Published on December 14, 2020 (Updated on January 08, 2022)


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Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated


~We're a relatively small, private SMP server for Minecraft Bedrock edition.

~PhoenixSMP is completely vanilla minecraft. 

~With an ongoing storyline, a wide variety of interest groups, and an active community, you'll fit right in! 

~Submit a whitelist request via discord: Discord!

PhoenixSMP is rebranding following a host switch. You can stay updated via our Discord server, found here:

With various updates to lore and clans, original addons, and a brand new world file, PhoenixSMP will continue to support a thriving community. Stay tuned!
<at some point i plan to put a link to a rebranded mcpedl page. remind me>
<and also a link to mcpedl pages with worldfile downloads. dm me if you need them until i get around to it: Fluffy#1656>

Thank you everyone <3

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~updated the page to detail an upcoming rebrand

~added user-submitted images of our last lore event

~thank you for sticking around

~went back to sleep

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when the banned users team up and leave nasty reviews :(

we are not at all a perfect server, the staff team and i are still learning and growing. please excuse our occasional mistakes and mishandling of things, we're only trying to get better.
if you have constructive criticism, i'd rather you dm it to me (Fluffy#1656) so i can learn and apply it to the server, before you leave a negative review.
spreading hate just creates more hate. but if you feel the need to criticize, i have no means of stopping you.
I’ll talk about main things, community, server, mods, and storyline.
1. Server.
So there’s lot’s of things to be said about the server, it isn’t amazing, but the experience is what makes up for it, sometimes you can’t eat, on rare occasions when the server is full, but that rarely happens, but apart from that lag spikes don’t really ruin the experience, not a lot of grieving or stealing has happened in my opinion, either.
2. Community.
There’s lots of different members in the server, and it’s always active, there’s a good chance you’ll see close to five people in vc playing if you get there in a good time, there are some people who are quite annoying, some spawn killers, etc, but if you take the time to find the people you align yourself with, then your experience can turn out to be WAY better then most other servers I’ve played on.
3. Mods / Staff..
The mods and staff do a good job at basically everything, but some main things are, Time for requests, productivity, and ban and bias, that’s roughly it, so number one, time, most staff members take a minute to respond, and most are usually busy, so don’t expect that your request would be finished in a snap, number two, productivity, most staff can fill out anything you need in, at least a day, if no one answers your requests / questions, then try asking them again, if still no response, try seeing if someone else has information, number three, bans and bias, I personally think that none of the staff are biased, they always ban the people who deserve it and they always have evidence regarding the ban, so don’t always believe anyone who says they were banned unfairly.

This is my personal unbiased view of phoenix and i hope this might scale your opinion on joining, sorry for bad spelling i was tired and didn’t spell check this, but anyways thanks for reading.
I’ll talk about main things, community, server, mods, and storyline.
I used to love this server I thought it was fun,all my friends are from here too
But a recent event that left me traumatized kinda made me have to make this review
As you all may have heard(for the people in the Discord) someone(not going to mention) had the bright idea of spamming/giving everyone a Picture involving a penis
When confronted about it he said "everyone asked for it"

Now Phoenix is known to have some edgy people but not one willing to give people dick pics
Just a reminder this server is filled with Minors and Kids only at the age of 13-19
Most being 13

So you're wondering what the mods have done to prevent this?
Yeah a sort of timeout which involves not kicking the person,not banning the person,not even muting the person for (Punishment is giving said person a role in which they have a special channel made for them)8 months still having contact and access to the Discord server

I loved this server
Ive been a member for almost 1 and a half years
I tried speaking out but nobody listened
so for your own safety I advise you not join this server
and no I'm not banned as of writing this I was put in the same channel as the person who traumatized me

Avoid this server for your own safety this is the only place where I can speak out and they will listen

Have a wonderful and good day I hope nobody will feel the same
Plague Medic
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that was very bad, i agree with you plague, but it was regarding a joke you started asking them to show you up skirt, they showed you then you joked about it, then asked the staff, the ban was permanent until you constantly harassed them after it for a week even though the person said they were sorry and realized what they did and tried to delete it, so that’s why you got a ban and theirs was cut down to eight, because they showed deep regret towards their actions.
Sincerely, Crit
Did my other comment post? probs not if it didnt heres a second one lmfao
Im only a community member but yeah,if you wanna join Phoenix it requires Whitelist so please join the discord first before commenting "i cant join" or other things like that
To join the Discord click on "Visit website" on the very bottom below server name and map
if thats acting up DM Fluffy her tag is in the pinned comment
i forgot to mention this if you click on the friends tab thing it will not work
again join the Discord because over there a lot of people will help you
hey fellow community memberhere, i've seen people are having real trouble joining Phoenix's Discord
you can click "visit website" on the very bottom below server name and map
if that's acting up heres the Discord invite

hopefully this posts but use this only if its acting up
nope it didnt just DM fluffy LMFAO
Well i cant join it said unable to connect world what happened
This server is pretty good, sometimes there's some lag but yk it gets fixed. Lore is a difficult thing for me personally since i just think its hard to get into if your new to the server but the clans idea is pretty good. The community is kinda weird sometimes and sometimes i feel like its hard to really get integrated as a knowable player if your not already in the "group" of people. Overall a pretty good server and I'd recommend it :)
Hey I think I've already requested to be whitelisted back on 22th of august but I haven't seen a reply. I understand that the staff has other things to do and isn't there only to serve me. but I'm just wondering what can I do from here? am I just doomed to not witness this amazing server from the inside? ;(((((((
I'm not used to using discord so the problem is very likely from my part I'll admit. thanks for your time at all though
Can i get whitelisted i don't have discord my username is aaaaaaaaaaaa573 pls whitelist
whats the port
whats the port
The best smp i have ever played no lag good community good mods no hackers and no griefing or killing of each other.
Hello i submitted a whitelist a month ago but im. Still WAITING sorry about the caps
how do i join this may i ask? cuz its not working
Amazing Server I recommend you to try it The hate comments are the guys who were banned after getting caught hacking . there assess are just on fire ignore them