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Hello! You looking for a bedrock SMP to join well RagTag might just be that! With events every second week, RagCoins to purchase things from the shop. Ranks (admin, moderator, helper, Rich club). And other stuff to come and look for.

RagCoins, what are they? RagCoins is an in the server you can get overtime, and selling things to the shop. You can use these when you have the correct amount for different in game items, these items can be your everyday wood, to very rare items, or even items you cant get in a normal survival world.

Ranks, ranks are a in game player description of how much power you have. You could apply to become a mod, save up Rag Coins to get the rich and billionaire rank. other ranks you can get by playing for longer times


If this interest you, join the discord and help make RagTag a bigger community.- https://discord.gg/NuuKEwdU - ps. SOME FEATURES ARE STILL IN EARLY DEVELOPMENT, such as the ranks, and claims.

Money, friends, survival, amazing builds, what else is there to enjoy. oh yeah that's right RagTagSMP. Have a amazing time building things such as bases, shops, etc. just make sure you follow the rules and all should be good. BTW me the owner is on quite regularly making events, or playing survival myself. See you in RagTag.


Spawn has useful blocks to help you, ender chest, furnaces (all types), enchanting table, anvils, crafting tables, etc. Spawn is also the place to go to visit the shop, or to visit and look at the event.


Spend your RagCoins here or to other players. Even other building in the future.


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i added a description of detail of what the rag coins are, and ranks as requested

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can yall fix your link it's expired.
Hey you link for the discord isn't working
Can you fix this
I think the discord link has expired.
Let me call it. It’s gonna get ddosed or hackers will join. Make it a private SMP.
thx alpha cube, it is a whitelisted server! thanks for your concern though appreciated
I tried the discord link but it's already expired.