NetworkGames PE

Server IP   Connect
Status Offline
Players 0/0
Server Protocol Altay

Enter NetworkGames, these modes will be waiting for you:

– Vanilla

– Factions

– KitPvP

– GroundPvP

– Creative

– 1vs1

Vot us every day to receive, 3 keys, 5 blocks of diamond and 10,000 coins


– EnderGames

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  1. Anon says:

    Ok so… I need to change the language but ever time I do /setlang it says “there is no language called English’’. Any advice?

  2. SkyMCE says:

    I’ll review this server on YouTube, on probably about on Tuesday or the next days. ‘Cause I didn’t have “1.7” yet. I’ll downgrade my Minecraft version, ’cause I have the “18w44a snapshot (1.8)

  3. BendyGamer141YT says:



    If you play I’ll play people!
    Maybe I’ll get others to play Minecraft and get this server so we can have more fun.
    My xbox is TigersRuleworld.
    Add me!

  5. Alex says:

    Why does no one play?

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