category: Servers

By Mystic Studio
Published on 27 Aug, 2023
4.4 · v1.20.30
Welcome to Mystic Craft Faction OP!  ✔ Discover the world of Mystic, a PvP Faction Survival  with skills RPG Aspect.A small server with good people! Create a base defend it, hid...
By BlackFire4775
Published on 27 Aug, 2023
3.9 · v1.20.31
⚔️50+ 3D Armors/Weapons/Tools🛡️Countless Custom Enchants🌟⛏️Emerald/Diamond/Gold/Money Scoreboard Compatible & Exchangeable Economy/Banking System💎🔥Whether Experienced or a Ne...
By melonmasteristaken
Published on 27 Aug, 2023
4.3 · v1.20.30
Legends SMP is a 1.19.3 survival multiplayer Minecraft server available to both Java and Bedrock players on versions 1.18+. It's semi-anarchy and semi-vanilla, featuring gamepla...
By n00bslayr94
Published on 27 Aug, 2023
5 · v1.20.30
Join us today and play our Hardmode SMP with custom-built unique gameplay features. Released in August 2023, Hardmode is a twist on our classic survival SMP experience. With a l...
By Amethyst188
Published on 27 Aug, 2023
5 · v1.20.31
Glitch craft smp is online server smp its completely vanilla Minecraft bedrock there is also sky block and woodland mansion  survival all on one server so please join and have f...
By NightFallDT
Published on 22 Aug, 2023
5 · v1.20.30
Dark Turbo SMP is a Minecraft Bedrock Server that Features The Origins Mod, as well as a  working lore storyline and a Discord to MC chat connection.  Unlike many other servers....
By DarkChroma
Published on 14 Aug, 2023
4 · v1.20.30
🌟Welcome to CatCraft! Enjoy instant tree chopping🌳 & veinmining ores⛏️, engage in a player-driven diamond economy💎, and join our friendly, worldwide community🌐! Latest Minec...
By Nyxaer
Published on 7 Aug, 2023
2 · v1.20.30
Thrones Rising! A brand new Crossplay medieval/fantasy RP kingdoms server! There are custom ranks, dungeons, quests and much more. Create or join a kingdom. Create your very own...
By SkyBlade
Published on 7 Aug, 2023
4.7 · v1.20.30
SkyBlade is a community Minecraft Bedrock and Java cross-play server, hosting a large catalog of Minecraft minigames (including some classics)! We're passionate about keeping ou...
By Coosanta
Published on 19 Jul, 2023
4.3 · v1.20.30
The Treehouse SMP Season 3 is a cross platform Vanilla+ server with land claims. The server has a small friendly community, there is no hacking and cheating and you can do whate...
By marsdygers
Published on 17 Jul, 2023
3.5 · v1.20.30
This is one of the best servers for Minecraft Bedrock with around 100 people online. The server will include weapons, 3D items on skins and lots of new functionality. It's going...
By EarthDLL
Published on 17 Jul, 2023
mc.xn--fiqq6k5q5bs5u.xn--fiqs8s:19132 · v1.20.12
Unknown Survival Server is a friendly server composed of Chinese players. We sincerely invite you to join our game.This is a pure survival game without any DLC, we use BDS server.
By qwejerrywolf
Published on 18 Jul, 2023
4 · v1.20.30
Our server uses high performance 5.0ghz intel cpu i7-10700k to run the server software,Using the Vanilla Minecraft Java server with geyser to allow bedrock players to join.Our s...
By tomhmagic
Published on 5 Jul, 2023
4.5 · v1.20.30
TanukiCraft is a professional, high-quality server featuring a custom-configured Towny experience for Java and Bedrock Crossplay. Engage in an immersive gameplay environment whe...