Published on December 30, 2021 (Updated on December 29, 2021)

Pheno SMP

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Welcome to PhenoSMP inspired by Bumble and Terra smp we are a modded factions server that aims to become an interesting place to say the least now of course its not for everyone but I'm sure you'd like it!

Well let me explain its not your average vanilla server we have many addons such as bumble crops fauna and flora we have some of Vantages addons advanced machinery and over powered enchantments we also have an mc dungeon addons as well as a few more we have dragons thanks to Kyuu's 365 megaverse addons more addon credits are in the discord server.

To insure we don't have hackers or exploiters we have White listing on as well as rules in place to keep these type of things to a minimum.

Now back to the fun stuff quests! At the moment we only have 2 we plan to add a lot more! but for now ill show you the ones we do have.

The MoltenCore

The moltencore is a quest meant for higher level players. let me explain you go deep under ground
in order to suppress the power of the core to do that you must kill the core beasts and the boss that waits for you.


The creeping sewers quest is how it sounds in this you go deep into the sewers in order to kill the boss.


Now about spawn you spawn on an island with a town and some mines etc here is where you can buy and sell stuff you can also find the quests here 

As I said there's also a mine were you can get resources like ores and amethyst!

If your interested then please join the discord server thx!

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