New World Pocket

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Server Protocol NukkitX

New World Pocket is a survival and minigames server aimed at latin/spanish users. It has tons of  plugins which are constantly updated and from time to time more are added. Join, the fun is guaranteed!

Latinamerican/Spanish Server.  ~We hope to be international in the future~

The server has:
-PVP Arena
-Pizza Spleef
-Plots (Plotmes)
-Mob Arena
-Weekly events
-Top voters rewards
-Custom plugins and more!
Trailer on Youtube:
Our Discord community:

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I've translated it into English, hope it reached the expectations.

Changed the link of our discord due to we move to a new server.

Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. GuppyFish101 says:

    This server has not got a translate feature as of 2019.
    I am english and it is only Spanish

  2. Mrkittensmewsaton says:

    Hi guys i new jusy saying

  3. Mike says:

    Hi guys
    Its me a new person
    Okay ima download this now

  4. PopGoesTheNoobs says:

    Could make it English opposition so it would be a better server. Lol, it has an English name so why not make an english opposition with the other opposition spanish. But great server kinda because it’s buggy because the software is nukkit which is still very new with fewer plugins and support. also, get ride of faction plug on an smp server lol

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