Published on March 08, 2022 (Updated on April 05, 2022)

McFun 2022 Crossplay Java and Bedrock

Server IP Connect
Status Offline
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Server Protocol Other

Welcome to McFun! This server is basically McFun, an server that sadly shut down due to problems. This server is a replica of McFun, it has the same plugins too! Please note any progress made on the old McFun server will not be in this one! Remember to have fun! Please note this server uses a free host which means server might not be on 24/7 all the time! Please let me know in the discord so I can make server online! Our discord link:




Basically normal survival multiplayer. There is commands that you can use too! You can meet new people and play with them! 

What does crossplay mean?

This server uses Geyser! Its a plugin that lets you join on any version on Minecraft! You can play with your Java/Bedrock friends on this server!


We have multiple anticheat plugins. It detects an player when they send too many packets. Please note that we monitor your actions from console. If a player is caught hacking, we will ban them! If you want an unban, please ping me on my discord server!


/sethome (name)

/home (name)

/kit starter

/tpa (player name)


/tpahere (player name)

/lagg gc (clears a big chunk of lag MIGHT CRASH SERVER)

/lagg clear (clears entities)

/lagg unloadchunks (unloads laggy chunks MIGHT CAUSE CHUNK PROBLEMS!!!)



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Updated the whole page

Added new commands

Added all the versions you can play on

ClearLagg commands



Server Name: Offline

The server is down, first comment