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Welcome to my Minecraft Server😊 Its a Java and Bedrock Crossplay Survival Server. The Server was made for a great experience with a big world, PvP enabled and all the stuff you need. Meet nice people and build a base with them. Have a good time and enjoy it 😉

The Port is wrong! It’s 25592 but I can’t change it!


Play just normal Survival with a few commands and become the best player on the Server. Meet nice people and Share experience with them. I’m sure you will like it. The Server is 24/7 online that means you can join when you want. 

What is Crosspay?

The Server Runs with Geyser! That means you can play on your mobile phone and PC. So you can  play on Java Edition with your Bedrock friends in one world🙂 (The Geyser Plugin sometime doesn’t allow the  Bedrock Edition players to use special things like a beacon)

Anti Cheat:

We have more than one Anti Cheat detectors. It will detect the player and will kick him. If a player gets too often detected and we see him Hack, we will ban him! For unban write in the comments.

And now the basics:

There are some simple COMMANDS :

-/sethome (Name) (Sets your home) You only can set one home!!!

-/home (Name) (teleports you to your home)

-/kit starter (Gives you a full leather kit with wooden tools and 5 cooked porkchops) The Kit has a cooldown of 3 min!!

-/warp (name) (teleports you the the locations end,nether and spawn example: /warp end)

-/tpa (sends a request to teleport you to them)

-/tpaccept (accepts a teleport request)

-/tpdeny (denys the teleport request)

-/tpahere (sends a request to teleport somebody to you)



-Creepers dont do any damage to blocks

-If you cut down a wood log with an axe it will destroy the whole tree (The wood will drop)

-tpa, homes and warps

-Everybody gets FREE Rank “Member”

-Nice Admins and Supporter

-All Feedback is welcome, to make the Server even more interesting




Changelog View more

We added clans and made a fantastic new Spawn! It has some cool things to offer....😊

I added the starter kit and changed the Port. I may add clans in future 

Trying to fix starter kit to create a better gameplay 

I added some plugins to create a better gameplay and experience.🙂

Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201

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49 Responses

4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. ShieldMaiden442 says:

    I have a noob question. Is there a way to get my actual character skin to display instead of the default Steve skin? Kinda tired of walking around as a boy character insteand of my usual skin. 😛

  2. NinjaDragon9841 says:

    The server crashed

  3. Trxbxes says:

    Why was the server closed?

  4. ItsFranklinMyDudes says:

    when’s the server gonna be up I really want to play

  5. Puddle says:

    Is the server down?

  6. Pledgedcello633 says:

    Server is great! it is a bit laggy but thats what you have to deal with when playing servers

  7. Trxbxes says:

    Yo yo yo! I’m playing in the server wanna play? not many people are here!

  8. YezBox says:

    Hello! I just wanted to say that when I try to enter the server it doesn’t let me in, and keeps saying locating server. Please fix this

    • Nelson2358 says:

      I don’t know if that’s a plugin again🙁
      But try to restart minecraft and look that your connection is good!🙂
      I will look if there is a plugin what stops you from connecting🙃
      Hope you fix it!

  9. keneht says:

    no madeja entrar.
    solo es para los premium o para todos
    ¿Qué aguo?

  10. ShieldMaiden442 says:

    Some guy griefed the spawn tonight 🙁

  11. Nelson2358 says:

    Hey Guys,
    I fixed that connection problem!
    It was a plugin 🙁
    I apologise to all people that couldn’t connect.
    Now everything is fine😉
    Just try it again🙂

  12. Pledgedcello633 says:

    for some reason when I join nothing loads and then it says disconnected from server

  13. Pledgedcello633 says:

    To be clear the port is 25592

  14. ash_master says:

    i have a suggestion you can addons in the server and for java mods

  15. Tufter says:

    Good! Can’t find any friendly mobs tho. Especially sheep. I need to wait out every night. 😔

  16. Pledgedcello633 says:

    Haven’t played much but seems pretty good one suggestion is that spawn should be a bit bigger but overall pretty good

    My Minecraft Gamertag: RandomRhino8061

  17. Nelson2358 says:

    @ Pledgedcello633
    The IP is: and the Port: 25592
    If you are I Java Edition player the IP is:

  18. Pledgedcello633 says:

    what is the Ip

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