Mineout – Post Apocalyptic | Minecraft Survival (Staff Needed)

Server IP mineout.zapto.org:19132   Connect
Version v1.14.1
Status Online
Players 0/50
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Hey, my name is BLUD I am the founder of Mineout! Minout is a post-apocalyptic Minecraft server that focuses on the mechanics of the Fallout series that is owned currently by Bethesda, and created by Obsidian Entertainment. In this server you have the ability to build bases, establish factions, and raid players. You level up from playing, killing enemies, mobs and players. When you die you lose everything, items levels and all, it’s not all fun and games in the wasteland. Keep reading below to see some awesome server features,

Welcome to Mineout!

Looting and Scavenging

In the the post-apocalyptic word, it is necessary to loot and steal from other players, but if you want to be nice and make friends, you can choose to scavenge the wastes for random supplies and gear, all of which resets every 5 minuets to ensure a wide verity.

Backup & Storage

In the the post-apocalyptic word, it is necessary to loot and steal from other players, but if you want to be nice and make friends, you can choose to scavenge the wastes for random supplies and gear, all of which resets every 5 minuets to ensure a wide verity.

Shops, Animals Galore!

At spawn there are many shops, a Gun Store where you can buy weapons with caps, and a store where you can sell items you collect for caps (or even drop a few caps)! There are also TONS of huntable animals, like Deer, Bears, Birds, plus more! All powered by AnimaCraft!

24/7 Live Support

Join our discord server here. You can get help with ALMOST everything server related (we even have the locations to all the loot to make your scavenging easier) So what are you waiting for, join today!

Join us today!

Join the server:

IP: mineout.zapto.org

PORT: 19132









*Fallout mashup pack was used with permission from an Official Microsoft representative.
We make NO money what so ever off of this project.

Changelog View more

Hey wastelanders, Sal here!
Recently we added TONS of new stuff to Mineout and we are here to share it with you!
Here is the changelog for this weeks (delayed) update!

- Added 4 New guns! (M16, MK11, Winchester, and AK47)
- Added a new Island to explore.
- Reset all player data (including chests)
- Added more trees to the spawn area as well as around the map

- Added a How to Play Guide.
- Added Custom Commands.
- Added Custom Goul sounds.
- Added Original Fallout music for music discs
- More shop items

- Fixed Major and Minor bugs.

As you can see tons of stuff was added and we hope you enjoy!


Wasteland Update 2.0!~
Hey all your favorite dev sal here!
In this update we expanded the wasteland, added more functionality, and merged community ideas!

-= quality-of-life updates =-
- Fixed the shop, you can now sell and buy items for caps!
- fixed MAJOR bugs for player data
- Added protections against hackers
- On Screen compass (will be green soon)
+ More

-= map updates=-
- Added a Nuka-Cola factory
- Added a Vault Tec Vault
- Added more trees around the map
- Added WAY more loot areas.
- Fixed broken areas and glitched blocks
- TOTALLY remastered the shop, and added 50+ items.
- Remastered Gun store, and added new rare weapons.

That's pretty much it! If you liked what you saw in this weeks update make sure to suggest in the discord server! Have fun wastelanders!

Added a new download warning, if you don't follow you can't join.

Supported Minecraft versions


Map: Mineout

Game Types

Survival Games

39 Responses

3 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Ryan says:

    What’s mods are you using for your server?

  2. Dontkickmychick says:

    I got banned from the discord for literally no reason while I was building on the server. At least say why I’m getting banned before you kick me out of the server. What’s worse is that I genuinely loved the server too.

  3. Mekael says:

    Hey can i be staff my name is iM aUtIsTiC x25

  4. Stockrain says:

    I don’t have discord and I used to play all the time until you whitelisted it and I can’t download discord

  5. Anonymous says:

    my version is 1.15 or 1.14

  6. Anonymous says:

    I play on a fire tablet.Will it work?

  7. DanTDMSidekick says:

    Can i have a new invite to the discord server and i want to apply for staff my username is DanTDMSidekick
    (the only reason my name is DanTDMSidekick is because when i was younger i LOVED DanTDM)

  8. DanTDMSidekick says:

    I forgot to say that the discord says that the invite expired plz help ;-;

  9. DanTDMSidekick says:

    uuh its says that im not invited to the server and i wanted to apply for staff.

  10. bladeboy108 says:

    It keeps saying unable to connect to the world then when it does work again i can play for like 10 minutes then it disconnects me and says unable to connect to the world

  11. Anonymous says:

    “When you don’t have discord, yet literally everyone uses discord for everything. Kinda want to just buy discord, and shut it down.” (¬_¬)

  12. Jayson says:

    Got banned for saying someone was spamming in chat.

  13. jjdubkins says:

    Discord invite is expired.

  14. Joe says:

    Discord is broken.

  15. Sheeva says:

    Pls the discord code i want to join the discord

  16. alt243 says:

    It is not letting me join the server can any one help plz

  17. Ronin says:

    “Added protections against hackers”

  18. ZoMBi3 says:

    If you want to join please join the discord:
    Find the whitelist application.

  19. HirwrC says:

    The game says that I’m not invited to play on this server when I try to join. Any tips how to fix this?

  20. Sirmeawsalot says:

    Can I be A staff, My username is sirmeaowsalot

  21. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded the texture pack how do I use it

  22. Someone says:

    Please optimatizate the file size to join server. Its huge for my low-end phone. Thanks Someone

  23. Lolex says:

    Why the pack is 500 MB? Thats very much for my low-end storage phone. Can you make it shlightly smaller or optimatizate it. I hope that you can do like to 100 MB. Thanks.

    • Lolex says:

      Im sure that makes older phone people want to play. On older phones storage is problem.
      Idk but if you could you can optimatizate the texture pack. Thanks.

  24. Protis says:

    It always says “Unable to connect to world” :/

  25. Wolfgamer424 says:

    I’d love to work with you on your server 😉 PS I recommend using the Carnage mod for more mobs
    to give it the fallout nuclear explosion feel.

  26. Otto says:

    How do you become staff?

  27. jacpacke says:

    I can’t join the game, when I download the extra files the game crashes.

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