Published on May 17, 2023 (Updated on May 19, 2023)


Server IP Connect
Status Offline
Players 0/0
Server Protocol Pocketmine-MP

Hello, Welcome to Omnicraft, the ultimate Minecraft skyblock server with PvP! Here, you can experience the thrill of survival in a challenging but rewarding environment. With a custom-made map, a variety of different islands to explore, and a thriving community, there's something for everyone on Omnicraft.I Hope You Will Enjoy In Our Server!



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  1. Added discord server invitation link
  2. Added vote link for server
  3. Added main website link


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Excuse me, I have a question that I don't understand, which is that I want my friends to play with me, that is, to play together on the same empty island, rather than assigning a separate island
What I mean is, can my other partners join my sky block empty island? It's just an empty island inside? There are two players online at the same time inside, and I want my friends to play this server together. This server is really great, and I really like it
But playing alone is too boring and boring. I want my friends to be with me
Yes you can play with your friend at same island!