock Edition using Geyser!


Rules are available in detail on our website


We do not let players Hack Or XRay, using advanced Anti-Cheat it will automatically kick hackers, Sometimes staff will need to step in if the Anti-Cheat does not detect the hacking.

Showcase Images



Front of spawn

Images taken using SEUS Shaders


/help – shows a more frequently updated list of commands.
/kit starter – Gives you leather and wooden tools to help you get started
/rules – shows the server rules.
/tpa – requests for you to teleport to someone.
/tpahere – like /tpa, but it instead asks for someone to teleport to you.
/ec or /echest – shows your ender chest.
/hat – puts your selected item on your head. – use with blocks
/craft – access to a crafting table anywhere.
/warp – teleports you to a server warp (spawn, end, social, pvp, sumo and more)
/sit – sits down on any block.
/sethome – allows you to set a home.
/home – brings you to your home.
/geyser offhand – lets bedrock players put items in their offhand.
/clan – shows you all clan commands.
/discord – gives you the discord link in chat.
/linkaccount – allows you to link your Java account to your bedrock account
/skin (Java player Username) – Set your skin as any Java Player

If ever unable to join our website is always updated with the latest information

Commands are always being added so some may not be listed here

The Server adds a _ in front of Bedrock players names to ensure there are no duplicate names between Java and Bedrock players.

Changelog View more

Upgraded The Server and Changed the port to bedrock default 19132

Rewritten most of this page and added a new fancy thumbnail

  • Changed the Port
  • Upgraded the server
  • Added proximity voice chat for discord
  • Fixed ranks
  • Fixed and added commands
  • Made a Staff Application
  • Fixed Some Lag Issues

Added better spawn protection

Added Old 1.8 PvP

Added fun player commands

Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201

Server Name: Loyal MC // Survival // PvP

Game Types

Other PvP Roleplay Survival

29 Responses

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  1. hi there
    idk where it shows the ip address

  2. AhoroBuchok says:

    is the port and IP the same as java edition? im on BE and im about to send to friends so we can play

  3. Gamerboy11 says:

    Hey is this a pay to win server? because I keep seeing adverts about a rank shop

  4. Sorry about the server being down last night there was a small issue.

  5. The Server Had a Port Change Please Use The Port 19132 instead of 25573 (THIS UPDATE WILL SHOW ON THE MCPEDL PAGE SOON)

  6. robotmanopu says:

    it shows for me on bedrock that the servers down for right now

  7. There was a minor issue with the domain on November 29 The Issue is now fixed sorry for the inconvenience

  8. MariofanYT says:

    i added the server on bedrock just fine but when i tried on java it didnt work? What is the ip for java and the version?

  9. DigDugeroo says:

    Definitely going to need to fix them smithing tables, or is it just my lag

  10. DigDugeroo says:

    The server down?

  11. Swampplays says:

    Nevermind this is the worst server I dont recommend or guarantee it

  12. DigDugeroo says:

    Geyser proxy? 1.16.100 at the moment

  13. FuntimeFreddy says:

    How do you get a nickname? Because it won’t let me have one

  14. megabekfast says:

    this is birdshit. I just got “give exploit” banned for nothing

  15. Rayvex says:

    is this Survival Server also can i apply as Moderator or Admin??

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