[Modded SMP] HoneyCraft! Season 4

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Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

HoneyCraft! is an entirely unique Bedrock SMP experience!

Fearsome monsters are inhabiting the immersive wilderness of the Honey Lands.. do you have what it takes to help conquer the lands and keep the beasts away?!

                        HoneyCraft! is an entirely unique Bedrock SMP experience!

HoneyCraft! is a modded SMP server that was started in Fall of 2019. It arose from the fallout of a smaller private community server and since starting up has grown into a unique SMP experience with a diverse and loyal community that set it apart from it’s peers!

We also make use of our own custom modpack which makes use of original and public addon content – even some content made specifically for us by players and developers alike! Community engagement and involvement in the hc modpack is welcomed and encouraged leave your mark on the world!

The server and modpack is largely maintained and managed by the two “HoneyDevs”:
– clouddspiderr
– xxZxx

HoneyCraft! and it’s associated projects are entirely non-profit and paid for out of our own pockets with only modest support from community donations.

HoneyCraft! is a community-oriented server that encourages creativity and community involvement with the development and lore of the world.  The server is absolutely RP friendly and provides a gorgeously immersive world to get lost in – filled with new fantastical creatures to encounter, befriend, and slaughter!

The Honey Lands are a beautiful, but brutal place! 
Cooperate with friends and/or strangers alike to establish sovereign settlements and fortify your lands against the savage monstrosities of the wilds!  More of a lone wolf?  Test your grit by wandering into the wilderness and pray you’ll be able to escape what you can’t slay!

Your legacy is what you make it in these unforgiving lands!

HoneyCraft! also has an extensive community-driven lore surrounding the world!
Gods struggle for power over the lands while the hapless empires of men and women exist in the calms between storms. The story of existence, creativity, and order and their struggle against the Infinite Void, entropy, and chaos is told and still being written as HC! grows and evolves.

Get involved and help influence the destiny and history of the Honeylands!

We’ve built an incredible community of wonderful folk in the time we’ve been around, and we go to great lengths to protect and maintain it.  The server is not only behind a whitelist, but we also take a strict zero-tolerance approach to toxic, hostile, or otherwise bigoted behavior  –  we will ban on the spot without warning.  This includes harassment, trolling, griefing, theft, etc.

We do not censor our community – however, respect and open-mindedness are essential.

To further preserve the community against potential losses,
a backup copy of the world is created and downloaded every day  —  the world will never lose more than 12 hours of progress in even the most EXTREME circumstances.

Sleep easy knowing that your ‘other home’ is kept safe and secure!

To preserve our community HoneyCraft! is behind a whitelist ! If you’re interested in being whitelisted and joining the server; please read and follow the steps  provided on the  HoneyCraft Discord Server  and be patient!

We will usually process your whitelist request within 24 hours of it being posted.

HoneyCraft! is a beautiful world of struggle – will you craft for yourself a life that’s as sweet as honey?

Credits & Add-Ons:
– Shaders
– Textures –

– Addons –

+ Lots of original content, tweaks, textures, and mobs!

Special thanks :
Heavenly | —— logo image, various UI, HUD.
Vex  | —— banner artwork
Game_sorcerer | —— “bee wing” elytra textures
bendythedemon8 | —— Fog effects,
Oval | —— black market trader, dolls, various content.
xxZxx | —— development, maintenance


Are you a developer?  Get involved and consider contributing to our modpack!!

Stay Safe, folks!

Changelog View more

- updated screenshots.
- removed some addons from the modpack.
- new animated and emote blocks!
- new consumables for recreation and strategizing!
- new security system in the discord.

come check us out!

- updated credits/addons to match the latest modpack rebuild for 1.16!
- updated some images.
- Bunch of new addons!
- Bunch of new original HC content!
- server is now super stable and smooth!

Come see what all the buzz is about!

- New world map!
- Overhauled Starlight City & Vaults!
- Updated to 1.16!
- Modpack updates and improvements!
- Come and see!!

- updated server address
- updated photos
- added some background on the hc server
- S3 has concluded and we're now running in a spinoff season; HC: LIMBO!

- A lot of new content!
- Fresh content from BiggerProblems developer; Oval!
- Improved ambience!
- New warp region - Podzrot Village!
- Black Market Trader!
- Collectible dolls!
- Much more!

- Server updated to 1.14.30!  (finally...)
- Couple new mobs join the wilderness!
- Shaders overhauled!
- Vaults operational again!
- Auto-shop in Starlight is open!
- Significant performance gains!
- Soundscapes overhauled!

- Transferred to a new server node - Players will need to update their server information!
- Starlight Public Auto Shops now open!
- Still running smooth!
- Buzz on in!

- Resolved all known bugs and performance problems.
+++ - Turns out our map was corrupted so we had to setup a new world, unfortunately. PERFORMANCE IS A++ AGAIN, THOUGH!! :D
- Numerous mob stat and spawn rule tweaks.
- Fresh world - new Starlight City, new Honeywood, new shoes.
- Did surgery on a grape.
- Smoked some bees.

- Now uses split shaders; MrFishy's Shaders for PC and EB Shaders for Android/iOS.
- Numerous mob overhauls.
- Atmospheric texture improvements.
- New Starlight City!
- Improved Warp Zone!
- Vaults available!

- overhauled a few mobs.
- new shaders! Thanks Mr Fishy for MrFishy'sWonderfulShaders!
- secure player vaults are available to store stuff where nobody else can access!
- new PvP arena!
- added BiomePets!
- Ambient Sounds return!
- overhauled sounds with ParallaxSounds!
- new Shopping District in the Starlight City hub area!
- smoked up some bees!


- Massive overhauls on our server-side hardware.
- BEES ARE IN!! (updated to 1.14)
- Iriditites now terrorize the night skies!
- Need gunpowder? Hunt down some Rotscades!
- Snails are slimy.. need slime?
- Warp Zone is back online!
- Added Fishing Overhaul.
- Glass is now transparent!
- Buzz Buzz!

- All 100+ monster mobs have been implemented with loot and xp! (thanks Carnage!)
- Map wiped and reseeded with EnhancedBiomes! (same map seed!)
- New HoneyCraft Texture Pack (WIP!!) by THE COMMUNITY! (we <3 u all!)
- Server performance MASSIVELY improved!
- All mob spawning bugs have been FIXED!
- HoneyCraft! is OFFICIALLY v3.0! (what's in store for v4.0?!?!)
- De-gilled the Terra-Terrors..
- Brutalized the Nether..
- Bracing for the BEES!!

phew.. we been busy..

- Server hardware updated!
- As a result of the above - we have a new IP!
- updated with new IP.


- shaders, texture packs, and some custom additions have all been updated!
- server is now updated to 1.13.1! (finally..)
- Reintroduced the Dragons Addon!
- added new life to the world with the help of yCreatures!
- updated screenshots!
- creeped out some creepers!
- fed the mooshrooms shrooms!


- updated/fixed the Discord link - we improved and streamlined our whitelist application process and an updated invite link was needed to direct to the proper channel.

- handful of updates in-game!

- updated the server address.
- Genesis now moved to a separate side project by popular request!
- Screenshots updated,
- Warp Zone regions expanded.
- More new mobs with xp and loot tables!
- Terrified the Terra-Terrors.

- Massive server overhaul!

- Players now spawn in to a randomized location in the wilderness!
- Map reseeded with EnhancedBiomes for a more immersive world!
- Custom mobs now drop loot and xp!
- Updated screenshots!
- Still waiting for the bees..!


- updated images!
- updated description text and included more information!
- fixed hyperlinks!
- Server updated to HoneyCraft v2.6!
- Various tweaks and improvements!
- Threatened a Maximum Dragon!
- Killed by an unimpressed Maximum Dragon!

- Now updated to Minecraft v1.13!
- Over 100 new, unique enemies to thwart!
- Improved ambient sound effects!
- Randomly generated loot can now be found as you explore!
- Danged the Ghasts to heck!
- Fixed the community links!

buzz! buzz! !

- updated images and added some new ones!
- updated whitelist process via discord!
- grifted some griefers!

- Now includes temperature mods! Get sick in the heat and stiff in the cold!
- Improved spawn hub!
- Moved HoneyCraft to it's own independent Discord community.
- HoneyCraft is now behind a whitelist USUALLY.
- Mowed the grass.

- RattCraft is now HoneyCraft! 
- Included some new screenshots!
- Made the hostile mobs cranky...

HoneyCraft is now live as a replacement for RattCraft! RC quickly gained a following, and in light of that server being made private; I offer a fresh world in the form of HoneyCraft as an alternative!

Server has been taken offline due to security concerns and will remain offline indefinitely.

The server will likely return with the official launch of 1.13.  We apologize for the inconvenience!

Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. lol i have pretty much the same thing

  2. ItzBananaPlayz says:

    Bruh i was banned for wearing glasses basically, so i was banned by the owner for not seeing the community ender chest so i went into his house to get something out of the e chest and the owner got mad like wtf bro i do wear glasses in real life and i swear that on my whole life and if im lying then kill me but i counldnt see the public e chest and a mod lied and said i did open the e chest all i wanted to do was play on a good server welp bye i did have fun tho 🙁

  3. Gxld says:

    Hey cloud, I’m not sure if you remember *any* of these players… /enderpotatocaden/oliz157/ploutry/wiryfire/epic/pizzav/lazer/euu, but I am just wondering why, why would did you eventually cast them into the shadows, and leave them to rot without any recognition to be in the server. They were in the server before HC hit 70 players… I’m not trying to be mean, just why.

  4. Zielto says:

    Damn,What happened? Probably alot,If you dont remember me Im Zielto,Im one of the few old players who played honeycraft since like last July or August of 2019. I also got myself banned for being so impatient but I actually didnt got banned. I just left. I wanted to go back to discord and apologize 2 months ago,But I cant access to it anymore and then I thought,Maybe they banned me forever so I just never thought about joining again. When I checked the servers tab I usually see Honeycraft on the top of the list,But When I tried looking for it it says its no longer online. And judging by these comments right here it seemed like something happened. Whatever it is I hope you guys always take care. Wish you guys luck.


  5. Dary2007 says:

    Also forgot to say but cloud said he was a she but now he is a he, now im confused

  6. Dary2007 says:

    I know some of you wont remember me, but for those who do remember me, i was banned 5 months ago for toxic behaviour when i showed none and i didn’t have my side of the story heard, and clouddspidder banned me without hearing my story, i was also accused for harassing a user by the the name of contour, i did like one person tho and that was Z, he was nice and reasonable, i wish him the best of luck, i am not angry at the people who believed contour when he harassed me but i am glad that they have seen his true colours, i am happy for them because they have finally opened there eyes and have seen that behind the mask contour wears is a ugly creature of darkness, i am also very disappointed in cloudd, he has come so far down to a childish level, i know it is very cruel for me to say this but i feel the people who have wronged me intentionally have gotten their karma and i am glad, i wish the best of luck to Z and all the people who were tricked by contour, i hope you all have good and happy lives, before i finish i might leave you with some words of wisdom “Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future” as you see, the people who chose to be horrible now have karma served to them, i wish you all the best of luck

  7. J e e z so many things happened here honestly glad I wasn’t here for the fall— anyways rip HC that was an experience man? lol at least the long flight landed before it could’ve possibly gotten worse! Take care of yourselves

  8. tayy says:

    it looks fun :3

  9. xxZxx says:

    Time to address a few things.

    First off, I would like to say to all those people DM’ing cloud about this and calling him out for something that was between me and him. When I told all of you what happened, I made very clear that I didn’t want you to go after him. I told you to not stir up drama on all of this. Drama is pointless and unneeded, if you wanted to do your own overall review of the server, that fine. But, leave the stuff between me and cloud out of it.

    Secondly, this one is for Nips and Vex. I don’t have any issues with you two. You guys were great. And I agree with Vex when it comes to everyone getting along. If you don’t have anything nice to the person. Don’t say it. Yes we all have our moments of out lash and it would hypocritical of me to say Im not like this sometimes too. But, still… I try to follow that. Nips, this is directly to you. You mentioned something about having both sides of the story as a way to ask litten to stop talking. You have no room to speak here as you dont have my side of the story. You have what cloud told you, not calling him a liar or anything, but there is still another side you don’t know fully. If you want to know it, dm me. Im not trying to set you against him, its just so you have more context.

    Now this one is for general things that have been said about me. When it comes to cloud saying I griefed the server and all that. Its just false. I took my pack, deleted what I contributed and left. That is all. On my way out, I set my permissions in the FTP to “no access” and unwhitelisted myself. When I removed my back before making the backup without my pack included I joined the world and there was no corruption. Just missing blocks, so I don’t know where that came from. Plus, we’ve had an issue with missing blocks in the past and there was a fix for it. So saying that I griefed or corrupted the server is wrong. If the world did get corrupted from me removing my pack, then I am sorry and it was an unintended effect. But, I would never do that on purpose which is how its coming out to sound every time cloud says it.

    I’m asking all of you who are reading this, stop messing with cloud. Let him be. Yes me and him have our issues, but its not your place to call him out for me. When you try to defend me it only comes out bad and skews the reasons people think I left for.

    Cloud, I am sorry for what people have said about you based on our situation. That is the last thing I wanted to happen. When people asked why I left I specifically told them not to start drama or talk to you about it at all. Obviously, that was ignored. For the most part I dont have an issue with you. When I left I was extremely hurt and irritated by everything that was happening the past few weeks. I tried to explain that to you. I was frustrated at the time so it probably came off a bit aggressive, but it wasnt meant to be offensive. It started feeling like we werent friends, it was feeling more like I was just your assistant in the server. If you noticed, Im saying the past few weeks. In the dm I sent you I mentioned it wasnt an every day thing. Yes there were plenty of times you showed your appreciation. But, it would flip back and forth. When I was dming you, it was after I had some time to breathe and calm down so I didnt say anything stupid. It was only meant as an explanation on how I was feeling. Your reaction was completely unexpected and you took it way more personally than it was meant for. I wish I didn’t have to do this so publicly but I have no other option since you blocked me. I wanted to talk this out with you, to see if we could still be friends. If I didn’t care about that, then I wouldnt have friended you in the first place. But, with all that has happened in the aftermath I doubt that is anywhere near possible anymore. So, if you want to talk. You wont be blocked on my end.

    No TLDR for this, just my final message before I drop this situation publically. Please stop messaging cloud with this. I asked you once and Im going to ask you again, the issue is between me and him not all of you. Cloud Im sorry it turned out so messy. Definitely didnt want it that way. Also, sorry for not talking about it before I left, but I still feel like it wouldve turned out worse if I did based on your reaction when I told you. Not a shot at you, just how I think it wouldve turned out.

    Love yall

    • xxZxx says:

      Im a bit tired, so ignore that part in the nips/vex section that states “If you don’t have anything nice to the person. Don’t say it. Yes we all have our moments of out lash and it would hypocritical of me to say Im not like this sometimes too. But, still… I try to follow that.” That was meant for the paragraph above.

      • xxZxx says:

        Last comment, this addresses the initial comment about me trying to get him to unblock me and I said nvm. That was mainly because of extreme irritation of the initial block. I didnt and still dont understand what happened there. I was explaining myself and then basically got told have a nice life and goodbye. When cloud wouldnt unblock me and told peril to f**k off. I got overly irritated, but who wouldnt.

        • Im so sorry for harassing cloud and causing drama i just acted out of anger and that wasnt ok. You told me and multiple others not to start drama and i did. I am so sorry if your mad thats fine.

          Cloud should have reacted better but we all arnt perfect.

          This should be my last comment here.

          • xxZxx says:

            A lot of mistakes were made in this situation by a lot of people who were or used to be involved a lot in the community. Not just cloud. Not just you and not just me. Most of us cared about this community immensely and got overly emotional and acted out during all of this chaos. Thank you for apologizing. I hope we can all just lay this to bed and move on.

  10. Vexed says:

    Why can we never get along? The server was an actually enjoyable experience until people had to go and spew bile over into every-single conversation with walls of text with fifth paragraphs and make large shows of everything instead of talking in a civil manner or voicing opinions and worries like reasonable human beings. And sticking around afterwards to spew more walls of text just to cuss and hiss, and moan and groan even after stating that they no longer wish to be a part of the server, says a lot about the writer behind the screen, just saying.

    • Hens says:

      I have already spoken out that most of our actions weren’t great (and I include myself since I’ve done most of the stuff), but I still think Cloudd could have handled things better.

      Anyhow, the time I spent here was more good than bad and I’ll keep things like that since everytime I open my mouth I stir up drama.

      This will be my last comment here since I don’t have any intentions of getting involved in or against HC or it’s affiliated.

      Good luck with your future projects, everyone.
      This was Hens.

  11. Vexed says:

    It surprises me all the time to see the toxicity the children of communities harbor for the admins of servers on what is supposed to be a fun little game after the admins did not run said server by throwing away all personal life and time just to run the server that is accessed for free by all users like it’s an absolute nirvana.

  12. Hens says:

    As I’m seeing some people are leaving honest reviews, I guess I’ll leave mine here too.

    HoneyCraft! was an amazing server during the time I used to play on it.
    Not only did it allow me to meet new people and friends, but it helped me become who I am now. The owner ClouddSpiderr was friendly during the time of S1 – S3 and the developer Z is one of the most important people to me since he is pretty laid back and mature.
    With that said, I’ll go to the point of how I left.

    So as some people have already mentioned, Cloudd started acting childish recently.
    My main reason of leaving back in July was multiple disagreements and actions he did, including green flagging the editing of my artwork without my permission, banning people for calling out others who were doing art theft, recoloring and art reclaiming at the same time, and false harassment towards other members. Most of these things hidden under the blankets of “Community Involvement” and “Creativity”.

    Seeing Cloudd acting so childish and hostile about the simple stuff, like Z dming him how he felt, was what encouraged me to confront him back in that day. Many of my friends did the same while the owner called us “fake friends” and ignored the feedback we were leaving for him to improve.
    At some point we got called out for harassment towards a member called Contour, when half of the people mentioned didn’t do anything with it, and he threatrened us that he would take it to legal measures.

    TL;DR – HC was a good server from S1 to S3, it all went downhill when the owner started being a hypocrit, guilt tripping and childish.

    • I’ve already covered most of what you covered here in previous comment replies, but you’re massively misrepresenting a lot of details here, and outright lying about some, notably the Contour stuff. I have several screenshots from folks in you guys’ little group DMing an obviously intentionally antagonizing video clip to him because you guys were obviously salty that he was an Op and didn’t jump ship with you guys. I threatened legal measures because you guys have been nonstop harassing me and being remarkably petty over the most ridiculous things. I wasn’t about to let you guys start roping other folks into your grudgewar against me.

      Like, I haven’t been talking trash about you or the others, and I haven’t been trying to perpetuate any of this petty drama, so why are you? It isn’t healthy to hold grudges and if you guys simply don’t like who I am, you all seem awfully focused on paying attention to me. Like seriously, why waste the energy?

      Regardless, I appreciate the feedback, and for what it’s worth it was an absolute pleasure playing with and getting to know you, even if things soured. I hope HC is a source of mostly positive memories for you! (:


    • NipIsTrue says:

      Heavenly, I don’t understand why you guys are still talking about this. You and your group just don’t take the hint. Please leave us alone. We don’t want anything to do with you, and for someone who’s trying to call out cloud for being petty and childish, I’d honestly say that’s pretty hypocritical of you considering the stuff you guys have done since leaving. Please grow up and just drop it, and leave HC and the rest of us alone.

      • Hens says:

        I’ll give you both the benefit of the doubt here. I know my attitude hasn’t been the best towards HC since I left, and I’m sorry if I look in the wrong for calling out Cloudd or just “exposing” y’all. It did make me mad some of the situations I mentioned in my post, but I feel like Cloudd was also acting wrong in some of them (not in mine of course, he can be completely mad from the way i left), like Z’s situation for example. I do mean it when I say Cloudd was being different, and I could probably give some more examples, but again, it will just make this things worse and stir up more drama.

        As for the “things we have done since we left”, I don’t really get what you mean. Again, I can take the blame on how I left, but leave the others out of this. They left in a way more responsible manner than me and knew how to deal with the situation.
        And for the Contour situation, I will have to say again that half of the entire people mentioned didn’t do anything. I’d count myself in the ones who did since that’s what your “evidence” says. And once again, we weren’t provided any evidence to actually show who did it or who didn’t, so in the end we were all blamed.

        I’ll just stop now and follow Cloudd’s tip. The experiences were more good than bad and I’m also sorry things ended up in a very bad taste, but I just had to speak up how I felt back then.
        This was Hens.

        • NipIsTrue says:

          Heavenly I’m glad you’re remembering HC for the good things instead of the bad. However, I would like to address some of the things you said that are either not true, or are very misleading. First, please don’t bring up the z situation here when you don’t really know what happened, as you only have one side of the story. Z is as much to blame as cloud is. Second, about the things you (you as in your group) did since you left, I can certainly name a few. You guys have shit talked HC in various other servers you are in, you have been dickheads to a member for no reason, and you are currently writing misleading comments on mcpedl for a server that shut down, and the comments were clearly planned ahead of time, as they were posted at a similar time and all have the same structure (same how good hc used to be, then blame everything on cloud). Your group has done immature and petty things, and once again it’s hypocritical to say that about cloud. Also, only two of the people in your group actually left maturely and without drama, so you certainly were not the only one who left with drama. As for the contour situation, you participated in an organized attack on contour and have refused to accept the blame since then, even deleting the messages in your dm history. As for evidence, I have it and I provided it to KanadaEh when asked. So yeah, while some of your reasons for leaving HC may be valid, you and your group have acted immature and petty ever since, so please don’t pretend like you have not done anything since you have left.

  13. Scy says:

    Great server and even better community, I’d have given the server a 5-star review if it weren’t for the childish owner, ClouddSpiderr, almost all of the Og players from hc were banned for calling out a dude who stole art and claimed it as his, not to mention cloudd accused a friend and I for harassment yet we did nothing of the sort, when one of our friends asked for the evidence, cloudd acted like a complete child and said “you have lost privileges for the picture.” then proceeded to block her, seriously? that was such a childish act, the acts of hypocrisy cloud did are uncountable and infuriating.

    A great server ruined by a childish owner, how sad.

    • I already addressed the massive misrepresentation of the art theft incident in a previous comment, so I won’t explain that again, however only two users were banned as a direct result of the art theft incident. And that was because they literally harassed and cussed the poor kid out. Sure, claiming a pokemon art sprite as his own was dumb, but it was only for an item suggestion and the kid was clearly younger. Considering the “zero tolerance harassment” policy in the rules, they should’ve known better than to bully a kid. Especially after being told to stop. Their bans were only temporary (one week), however they decided to make a scene and that was the catalyst for the OGs jumping on the “cloud is a big unfair meanie” wagon.

      Also, I do not recall what you’re referring to with the second incident but I typically don’t respond to banned players at all(mush less with as nonsensical of a retort as that), however as stated previously there were tons of bans that weren’t fair. I own that and do not deny it. I was not obligated to let anyone and everyone join the server.

      I apologize for your friend’s unfair ban, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion! HC was a great experience for me, and I hope the positive memories outweigh the bad for you! (:


      • Scy says:

        I certainly do not agree with your definition of harassment, criticism is not harassment.

        anyhow I’ll cherish the time I spent in hc and I’d be lying if this server was not one of a kind.

        this will be my last comment here as I do not have any ill intentions against HoneyCraft.

        good luck cloud with your future projects.

  14. Had a good time here for the most part. Recently cloudd has been acting alot like yandere dev (yeah yeah chalices and stuff) and this is not ok! If you wanted HC to survive for like 2-3+ months then you could have not be awful to Z. What you did was not kewl beans cloudd. Probably get crap for making this post.

    Server: kewl beans
    Owner of said server: not kewl beans

    • I don’t know who yandere dev is, but I’d really appreciate if you guys could stop gaslighting and harassing me. I’ve recieved almost 10 DMs from different people in the last two days cussing me out, telling me how they talked to Z and he said all this nasty stuff about me (you’re one of ’em).

      I haven’t been sitting here talking crap about anyone. I haven’t been trying to perpetuate any of this petty drama. I rejected other op’s ideas sometimes. I’m also a bit of an asshole sometimes and I’m very open about that. I’m not a stable person and openly apologized to all the ops for my mood swings hardly a month ago.

      If Z decided that he didn’t like who I am and didn’t want to be part of HC anymore – that’s fine. My issue was the way he left and how we would talk and chat about IRL stuff and joke and talk like best friends almost every day up until this happened. We confided concerns, life stuff, relationship stuff in eachother and I quite literally thought of Z as one of my best friends. Yet he left the way he did, leaving me deathly concerned and anxious over him for a full day before essentially saying “Oh, i just don’t think you appreciate me and I don’t think I like who you are”. It was just a lot of emotional torment and hurt over such a trivial issue.

      If he had issues with me or felt like I didn’t appreciate him (which I absolutely appreciated the frick outta Z and I can pull up at least a dozen screenshots of me expressively saying this too him), he should’ve talked to me. If we were really as good of friends as i thought we were, he would’ve been able to talk to me and have been real instead of bottling it up until it boiled over and became explosive.

      I never claimed to be a saint, and I’ve been very upfront about my emotional disarray. I’m just hurt and don’t want to talk to Z. I have no bitter feelings and still hope he has as incredible of a life as he’s poised to have, however I simply want to part ways at this point, however there’s a whole cacophony of petty gaslighting, character attacks, and straight up harassment coming from people who’ve talked to Z and other former HC users, as can be pretty clearly seen in this comment feed.

      I’m not being petty or talking poorly of Z or any of the others? I’m just trying to keep myself together until this all blows over, but the harassment is only getting steadily more nasty and personal at this point, and I’m really not sure what the proper response is besides continuing to ignore it as best I can.

      I ain’t a perfect person and I can totally be moody af sometimes, but i’m not remotely as awful as certain folks are trying to portray me as. Even if we aren’t friends anymore, this isn’t how anyone would treat a former “friend”, either. I just want this petty nonsense to end. It’s just childish at this point.

      Also, HC could’ve easily kept growing for longer. I just made the conscious decision to shut it down out of respect to Z, since the world would’ve just corrupted again if we removed his packs and I wasn’t interested in starting a new season. It was also because I didn’t like all the negative energy being targeted at HC from former members and I figured it was best to pull the plug now and let HC die while it was still a source of almost exclusively positive memories and vibes. Once drama started getting involved as a regular thing, it was time. I just wanted to vibe with chill people and make a cool mc server. That’s all. I’m not interested in all the dramatics.


      • I get that your not perfect heck we all arnt. But didnt you think you could have reacted better to some if not all the situations that happened? I get you have a zero tolerance for harassment and im sorry for harassing you because i acted out of anger but come on. The situation with Z for example. You could have treated him better for him not to leave and go milk. Yes i treated my staff on my minecraft server like crap but they hardly did anything besides playing fortnite. Your a grown person (maybe im not sure anymore) you shouldn’t be acting like a kid who got their snickers bar stolen.
        Idk im just not gonna deal with this. This maybe my final comment here.

        • NipIsTrue says:

          Litten do you have any idea what happened with Z? Do you even know both sides of the story? What Z did (and how he handled the situation) was just as bad (if not worse) as cloud handled it. All you’ve done is gaslight cloud for things when you have absolutely no idea what actually happened and how z made cloud feel. Do everyone a favor and if you don’t know the situation from both sides then don’t involve yourself.

          • “I get that your not perfect heck we all arnt”
            What part of that dont you understand? Im not perfect, your not perfect, Steve from KFC isnt perfect either.
            I acted in anger. I cant be angry about how somebody made somebody else feel? Cloud just strait up ignores me in dms so where can i get that side of the story because im pretty sure the clearance isle of Wal mart doesn’t have it

          • xxZxx says:

            Nips please read above. In the comment I posted a few moments before this one.

  15. KanadaEh says:

    henlo its me im going to write a honest review! This was a blast! People on the discord were epic and the Minecraft server has quite fun. It has loads of mods to play around with and quite challenging to survive haha. I met a lot of epic gamers on the HoneyCraft as well and overall a cool experience. Discord But there is a problem with this server, cloudd’s ownership skills weren’t exactly great. You can obviously correct me if I’m wrong cloudd. Recently he has been banning people for just calling out people for stealing art and I myself got banned for harassment I didn’t do. These people at least deserved a kick for doing these things like ender. He was cool but when there was a bed mining ban he got heated and threatened to cheat which is quite stupid but he didn’t deserve a ban in my eyes, he should’ve got a kick and some time to think about what he did.(this sounds like some preschool thing now that I’m writing it shut up jk lol). Anyways Cool server! met epic people but management could be better and good luck with your future cloud.

    • > “Recently he has been banning people for just calling out people for stealing art and I myself got banned for harassment I didn’t do.”

      The art theft thing was massively blown out of proportion and a single event that led to a lot of dumb petty drama. Basically a user was trying to submit content suggestions in an ideas & suggestions channel, mostly submitting ideas for items he wanted to see added. Thing is, he didn’t make most of the item mockup item sprites he posted with his suggestions. Most were just sprites ripped from Pokemon games and poorly edited, if at all.

      A couple users, who for the sake of not spurring more petty gaslighting i am not naming, took this way too far and were straight up bullying the kid in the channel and berating him for stealing pokemon sprites. Yes, the kid was trying to claim them as his own, but he was clearly a younger kid and it isn’t like nobody has ever used pokemon sprites in nonprofit games/projects – the bullying of the kid wasn’t warranted. They were told to cut it out and instead of leaving the kid alone, they decided I was being “unfair” and kept pressing the issue that the kid should be banned or muted or something – stuff that wasn’t really needed to address a young kid using pokemon sprites with their item suggestions for the server – it was just dumb.

      And to clarify, the users were not banned for calling out the “theft”. They were banned for refusing to let it go and continuing to harass the kid. One of the users was banned after straight up cussing out the kid, and the other shortly after for causing a scene about it.

      That whole event ended up being a catalyst for a whole set of “cloud is an unfair meaniehead monster” because the users in question were good friends with the main friend group of the server at the time. My perspective is that they didn’t like that they were exempt from the rules and made a scene from there. But they like to use situations like these and spin it/leave out important details to make it sound like i acted on these things with no good reason.

      Harassment and bullying are something I have ZERO tolerance for and it was listed twice as a bannable offense in the HC rules. I stand by my actions in that particular case.

      As for the unjust bans – I don’t deny that. There were tons of people who were caught up in blanket bans. There were tons of people who were rejected and banned from the discord before ever getting a chance to play because they seemed suspicious, lazy, or just because I didn’t think their attitude would bode well for the community. It wasn’t fair, however I never claimed that joining HC *was* a fair process.

      The amount of people that came through trying to join HC, and how much work it takes to keep the server grief free and as enjoyable as it was — there wasn’t really much other choice. I didn’t have the time or patience to get to know and watch every single player that joined. If they weren’t active on the Discord or didn’t make an effort to really introduce themselves, I had no way of knowing who did what except for checking who was on in the timeframe events happened.

      It wasn’t fair, however it was never *supposed* to be fair. I understand if folks have a problem with how I managed HC, but my main concern was ensuring the server remained a quality experience. I wasn’t really concerned with having a massive playerbase or any of that. For me, HC was first and foremost a passion project to relax and tinker. I didn’t mind sharing it with the public, however that doesn’t mean i ever forfeit my right to be selective with who joins and stays.

      That said, for a future project, this is absolutely feedback I intend to take into consideration. Better planning, handling, and security will be put in place to avoid unfair bans. A lot was learned from HoneyCraft, but the majority of what I learned wasn’t ever really put to use like it could’ve been. We’ll see what the future brings, though!

      I do apologize for your unjust ban, and I appreciate you taking the time to give your honest feedback on the server and community. I’m glad you enjoyed your time, and I hope the memories are mostly positive for you. (:


  16. What goes up must come down.

    As much as it hurts to admit it sometimes, Minecraft servers are no exception to this. It’s been an incredible 10 months with all of you and HoneyCraft! grew to be so much more than I had ever anticipated. I didn’t set out to make a community this incredible, but here we all are.

    It was an honor to have built, fought, and farmed alongside so many of you. However, it is time for HoneyCraft to go peacefully into that dark night.

    Solafleur and RVINN told us a story of struggle between creation and entropy; a world forever in flux, existing in the calms between the epic battles of deities. In the end, entropy won.

    I don’t want to make HoneyCraft’s maps public, as much as some of you won’t like it. Instead, I want HoneyCraft to be remembered as a pleasant, hazy dream. Something you’ll remember on a whim years from now and smile to yourself, “I remember that.”. You’ll remember the people. You’ll remember the places. You’ll remember that you were happy. Not only that, you were happy with a whole community of kindred souls.

    Life is hard and complicated and the hardest part of living is saying goodbye to time lost. We can’t travel through time, and unfortunately all people, places, and things decay, and are eventually lost. You cannot escape Entropy.

    Time is precious and you cannot get it back — And so I say to you all, make the most of your time and spend what time you’re given doing what makes you happiest. Have experiences and make memories that are meaningful to you and make you happy. When all is said and done, and entropy is bringing life’s performance to a finale, all we have are memories.

    and in the end, all we want are happy memories.

    There will never be another experience like it. Remember it. <3

  17. xxZxx says:

    Cloud, unblock me so we can talk.

    • xxZxx says:

      Nvm, you showed your real self to peril. Honestly thought we would’ve been able to work this out. But it just proves my point of why I left in the first place. I rate…

      • We have nothing to talk about and I’m not sure what you mean by “true colors”. I told Peril that i didn’t want to speak with you and he wouldn’t stop relaying messages, so I told him to frick off. *GASP* What a horrible person i am!

        We have nothing to talk about, and for the last time – please move on and leave me alone. I want nothing to do with you. You said you “didn’t want to cause drama” after leaving, yet in leaving you griefed half the server, deleted tons of shit from the discord server (not all of which was even your posts to delete), and left everybody concerned and worried about you. You never talked to me about the issue at hand and instead made this whole melodramatic scene over it.

        The time to talk to me is long gone and I wish you’d take the hint to stop trying.


        • xxZxx says:

          Ok, so sense you want to paint me as the bad guy. Lets do this. First of I didnt grief the server. I took my pack off of it. The main thing effected was phoenix city, but only the things I built in it. Next the things I deleted from discord were mainly mine as well. But your 3 posts in custom recipes didnt seem like something too hard to replace. The other messages I deleted, included something about me or something I did/made, which I wanted gone. And since you wanted to get all upset when I made some criticisms of you, only telling you how I felt and why I left and why I did what I did. You got upset and blocked me. Instead of acting like an adult about it and talking it out. So what was it that was upsetting me that made me leave? Its you being hostile, unappreciative and rude to me for literally no reason. Its for shooting down good ideas that I had and acting like you know best no matter what. My input was ignored, you didn’t appreciate the things I did for the server and you didn’t truly appreciate having me around. You called me a fake friend after I told you how I felt. Then you blocked me instead of working it like a real friend would. And thats what I wanted to do. But not anymore. Bye.

          • xxZxx says:

            Also, I did stop trying. Hence the nvm in the comment you replied to. But if you’re going to bash me, I’m going to defend myself. Im not the bad guy here. I took my pack off the server, because like I said in the dms before you blocked me. “I pulled them because it made me feel underappreciated and pointless and why would I keep stuff that I spent hours making somewhere where I dont feel like Im appreciated”

        • Hens says:

          Not very coherent from a guy who’d ban someone for salt, but I’m with you on this point.

  18. Fightingstud72 says:

    Hey could I get a van repeal?

  19. Raulignat0947 says:

    Can u please unban me im rlly sorry and i promise il be more patient and never break any rule again im raul

  20. Mystic_1 says:

    I was apart of the discord for about a week and once i was whitelisted on the discord i had some problems, all the devs that could help me were offline so i waited an extra day Cloudsspider helped me and in my timezone i went to bed. However the next day i woke up to find i had been banned from the discord and kicked from the server, im not sure why but i would’ve liked a reason.

    • It was the impatience and sarcastic attitude you had when we finally got around to whitelisting you. We say in the pins in the #whitelist-requests channel that impatience is grounds for your request to be rejected.

      That said, I’ve lifted your ban if you’re interested in starting on the right foot this time. I do apologize for the wait, however please understand we’ve got a lot going on and only I handle whitelist requests. Just a lot to handle.


  21. Guest-8160019372 says:

    It says I am not invited to join, my username is Pixelkingx100 with a capital P

  22. Guest-8355927474 says:


  23. Peril says:

    Very gamer server, made several new friends here. 😀

  24. Guest-8827608744 says:


  25. FlossingWig250 says:

    Look at all of these people not being able to read lmao

  26. Guest-8390256212 says:

    Please add me it won’t work
    My username is Surefireroom317

  27. Guest-3075873647 says:

    I can’t join please fix my minecraft username is Premiumaura2252

  28. Guest-1051157751 says:

    Hey Server looks cool could I join?

    IGN; Fightingstud45

    • Guest-6221288198 says:

      Hi! I was banned from the discord server and IDK what I did. I simply apologized for being too pushy. My username was Smitty. Could I be back in?

      • Guest-7593994769 says:

        I would also like to apologize again. I was being way too pushy. I was just very excited to ply on the Server
        Discord: Smitty
        IGN: Fightingstud45

  29. Guest-8994024944 says:

    Can I get invited it’s not letting me join by IP and port :-\

    My user is joltinghults

  30. PirateNPC2122 says:

    Can I join? My ign is Piratenpc2122

  31. KevinPlayZ287 says:

    Season 4, how nice

  32. Michael7R says:

    Hi is there anyway I can get a ban appeal?
    There was a griefing incident and I was banned even though I wasn’t the one griefing, I was just minding business and working on my base, it would help a lot if I could get a ban appeal as I was really enjoying this server

  33. Guest-6490971038 says:

    Cri, why won’t you let me apologise, I tried to apologise for everything I did and was banned, wtf? I’m trying to be nice

    • Hens says:

      I’m going to quickly assume you’re Asowa.
      So, you spammed 24/7 on the chat, dissed the lore and tried to make your own, tried to use RVINN as if you created him, and generally were annoying.
      At Prism you started impersonating other people and dissing us in general.
      I understand you want to come back, but you claim you already have multiple alts here, so why bother unbanning you when you can log onto one of them?

      Note: I’m chaning me name to Hens bc my replies here haven’t been what you’d call “Heavenly”.

      • Guest-3226470870 says:

        Yes I’m asowa, I know I did all dat, that’s why I tried to apologise lmao, I mean, I KNOW I did that, and I KNOW that it was dumb, so I’m trying to be nice and apologise to yall

      • Otto Wood real lmao says:

        Hey also, I ran out of alts a while ago with t-rocks, I just never used it so you all never saw it, until I did use it then I got banned, after t-rocks was banned that was my last alt since I made too much emails, I mean I could make more but I can’t be bothered, so anyway, I’m out of alts, after t-rocks was banned the rest was just me saying that to make you think I have like a 100 alts lmao, and I’m apologising, I know I did bad things, that’s WHY I’m apologising lmao, You don’t need to unban me, i know I never will no matter how many times I apologise and try to be nice, I just want the people to be nicer to me so maybe, just maybe in the future there might be the slightest tiny chance of me getting unbanned, maybe in season 7 or 8 lmao, or maybe even season 9 or 10 if this lasts that long, but all I’m saying is, I’m sorry for….uh….everything I did anyway, bye

  34. Kidd0624 says:

    i just rated this 5 stars so it can get to 4.20 B)

  35. Guest-8257507326 says:

    Mystery shack :exists
    Me: gravity falls intensifies

  36. Guest-6571705973 says:

    Hey, i appear to have been banned from the discord server for some reason but i don’t remember ever joining it or the minecraft server. It would be nice if someone could look into this 😐
    Discord Username: N̵̛̾ot̷͋͛ a̸̾̈́ R̶̍͆o̶b̵͂̃o̸͑t̶͗͗#1337

  37. Guest-9813109656 says:

    Hello there! i would really love to play on this server but I dont have discord and I dont want discord so I wondered if there was another way i could join the server as it looks like the best server on mcpedl my gamertag is Rainbowpup10495 sorry if this causes problems but I would love to join have a good day!

  38. Guest-6017905450 says:

    It has a great community and is a great server to do anything on. Read the information as well because you need to be whitelisted.

  39. Picko21 says:

    Good community, solid lore, friendly people and the Mc server is great. Highly recommend.

  40. Guest-7216250221 says:

    how make 3d honeycraft text?

  41. Guest-5145234146 says:

    Why i cant go in its says i dont invited

  42. SEASON 4 IS HERE!!! Buzz in and join the hype!!

  43. Guest-4768169806 says:

    Why cant I join back to the discord server? I tried clicking the link but it says invitation expired.This is RexusDeletus pls respond

  44. Guest-6826750791 says:

    I would like to join but it says that I’m not invited :/ do I have to be whitelisted? If so my username is spaceypirate208

  45. Keipthount says:

    Ah yes, HoneyCraft. I originally came here from The Prism. (R.I.P)
    To be completely honest I like the server. It’s full of challenges, and has a really friendly community
    Though there are some things I don’t like. It’s just my opinion. That’s it. I don’t really care if nothings changed etc.
    The texture pack. I like the default Minecraft one(16×16 not 32×32) more than any other one.
    But overall, the server is a great place. I really recommend joining this. It it really fun.
    Also, Cloudd, Hentai channel when?

    – Keipthount

  46. justZitt_ says:

    i wanna join discord but it says im banned. whyyyy? i didn’t even joined it before

  47. KevinPlayZ287 says:

    Im sorry if I keep asking butbut when’s my ban appeal

    • Vexed says:

      Ban appeals might be accepted when Season 4 is released, which will be on Tuesday 23rd of June (if all goes smoothly). But do not quote me on that as I’m not a moderator.

  48. Ktarabay27 says:

    It says that you are not invited to play in this server how to fix

  49. What shader is being used in screenshots, thanks if someone tells me.

  50. Picko21 says:

    Hi Cloudd, I understand you get appeals like this a lot, but I was hoping that once 1.16 came out I could get unbanned with a clean slate.

  51. Hi! I have a few questions if that’s alright.

    1. How did you create a server for Minecraft Bedrock?

    2. If you create a server without realms, can you use experimental gameplay addons?

    3. If not, what are the top addons you would reccomend?

    4. How do you find your server’s IP address?

    That’s it for now. I may have more questions along the way.

    • Heavenly says:

      Well, Apex is the software we’re using, and in it we can pretty much find the IP an Port. There are other softwares like Aternos, but Cloudd prefers to use this one.
      As for the Realms question… I still don’t get what you’re trying to ask. DBS don’t support Experimental as for now, but Realms does.
      Now, as for the Addon List, we have one above in this page. You should check it out!

  52. Guest-8220241569 says:


  53. Guest-3853172237 says:

    Mind your own business Litten.


  54. Hey! Voldemort of HC here. What happend that lead to picko’s ban? just asking for a friend.

    • Guest-4226966181 says:

      And you’re just looking for an excuse to kick me from CC.

        • HeavenlyGames2 says:

          Seriously, what is your beef with me?
          I joined CobbleCraft because it seemed like you were acting decent and I wanted to help
          but oh boy was I wrong
          You were just looking for an excuse to ban me
          Not only that but you being so obsessed with this server that you get multiple people to spy on us
          I mean, video surveillance and footage of me isn’t getting past something, right?

          I’m just tired of you. I won’t even beg you to go away because of how close-minded you are.

          • and this is why i wont let you on my server again. your rudeness and jumping to conclusions has made that decision. if you have a problem with me comment on my mcpedl page not on a server that im banned from. Good day
            PS: You’ll be glad to know i stoped sending people a long while ago

  55. Guest-5738015380 says:

    Can you add me my gamer tag is XxMinecraftPro29xX I’m 9 years old so I wanna join so add me now

    • HeavenlyGames2 says:

      If you had read *any* of the text on this page about the server you’d know exactly how to join and why you cannot join. I recommend giving the information about the server above a read.

  56. InvalidBeast456 says:

    Oh And If You Are Going To Whitelist Me My Name Is InvalidBeast456

  57. InvalidBeast456 says:

    I Joined Your Discord And Then Now Its Not On My Discord Group List. And I Haven’t Done Anything To Get Banned So Could You Let Me Back On Your Discord And I Never Got To Play The MC Server Even Though I Was On The Discord. So Please Let Me Back on And Please Whitelist Me For The MC Server.

  58. HeavenlyGames2 says:

    Alright whoever is impersonating other people in the comments, please stop.
    It’s not even funny and it causes more trouble than anything.

  59. Guest-1770737613 says:

    This server is great and i really miss it. I am very excited for season 4 tho. Litten need to shut up tho

    • Guest-8824792701 says:

      I forgot to rate 5 stars so here

      • Guest-6287971036 says:

        I don’t find this kid safe its too adult not safe because you need to know that my mom’s a person who is a lets just say that she is a one who reads the bible and also her name is Stephanie that means crown and my name is Amelia eagle I’m 9 and a half years old I’m almost 10 years old and sadly my dad died his name was Richard and he was almost 40 years old when I was a baby and any ways my dad died of a heart attack so i had to get a new
        plush toy that was here for a limited time its on and its cheaper then 25 dollars it costs about 24 dollars and also if you’re family member is dead get the diamond man plush toy on ?

  60. I’m sure many of you have already heard, but HoneyCraft is offline and won’t be back up until 1.16 has launched! Upon returning, we will begin Season 4 of HoneyCraft!

    Season 4 is going to bring a bunch of new changes to the mob diversity and difficulty of the world while also taking a fresh approach to the server economy! We’re excited to share our plans with everyone, but until 1.16 – we’re gonna keep pretty quiet!

    Stay safe and thank you for being patient, folks! We’ll be back before you know it!

  61. Guest-1391727276 says:

    I’m just going to leave 1 star ratings daily until you guys unban me.


  62. Guest-9443456239 says:

    This server is bad. Cloud is toxic and unfairly banned me. Don’t join.


  63. Guest-8387197249 says:

    Hello, I’m interested in joining the server/discord and I’ve got some questions about it.
    1.) Is pvp allowed. Because I just like to find my own place, build a base, and relax.
    2.) Do I have to be active within the discord?
    3.) Is the server up to date? A lot of other servers I play on haven’t been updated to 1.14.60
    Thank you 🙂

    • HeavenlyGames2 says:

      Hello there! I’m Heavenly and today I’ll answer your questions!
      1) It is allowed, but as long as you don’t want to fight, just tell them to leave you alone. If they keep fighting you, just tell ClouddSpiderr.
      2) It’s not mandatory to be active, but I suggest you to check it once in a while to prevent getting caught in a whitelist purge. The higher rank you have on the Discord, the less chances of getting caught there.
      3) It is up to date, but offline as of now. Join the Discord to know when it will be up again.

      If you have any problems or suggestions, go to #tech-support
      and please read the #portal on Discord.

      If you need an invite, add me in Discord and I’ll send you one.

  64. Guest-9135872574 says:

    This is Litten4life, sorry about what I said earlier. Could I please be unbanned? I’m not going to be toxic anymore.

  65. Loi Pako says:

    Hello! I’m really interested in joining the server. But may I ask a few questions first:

    1) Is PvP involved in the server? I’m really not particular into it. I’m more like a chill and build guy.
    2) Do I need to be active within the server or discord, for me to be not removed?
    3) Do I need to download the addons and other packs before joining the server?


    • Guest-1312011358 says:

      Hi! I’m Heavenly and today I’ll be answering your questions.
      1) I actually don’t know how to answer that but you can do anything here (as long as it doesn’t break the rules) and if you’re uncomfortable if someone keeps killing you, just talk to ClouddSpiderr.
      2) Not really, but I suggest you to be active so you don’t get caught in a whitelist purge.
      3) Well, downloading as in cache files when joining, not directly downloading each one (if that’s what you meant)

      If you have any problems or requests, go to #tech-support
      and please read the #portal on Discord!

  66. Guest-3164928586 says:

    Plz white list me this look cools -blake9797

    • Tomori says:

      To whitelist you have to join the discord. Read the rules once you join then put your request in the whitelist requests channel. Make sure your name is spelled correctly, capitalizations included. You should be whitelisted within 24 hours (but sometimes it takes longer)

  67. Guest-6553602139 says:

    @Clouddspider can u white list me I’m blake9797

  68. Guest-1968984819 says:

    Can u white list me I’m Blake9798

  69. Guest-9835993387 says:

    Love this server! Mods are friendly and Devs work very hard to provide content for us!
    10/10 would recommend


  70. Guest-2160798425 says:

    This is litten4life, and this server is hot garbage.

  71. Ok i dont mind if yall join my server but the second you raid it your gonna get kicked. i know Z wanted to see how i was doing but nefl lobster and peril_ mini raided it. This is partly why i dont stop commenting here.

    • I specifically made an announcement that if folks raid your server they will be punished severely – your problem is with them, not with us. There’s no organized HC hatred of you, there’s just a specific few people who are still pissed about your harassment of them in the past. You pissed people off with your actions – stop blaming honeycraft for your woes. You can’t play bully and victim simultaneously.

      I’m getting REALLY goddamn tired of dealing with this petty drama. This isn’t my business and I’d appreciate it if you could take care of your own shit without bringing it here all the time. I’ve been doing what i can to help you because i’m tired of you having excuses to harass us, so stop. Please. Stop.

  72. The Blood Moon Expansion has gone live and after some tweaks is now stable! BEWARE THE RISE OF THE BLOOD MOON. New monsters, new challenge, new experiences!

    On the heels of the Blood Moon Expansion was a custom despawner system that has give us a performance boost and increase in mob variety! Should do us well until 1.16~!!

    Jump in and slay the monstrosities of the night with your fellow honeybee!

  73. TNTmeow says:

    I want to join my IGN is Tr3meow1271 thanks

  74. siray66 says:


    I am interested in joining (don’t worry, I’m not submitted a request through MCPEDL), but I have a few questions.

    1. I don’t have discord, but would be able to acquire it for whitelist purposes. Is being an active member of the discord a requirement for the server?
    2. Do you have to log in a certain number of times to stay on the whitelist? I’m currently in school and don’t have a whole lot of time at the moment.
    3. Are there building/redstone skill requirements?
    4. I’m a normally quiet person-would there be problems if I don’t go out of my way to talk to a lot of people? I prefer to build in my own area without a lot of interference.
    5. Are there advancement opportunities? I’m just coming off of another server I was a longtime member of, and I had some rank. (Not that I need rank again, but just a question.)
    6. I’ve seen a lot of… quarrels in the comments round here. Is the server filled with stuff like that? Or is it usually drama free?

    Thank you so much for answering my questions!


    • HeavenlyGames2 says:

      Hey there! I’m Heavenly.
      So I think you have some doubts and questions about the server, and today I’ll answer them for you.
      1. The whitelisting process is made through Discord, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be very active.
      2. Maybe check the Discord once in a while and chat with people to prevent getting catched in a whitelist purge.
      3. It isn’t mandatory to have a skill. You can do anything you want here! (as long as it doesn’t break any rules)
      4. It’s fine. I don’t talk to people that much, so I guess there won’t be a problem.
      5. Well, there are different ranks on the Discord that can be earnt by your popularity, recognition or the time you’ve been in the server.
      6. It is drama free most of the time. In fact, the Devs and OPs manage to clean the server so no actual problem happens!

      If you have any problems you would want to report, go into #tech-support in the Discord! (And please read the #portal before anything.)

      If the invite is invalid, just add me on Discord and I’ll send you one.

      – Heavenly#7493

    • Heavenly answered your questions pretty well, but I wanted to answer too!

      1. Being active on the discord is not a requirement – many folk play but don’t post on discord much at all. We’d prefer you at least stay in the discord group as long as you’re interested in the minecraft server, though.

      2. There is no activity requirement to being whitelisted. Once you’re whitelisted, you stay whitelisted unless there’s the occasional blanket purge of players- not often a concern if you’re friendly and have some degree of trust with folks in the community though. Players can vouch for eachother in these situations.

      3. Nope! Join to vibe, join to roleplay, join to learn, join to show off – just don’t break the four rules and be a decent person and you can do whatever!

      4. That’s not a problem, either! A lot of players opt to just wandering off from one of the warp regions and setting up somewhere off on their own. Others join one of several established settlements or even establish their own to link with the official warp hub. It’s entirely your decision! We have a uniquely immersive and challenging world for you – be wary if you want to go it alone. (:

      5. Regular, established users do get more respect and trust across the board. We will sometimes give creative mode to trusted players for public builds, or just the fly ability for projects, but that isn’t for just anybody. But yes, it’s entirely possible to gain clout in the community and trusted players do get perks sometimes. Even if it’s as simple as being able to help debug new content/features early.

      6. We find pride in having a chill community that gets along really well (it can get crazy and folks will roast/mess with eachother, don’t get me wrong), but overall it’s mostly good vibes and drama free. I apologize for the.. craziness in the comments. This is unfortunately the place everyone who gets banned or rejected comes to complain. We have a great community, but it comes at a respect standard that not everyone meets, unfortunately. Some are more stubborn than others and hold grudges. C’est la vie. These comments are a terrible indicator of the server community though.

      Hope to see you around! c:

  75. HoneyB says:

    Yo yo dis b HoneyB! This server has been amazing ever since I’ve joined it in November! I’ve had fun, created things, and made new friends all in one place bro. It all b vibin hours on the server!

  76. Guest-1181631659 says:

    WTH I’m new, I got banned without reason, I would simply like a reason, if it was lagging and destroying a single block right before server downtime…. THAT IS MY HOUSE! AND SO IT IS NOT GRIEFING! Sorry but I’m just confused, ign NoVa Heater

    • Dont hold your breath kid. They ban people unfairly and complain when you give a reason why its unfair. They will even take it to YouTube. Move on. I did.

      • stxvenu says:

        How do you know this?

        • Guest-2414042131 says:

          Litten was banned because he was mean with everybody.
          Asowa (now Otto Wood) was banned because of something similar. Otto has been stalking us lately, but he still tries to turn a blind eye and say “why am i banned”.
          Superduck was banned because of apparently theft of doors (?)
          Recently Professor Jekyll was banned because of toxicity and insulting people (specifically ShackPack; we tried to prevent this from happening but he ignored us and insulted people at their backs).
          So, yeah, in conclusion we ban people because they are doing the wrong thing.

          • Guest-6460072794 says:

            I still don’t know what Litten meant with the YouTube thing, but I think it’s just people sharing their gameplay on it.

          • I have proof they started it. I have moved on and started my own server. And idk what your talking about for the youtube thing guest 6460072794

          • Wait now i know. Peril_ took it to my youtube comment section

          • Guest-9804052850 says:

            If you rEaLly owned up and got past your ban, why in the name of my mother are you still here? Just go away and do your thing. You don’t have anything to prove.

          • Still full of denial. I see nothing much has changed since my ban.

          • Guest-8084002819 says:

            Yo I was just banned one day and told that I was banned cus I “stole” and “griefed” and when cloudd was asked cloudd said that it was none of there buisness lmao -Otto

      • Tomori says:

        Litten I find it hard to believe that you have moved on. Especially since you are still complaining in the comments months after your ban.

  77. The Blood Moon Expansion will be rising soon! New monsters, improved features, starlight traders, and most importantly – the titular Blood Moon feature! When the Blood Moon rises, monsters become particularly aggressive.. And to say nothing about the beasts that only wake to the Blood Moon’s arrival..

    The Blood Moon rises soon.

  78. Guest-9533109423 says:

    It says I am not invited to play on this server when I try to join. How do I fix this

  79. These comments are all over the place after a few month fOOf— ? Anyways came to ask how we doin during this corona crisis ? still at it guests?

  80. Guest-7844310366 says:

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

  81. Guest-1519545985 says:

    Do not fall for this it won’t let you in one star

  82. NekoLobster says:

    I swear to god the next person that says they were banned for no reason.
    Chances are you were banned for a good reason
    You either broke the rules or cloud is removing new players because the rule-breaking starts again

    • Guest-2879178468 says:

      Keep in mind that mods have the recently whitelisted users, suspicious players and bad reputation players under constant vigilance.
      eg. enderPOTATOcat (due to his constant bans) or superduckiscool (who was recently banned because he was suspicious af)

      • Guest-7982074409 says:

        I also want to mention that most of the bans of new users are due to this or their whitelist request being unacceptable.
        eg. requests that are lazy (they just put their name) or the user being shady.

      • Guest-7420554014 says:

        How was I suspicious?!?! I don’t really understand -superduckiscool I didn’t really do anything, the one big thing I did was start a war, but that isn’t really suspicious, I am sorry for anything you may thing I had done, I dunno, I just wanna play

        • HeavenlyGames2 says:

          Well, you supposedly stole doors (?), trashed the official lore to replace it with yours and staged a war (I don’t blame you for that last one, Prof. is a really bad guy)

  83. HeavenlyGames2 says:

    I can’t believe it.


  84. FrostGamerYT says:

    Haya its me again,I couldn’t find my comment,If you respond on WHY i got banned in the discord,Please tell me why

  85. stxvenu says:

    Hey, i was banned from the discord server and i can’t log into the server, is there a reason why?

  86. Hey Cloudspider! Love the server! I have one question: how did you use only the mobs from HIDwoods? P.S. you should ask iEmotionless if you can use his Vatonage Modpack.

    • So, basically we have a universal modpack that we’ve gradually been piecing together for HC.

      Unfortunately, the Dedicated Bedrock Server software is limited in what addons are supported. (basically anything that involves experimental gameplay is a no-go.) So naturally – this limits the pool of quality addons we could “plug-and-play” with.

      Making a centralized server modpack gives us more control over the addon content that we add, and gives us more room to make sure everything plays nicely together. So for addons that we normally wouldn’t be able to use, such as Hidwoods, we just cut out the parts that we liked and that *would* work on the DBS software, and leave out the non-essential parts that *would not* work on our server..

      It’s sort of a Frankenstein project, really. Naturally though; we take no credit for the work of the incredible developers who’s content we incorporate into HoneyCraft! You can find full credits here as well as in the #credits channel of the Discord. (:

      We’ve recently been working with the dev of the Bigger Problems addon to add some new content, too! Black Market Traders, explosives, craftable dolls, and the infamous Sandworm! (

      P.S. I’ll look into reaching out to them! Their content would probably fit well! Thanks for the suggestion. (:

      • Guest-5016074231 says:

        Yo why Did you ban me, I literally have evidence that I wasn’t the one who stole the sharp 1 book and the emeralds, and why would I steal them I literally have almost 50 enchanted books and 2 stacks of diamond blocks

  87. Vexed says:

    Really friendly and rich community, which is rare to find these days sadly. The admins and staff are really good, they tend to crack down on theft, stealing, and hacking, the addons add for a very nice experience and a unique one at that. The bans before people joined the server are mainly people who did not read the server rules properly or had a lazy application, as Cloudd does not let in anyone who seems shady, which is a very good thing when it comes to some of the people who have ill-intent in mind. Highly recommend it, it’s a very fun experience.

    • Guest-2971544132 says:

      Plzzz invite me I’m Datboi753

    • Guest-2245072573 says:

      I am incredibly disappointed because you have banned me fore no reason. I came across this server a few days ago and tried to apply because it really looks like a good one. Went to the whitelist section in the discord to apply, and after a day or so I asked how I would know if I got through or not. Some guy, mod or something, told me I would be notified via message, and showed me exactly how I would be. I then just got blocked at that exact moment out of the discord, and can not join at all back in. I am still not allowed to go in the server. What have I done? Is this how you treat people who want to join, who have waited patiently for approval? An unexplained, sudden ban? Very disappointing and makes me sad that I have to look for a different server now because I was genuinely looking forward to this one.


        You had asked about how long it was going to take several times, and as you were being whitelisted, you sarcastically responded with “so am i actually whitelisted now?”

        If this was a miscommunication, I’ll give you another chance, however keep in mind that we’re very selective about who we whitelist. The Whitelist process is slow and tedious by design to deter bad faith players and weed out the impatient and/or immature folks.

  88. Guest-9993219316 says:

    Plz invite me I do not their and I love your community, I am very excited after reading the description but it won’t let me on. please invite me.

  89. Guest-4468547801 says:

    best server that has ever existed!

  90. Guest-6137596383 says:

    im sad i dont have discord

  91. Guest-8969952286 says:

    Not whitelisted yet but pokecord is awesome

  92. Guest-6500801895 says:

    I tried to get whitelisted but I kept getting kicked from the discord and now it says that I’ve been banned, do you know why that is? My name is snake snok snik

  93. Guest-3963224116 says:

    Why did i get banned? (My name is hummydolfin)

  94. Guest-3732188551 says:

    I want to apply but it says that the apply channel is only for reading.
    I couldn’t find any other way to apply could you possibly help me?

  95. Guest-4384320273 says:

    i was banned from discord for no reason. it said i was whitelisted on discord, but it was not letting me play. 🙁 i want to cry…

  96. Guest-7122668971 says:

    This is
    I am here to inform you about my mistakes
    As you asked about me in the HoneyCraft diacord.

    The main reason i was banned was i was toxic due to a roll back of honeycraft save file
    Which deleated my WHOLE CASTLE
    I was unbanned the next day
    But due to me being wrong place and wrong time helping the HC ommunity
    By placing a stolen e chest
    I was tagged as thief and later banned

    People on the HC server didnt like me that much
    And started SPREADING WORDS
    I hacked and duped and other stuff
    But i was the one who reported about them

    • Guest-5311685998 says:

      Inflex again
      i also wanted to say that if you can look into this matter i would be grateful because people who SPREAD THESE WORD

    • You weren’t framed for the Echest. We had definitive proof. It was a sting trap. It only triggered when you removed it. 100% you removed it, saw the trap and put it back, hoping it didn’t catch you.

      You’re not being unbanned.

      Please don’t become the new Litten here.

      • Anonymous says:

        The E-chest was reposted missing Prior To My First Unban
        When i got invited back i saw that report and then thought of helping
        i also said it multiple times before that i missplaced the ender chest facing the wrong way around so i BROKE IT again to put it the right way.
        there were people present. at the time of my unban and it was already missing from before.
        if you can you Check the LOG of my unban and the time of the report.
        it wouldn’t sum up.
        xxZxx was anger on me about my argument before so he didn’t pay a close attention.
        i would be grateful if this problem is
        PROPERLY looked INTO

      • Guest-2348752642 says:

        I Just want to say that if you want to keep me banned i have absolutly no problem.

        SO DON’T

      • Guest-5825777083 says:

        And what about me? I am asowa and you claimed that I stole and griefed, and maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, I might’ve done it and not remember, can I have the proof?

  97. Guest-6162011811 says:

    hi! 🙂 I was wondering if I could join the server because I can’t seem to find the discord link lol. Could someone reply it tot me? thnx!

  98. Guest-6729257493 says:

    i wanna play my name is Dockers20086119

  99. INFLEXIOR says:

    Can i get back in
    My apology is down below

  100. Guest-7389323416 says:

    Uhh hello, my name is dontkickmychick. I wanted to join this server because it’s the only one I’ve seen with Addons on it. I filled out a application, but I appear to have been banned for no reason. Can you please revoke the ban? I really want to play on this server.

    -sincerely, dontkickmychick

  101. Guest-7392195433 says:

    um, whats the texture pack your using, i really like it, i’m pretty sure its not faithful but what do i know.

  102. Guest-7518386046 says:

    Hey cloud!
    i want to play on your server but don’t have a discord and cant make one
    I would appreciate if you made another way of accessing your server
    yours sincerely,
    A random Mine craft player

  103. INFLEXIOR says:

    This is INFLEXIOR
    I Know i have not been very good last year i have lost many important individuals in my life last year and to cope up with those problems i was not active the way that i should have (MATURELY) but i was acting childish and expressed my anger on my fellow player(Sorry Z and cloud)
    I have learned my lesson to never let ur personal emotions ruin or disrupt any other individual
    Sorry again

  104. Coming back after a while and good lord this comment section is a MESS ??

  105. Howdy folks!

    Just wanted to post and let folks know that we are not accepting applications that aren’t submitted via the provided Discord link. We’re trying to keep things as simple and centralized as possible, and the whitelist request process on discord explains a bunch of rules and stuff in the process – so please use Discord if you want to apply!

    If you’re unable to join the discord from the links provided for some reason; it’s because you or an alt account from your IP was banned for some reason or another. If you suspect this is the case, post the account you ORIGINALLY tried to join from and explain the circumstances. We’re not against giving second chances.

    Lastly, we’ve been thriving lately and it’s great time to get involved with us! Keep in mind that our servers begin to cap out and lag a little around 11 players, so be mindful of that when joining on peak hours! If you’d like another server to join that’s like HoneyCraft – Check out our partner server; The PRISM!

    Cheers and be safe, cats! c:

    • Not against second chases eh? Then why cant i get unbanned hmm? -Litten4life

      • Because you’ve been incessantly making an ass of yourself and being an overall nuisance since your banning. Getting your buddies to join and spam on your behalf, posting comments on here virtually *every day*, and the fact that you *still* haven’t even attempted apologizing/owning up to your mistakes and continuously try to pass off the blame to others.

        You seriously need to grow up and either learn to take responsibility for your actions, or move on with your life. This isn’t how a healthy person behaves.

        I won’t be replying to you again.

        • Apologize? Gee im sorry for making a joke in your server. There happy? -Litten4life

        • INFLEXIOR says:

          This is INFLEXIOR
          I Know i have not been very good last year i have lost many important individuals in my life last year and to cope up with those problems i was not active the way that i should have (MATURELY) but i was acting childish and expressed my anger on my fellow player(Sorry Z and cloud)
          I have learned my lesson to never let ur personal emotions ruin or disrupt any other individual
          Sorry again

        • Guest-7605801740 says:

          And what about me cloudd? -Asowa, now Otto Wood

    • Guest-6478267387 says:

      AMAZING SERVER! Love the staff, love the players, the addons and shaders/texture packs! Happy to be on the server, and hope I stay (:

  106. Guest-2151148528 says:

    Hello, I’d love to join but the discord link seems to be expired.

  107. Guest-9395271389 says:

    I am not making it up my ign is MrNoobGamerz and I am sure cloud that you remember me I used to be an admins choice and hallow contacted you making stuff up so I would get banned and I know that you would belive an admin than a normal player. Also if you think I am still making stuff up ask Caden the other admin or is he fired bc he was on my side? and is also thought my ban was unfair and cloud I remember the first day I joined rattat was still there and you where traping me in a box underground but Caden said don’t do that. so if you think I am lying and you still think I am lying I am sorry cloud buy I feel sorry for the people you banned and almost EVERYONE that commented said it was an unfair ban. If you wanted to make a server that is fun and fair make it like the old way where you join and you’re in adventure mode until an admin comes so you cant ruin the server. I feel that way was A LOT better than the way where you could get banned for making a mistake if an admin just doesn’t like you that is my advice to you because an SMP server doesn’t mean unfair rules and bad admins it means a server that is fun and you get to have fun.

  108. User-5256169577 says:

    it sort of says not invited and idk what it means as I am a noob lmao, I think I need whitelist or something, my acc name is silentblade555 idk anything rlly

  109. User-1693100591 says:

    How do I join I can’t find a discord link

  110. User-9483891868 says:

    Hello I used to play in the alfa veirsion with caden and olize and alot of other staff members i was in the realies of the server when it went public then i got banned because one of the admins Hallow took the whitelist off from me because I had a better looking base then him and i even said i would take it down but i still got banned so i was wording if i can join again sometime soon.

    • Considering that only three people, including myself, have ever had access to the server whitelist, and Hallow isn’t one of them – i’m pretty convinced you’re making stuff up here.


      • User-4064886807 says:

        I am not making it up my ign is MrNoobGamerz and I am sure cloud that you remember me I used to be an admins choice and hallow contacted you making stuff up so I would get banned and I know that you would belive an admin than a normal player. Also if you think I am still making stuff up ask Caden the other admin or is he fired bc he was on my side? and is also thought my ban was unfair and cloud I remember the first day I joined rattat was still there and you where traping me in a box underground but Caden said don’t do that. so if you think I am lying and you still think I am lying I am sorry cloud buy I feel sorry for the people you banned and almost EVERYONE that commented said it was an unfair ban. If you wanted to make a server that is fun and fair make it like the old way where you join and you’re in adventure mode until an admin comes so you cant ruin the server. I feel that way was A LOT better than the way where you could get banned for making a mistake if an admin just doesn’t like you that is my advice to you because an SMP server doesn’t mean unfair rules and bad admins it means a server that is fun and you get to have fun.

  111. User-8593032152 says:

    update the invite link

  112. User-5506741480 says:

    I had good memories with this server. But if you try to be funny you might get banned. Join this server if you wanna get unfairly banned. Nothings stopping you from joining. Im just gonna give up on this server. Thanks for the good memories. (Replies made after 5 days will be ignored)

  113. Wolfgamer424 says:

    I get that I was banned but I will redo the apps to get back on I know what it looked like but I swear on my dead father I was not wall hacking

  114. Pink Cacti says:

    it’s me I’m back baby. Honey craft was great until u know. Emerald Inc failed. I wonder if u peps remember me there. the server was great tho was a shame I got perm banned.

  115. MonkeyMan19132 says:

    Hey, why can’t I join? I was whitelisted and I didn’t break any of the rules, so why can’t I join?

  116. Anonymous says:

    I was looking at the comments and i keep seeing you litten beg over and over, just shut up. Everyone is clearly ignoring you.

  117. FatDude999 says:

    I want to get whitlisted FatDude999

  118. IsThatYou292 says:

    Can I be whitelisted? I don’t have discord so I’m texting here.
    Gamer Tag: IsThatYou292

  119. Sad Litten4life says:

    Could i get unbanned please? I was trying to be funny and nefl was being rude to me. People can change. Im not as toxic as i was before. Please unban me.

  120. unknowngamer084 says:

    Great server tho i wish thay could add custom blocks and items sigh maby next season

  121. Simon says:

    sorry i dont have a discord account so ill just type here i want to join server because : i hate griefers and most of my houses in other severs have been raided so this is sever is the only option

  122. MonkeyMan19132 says:

    Can I be whitelisted? I can’t talk in the discord server my discord name is A-monkey and my minecraft name is MonkeyMan19132

  123. Vexed says:

    I wasn’t the most active due to lag lol, but it was fun the bits I played and the events and lore I saw/read, sad to see such a unique server fade away.

  124. H says:

    Status says online, but why did you decide to make it go offline???

  125. Clouddspiderr says:

    Honeycraft is officially offline indefinitely!

    Thank you for the memories, everyone!!

  126. Rudyexe says:

    Its been nearly 5 days without a response of my unwarned or reason why I was banned. I truly loved this concept and discord server. I guess I’m banned forever now, I keep coming back here every day for a response but its whatever. Goodbye and have a fun time on Honeycraft, everyone!

  127. BlazingRed says:

    It’s been a wild ride everyone.

  128. MultiPlayz says:

    Can I be whitelisted? My Minecraft name is MultiPlayzYT

  129. Anonymous says:


    How I can apply to be whitelisted ?

    I hope I will can apply and join the servers

  130. Me says:

    My name is AnoNyMOus216 ( Don’t Judge Me I Made It When I Was 6 )

  131. IsThatYou292 says:

    Can I pls be whitelisted? My gamer tag is IsThatYou292

  132. David Creen says:

    Quick Question: I cannot open your discord page after I read the instructions and posted my username to the whitelist. Also, when I try to log onto the server, it says “unable to join” instead of “you are not invited” does this mean my request was rejected or does it mean the request is pending?

  133. Rudyexe says:

    I loved the server and the SMP, I joked around a bit in the discord server and I asked if there was a problem because it had been almost 5 days without a whitelist. I got harrased by users for being someone named Litten. Im really sad because I liked this server but now Im banned. I read the serverinfo, I joked around about being whitelisted as sarcsasm and I think thats the reason. Otherwise the discord was great and fun. Im sorry. Can I be unbanned?

  134. BRODYAGA28 says:

    Мой ник в дискорде FANTOM2831

  135. BRODYAGA28 says:

    Мой ник BRODYAGA28 и я бы очень хотел играть на данном сервере,но мне выдаёт что у меня нет приглашения.

  136. Asowa12344 says:

    I might just give up on this server tbh, I was banned for no reason and prof sent me screenshots of cloud saying I was banned for, griefing, stealing and just being a jerk on the discord (something like that at least)

  137. Litten4life says:

    Cloudd can i please have another chance? Please

  138. TheConquerer10 says:

    Hi my user is TheConquerer10 and I am unable to get discord. I can communicate through gmail tho and would really like to join this smp.

  139. ric.ard0 says:

    Got banned last season on the discord for no reason.

    • Heavenly Games2 says:

      We ban users who show that they blatantly did not read the text on this page or the join text to the server. i.e. users who join and are immediately asking to be whitelisted or complaining that they’re confused when the only channel they can see explains literally everything they need to do at that point.

  140. SabrinaTheSmolBean says:

    Hello i am SmolBean6260 and i just got banned? If it is for the players i have been killing me, it was just for the sake of them killing me over and over on the nether, it may be a misunderstanding, please can i join back? Also i did not break anything from ShackPack like the portal, or if its because the diamonds i get, its not that im hacking or something, i spent hours on finding them with fprtune enchantment. anyways, thanks for the great experience i had here!

  141. Dog says:

    Can i join the discord

  142. Litten4life says:

    Dont join the discord. Literally everyone hated me there and now i got banned for it.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Can I be invited this sounds like a lot of fun I would love to join!❤️
    My user name is Luckey 15E

  144. babyshadowgamer says:

    i wasn’t invited 🙁

  145. TheCrabs says:

    Hey, I was banned for no reason as far as i know, could i please have an Unban???

  146. SkinChanger999 says:

    Hey cloud I have a suggestion. Have an alternate google form for the players that don’t have discord. Also would you please unban me from the discord server cus I did nothing wrong. Your pal -SkinChanger999
    P.S. what if you made the Minecraft server a hybrid? That would be great.

    • I’ll consider the alternative application form, but honestly I’d prefer keeping such things handled via discord just because it’s easier to manage, reference, and keep up with when everything is centralized.

      I remember you being banned for a reason, and you trying to avoid it with an alt account, but I don’t remember exactly what you were banned for, so I just went ahead and lifted your ban.

      Don’t be a coconut! Cheers. (:

  147. Wiseguy9909 says:

    Hey Cloud, It’s Wise, I joined a few weeks ago, and today I think I just got banned for no reason cuz when I checked discord, the server wasn’t there, and when I tried to join, it said I wasn’t invited to play on the server
    Note: I was playing before I checked discord, and the reason I got kicked was “Cause”

  148. NickyZ says:

    Hey Cloud? I want to join like so many others but it looks like the Discord link is expired. You might want to look into this…?

  149. NickyZ says:

    I was confused on where to post the sentences so i asked on the discord server, and it looks like I was banned? I was trying to see where i could register to join, but the server wasn’t on my discord and the invite is expired and invalid. Did I get banned for confusion? I’m so lost here…

    • Anonymous says:

      Dang they really just tossin out bans now ? I got banned reasonably but people are straight up gettin banned cuz they exist

    • NickyZ says:

      Ill check back in a few days to see if someone responds as i am very lost here.

      • We ban users who show that they blatantly did not read the text on this page or the join text to the server. i.e. users who join and are immediately asking to be whitelisted or complaining that they’re confused when the only channel they can see explains literally everything they need to do at that point.

        I’ll lift the ban, just please read everything. Thank you!

  150. Anonymous says:

    It says that the discord link is expired

  151. FlashyGuitar603 says:

    So what, am I banned forever just for stepping three blocks into someone’s base?

  152. ... says:

    But how do you join

  153. .... says:


  154. Alfonso says:

    I would like to Join except the invite code for the discord is expired for me

  155. oliz157 says:

    late for an apology?

  156. ric.ard0 says:

    I was looking forward to seeing if I was accept for the whitelist but when i check it said i was banned from the Discord server. I don’t know why I was banned if all I did was apply to be whitelisted.

  157. HasanTheBeast says:

    Hello there!I would like to join you on HoneyCraft server i have been looking to join some servers but with mods reason:I love modded mc it is the best with new items,mobs,biomes and more IGN:DragonBoyRealms

  158. ZackHDT191X says:

    Can I pls be invited I use to play on the server

  159. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    Yep ive been banned dont know why and how :/

  160. Brendan3483 says:

    I was reading the comments and I guess I have to sign up in discord. It’s to bad cause I wanted to play this server and I’m not gonna make a discord account,download the app,then sign up. Really, I think you shouldn’t have to have a discord account. You should just be able to just play but I dont think that’s gonna change just from 1 review. Sorry I was just looking forward to playing this.

  161. NoiseNoises says:

    Fun and lively 20/10 recommend it to anyone who reads this

  162. Anonymous says:

    I was banned after applying for no reason and I wasn’t even accepted. I did nothing wrong

    • Anonymous says:

      I just applied and talked a bit while waiting and suddenly, I came back and I wasn’t in it and when I tried to use the discord link from mcpedl it said I was banned

  163. eggman9582 says:

    I was unwhitelisted and removed from the discord reason without reason, and I definitely didn’t break any rules that I’m aware of. I would really like to get back on the server. IGN: eggman9582

    • Extremerandomguy says:

      Yeah me too I was never whitelisted and I would like a chance to play the server, I swear I won’t break any rules but ahhh I guess this won’t change anything rip ?

  164. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    Hey uh i keeps telling me that i was not invited to the server i dont know why if its soposed to be like that(my account is FrostGamerYT69)

  165. DogE says:

    It’s so sad that consoles can’t join :c. Can i please know why because it looks amazing.

  166. SerLaw says:

    Banned me with no evidence, blocked me on discord, and ghosted me. Don’t join, absolute pointless server. They’re so sensitive about trolling. I did not do it!

  167. Mayhem says:

    hello i am mayhem i dono y i got banned . i just joined yesterday . and today i get banned,
    it was all nice people there gave me stuff as i joined and dextex stacked me in 2 min of joining
    it was all going great i made a store and now i am banned

  168. Jamie Macdonald says:

    I left today, Dec 26th 2019.
    Full disclosure, left voluntarily on good terms ? Was an op when I left but that doesn’t mean much. For season 2 I was only op beside owner and programer till xmas break.
    Server owner Cloud is A great person but the server Above is not what is there.
    1.Discord, is now a full NSFW (defined by owner) filled sexting ****** me daddy in every channel teen edgelord memfest. permitted that was by owner under the guise of Creativity.
    2.The same edgelords are now all Ops or Gods ( ingame) of said server. Roleplay ?
    3.Server is gated behind whitelist, only requirement thru the gate was asking. Then spawn was chaos where after every whitelisting some rando would get to everything not nailed down and it was being stolen, or duped or hacked. The people screaming blue murder to get restored from ops.
    4. Mods, gone Owners crafting own mods great but also means server is never the same 2 days in a row, also means unexpected restarts and rollbacks. Ya season 2 wasn’t planned.
    Honeycraft started out a Community server that I brought my 6 year old son on to teach about minecraft and online and the internet/people, it turned into why I block his access to large sections of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      MagisD? Yeah youre a crybaby

    • It was wonderful having you while you were around, although I think you’re being more than a little overdramatic. I’m sorry you don’t like the changes to the NSFW policy, but there is not “sexting” going on. Lewd shitposting? Sure. We’re not a family server and never claimed to be.

      I don’t see why you have a problem with the community RP and crafting of the HoneyCraft Lore/universe. It’s just creative writing/fun. /: As for the theft, yeah I agree it can be a problem sometimes with certain waves of newly whitelisted users, but that’s something you’re gonna struggle with on any public server. We do a pretty great job catching and removing the problem users and the issue overall isn’t as severe as you’re implying; but I digress.

      I’m sorry to see you go, but take care, cat.

    • David Creen says:

      More specifically, on the discord page, it says that my invitation is either invalid, or expired

  169. BlazingRed says:


    (Also Z is gay)

  170. Martin del-taco says:

    I got banned for no absolute reason. Can I get unbanned pls? Username: MartinTDL

  171. InvalidBeast456 says:

    IS ANYONE REPLYING TO ME? Everyone Is Hoving So Much Fun :'(

  172. DarkKlaw98 says:

    Hey it saids im banned from the discord server but i didnt do anything its probably a mistake i hope you guys fix it

  173. DarkKlaw98 says:

    Hey for some reason it saids im banned from the server but i did nothing can uou please fix it i think it might be an mistake

  174. InvalidBeast456 says:

    Remember Me? I Don’t Have Discord So Can I Be Whitelisted Onto This Server I’m Just Dying To Go On. I Promise I Won’t Greif Or Hack Or Anything Plus, I’ve Never Been Banned From A Server (Maby Kicked For Being AFK For A Long Time) But Still, I Have Never Been Banned In My Life! So Can I Join?

  175. Nick the brick8 says:

    Hello I’m Nick the brick8 and I’ve been feeling alone I have done a smp before but this sounds more fun I’d love to join and you have all rights to ban me if I do something While writing this I’ve read the rules on discord would you allow me in?

  176. Sirmeawsalot says:

    When this online again?
    Seems great, I wanna play

  177. eggman9582 says:

    I was removed from the discord server and unwhitelisted from the MC server without warning. I don’t recall breaking any rules on purpose and I didn’t steal anything. IGN: eggman9582

  178. Botsplayz says:

    Can I join the server I want to help my name is botsplayz I feel like this server is going to be Beautiful in the future ?

  179. reset1112 says:

    why i can’t connect? I was never on this server!

  180. INFLEX says:

    i was in the server about a month but i was banned and then unbanned then banned then unbanned the banned for good
    1st time cause i argued with the admins ——-> they unbanned me the second day
    #they had a system which told who broke block or placed them
    2nd as i got unbanned i tried to help by placing a newly made ender chest which was stolen
    they thought i stole the chest and banned me again—>they unbanned me for like 5 mins
    3rd they banned me again cause there thing said that i have broken and place that chest for like more than 1 time
    ##PS i had other people watchin me all the time cause they were their to welcome me

  181. I was banned from the discord server without warning.

  182. Naatashaauwu says:

    Hi! I’m Naatashaauwu and I would love to join. Mostly I want to join because I enjoy playing with others it’s just not that boring anymore and you may befriend some people. I hope I can join uwu

  183. Hi! I’m Naatashaauwu and I would love to join the server! Mostly it’s because I enjoy playing with other and i want to socialize with other Minecrafters. I hope I can join

  184. Sniperseeker1 says:

    I was banned on the discord server for no apparent reason, my tag is Sniperseeker1#4262

  185. JaneAlice8478 says:

    Hi my Gamertag is JaneAlice8478,I want to join and get whitelisted because I feel alone on my own survival world and want to try something new.I am not a great at English so sorry for any problems I might do while communicating.

  186. Madzilla19 says:

    Hello! I am madzilla19 and i would love to play this server! please white list me and i can enjoy! thank you so much!

  187. Sniperseeker1 says:

    Hello I am Sniperseeker1. I want to join this server because lately there has been just total anarchy and I just want a simple SMP that I can hang out with people. I have been looking for some people to play with on Bedrock Edition but no one has it, until I found this server.

  188. SSoda says:

    Idk why i was banned. I didnt do anything becouse I read rules. Also i made a great contact with others. I hope you will unban me. Gamertag: SpicySodaGG

  189. Yeet says:

    Hey, could u pls invite me? My user is cabbagesavage79

  190. PolarBearRealm says:

    hi, may i be able to join? my name on minecraft bedrock is: PolarBearRealm

  191. BobTheDog247 says:

    Can i get white listed to the server
    Im looking for a unique experience of Mc
    instead of the usual stuff

  192. AshesOfAnEmpire#6118 says:

    I applied and when I checked later to see if my application had been accepted I found that I had been banned with no explanation or anything!

  193. Sprout says:

    Can u let me in again? I was trolled by chase and you guys told me to not join while finding who is chase, but then I couldn’t join the server back and I pinned one of the mods (that is a reason to ping), can u let me in again

  194. JimboJambo says:

    I was banned with no reason, my discord is RAGARAG. Can you please explain why i was banned?

  195. Pizzamania says:

    Hello! I have been looking for a cool Minecraft server to play with other people with for a long time. I would love it if I could be added. My username is PizzamaniaMC. Thx 🙂

  196. ItsFelo says:

    Hi can I pls get invited to the server I would like to play on it
    My Xbox gamertag: ItsFelo

  197. ItsFelo says:

    Hi there, can I pls get invited to the server my Xbox gamertag is: ItsFelo

    Pls luv ur server <3

  198. CrimsonMoon says:

    Can I get invited to the game server My Xbox GT is SlenderMan1977

  199. CookiePlayzMc1 says:

    Hello My name js cookie, and i would like to join HoneyCraft because i am a big fan of modded smp and just smo in general. Thanks in advance! Also my Username js CookiePlayzMc1

  200. XXJCAGAMINGXX says:

    Hi, eversince I learned about the server on Java edition named “Hermitcraft”, I have tried to look for an alternative on bedrock. I would be interested in joining the Honeycraft Server because I am getting bored of my single player world. My xbox username is XXJCAGAMINGXX. If you need any extra information feel free to reply.

  201. @Leo_gamer says:

    I have read the thing on imgur. What do I do next to join?

  202. The chosen one says:

    Hi my username is trolliloki and i would like to join your lovely server because it looks fun :p

  203. Peril_ says:

    I made a murder shack

  204. CowchMuphin says:

    What mods do you have on the server?

  205. Eggman9582 says:

    I was removed from the Discord and I whitelisted from the server. I don’t recall breaking any rules and I for sure wasn’t inactive.

  206. Idk why I got banned I got banned for no reason

  207. @Leo_gamer says:

    How do I join honeycraft if the discord link is expired

  208. Kickedmedusa797 says:

    Kickedmedusa797 here I want to join the server because I haven’t been in a s m p ever and It sounds like fun

  209. Litten4life says:

    I would like to play on honeycraft. Can i please get unbanned from both the discord and minecraft server?

  210. Anonymous says:

    Well this server is mostly people playing mini games and not realy recruiting like they say in the post. Mostly this was updated to get it back to top of forums. They fishing for players that can give them stuff and mostly not worth it since there is no community like they claim. So best to neg review them and go to a real server looking for real players.

    • I’m confused by what you mean by “mostly people playing mini games”. We virtually never do minigames, lol.

      HoneyCraft is a thriving young SMP server with a very closely knit community that spends a lot of time RPing and building stuff. We update the server often because we’re frequently updating/improving/expanding add-ons and server features. If we were just after having a bunch of players, don’t you think we would just forego the Whitelist?

      We’re working on building something truly special among Bedrock servers and I think we’re well on our way to that. We have an incredible, active community that is largely eager and willing to help us improve – we’re very open with community engagement and often allow community members to try their hand at making addons/features for the server, and assuming that’s what you’re referring to – I don’t see why you would think that’s a problem? All of our community contributions have been voluntarily – we don’t and haven’t asked anyone to make anything for us. All the heavy technical development and expansion of the server is done by xxZxx and I.

      We don’t care about popularity; we care moreso about having a quality server.
      I’m sorry you aren’t a fan (assuming you joined at all and aren’t just trolling), but plenty of people love HoneyCraft and call it “the best server they’ve ever played on”, so if you’re not a fan – you’re welcome to move on. Why the hate?


  211. RealAlexmgamerYT says:

    Hi, just wondering why was I banned from the discord server. All I did was read the rules and wrote a paragraph about why I would like to join. Next day, I’m banned. I read all of the rules and I get banned.

  212. Anonymous says:

    Hello, for some reason, I was banned from the discord server. I joined yesterday and the only thing I did was ask why I couldn’t join the server because it says “You have not been invited to this server”. They said that I am not blacklisted so I assumed it was fixed. Then, today I tried to join this server and it said the same thing as yesterday. I tried to join the discord server but it said invalid invite and it said you have been banned. I don’t understand. I really want to play a multiplayer survival. Why is this happening to me.

  213. Anonymous says:

    hi, i recently joined the discord so that i’d be able to play the server, left a whitelist thingy whatever but had to go offline for a bit and when i came back i had been banned from the discord and i have no clue why, i’d appreciate if someone could reply to this as i’d really like to join the server

  214. Dtalantov5 says:

    Hello. I have been playing Minecraft for a very long time. I have numerous skills in building (you can see some of my captures on XboxLive) and also some reddit posts under u/Dtalantov_5. I would love to join HoneyCraft as it seems as an amazing server with a dedicated community and a well established rule set. Not to mention the screenshots I have seen. Thank you.

  215. Solvedgecko89 says:

    When trying to join the game it says I’m not invited to play on this server. Why can’t I join and why is this on this website if we have to be invited.

    • ClouddSpiderr says:

      It’s to secure the quality and integrity of the community as well as the continuity of the community and it’s builds.

      We were totally public once upon a time without a whitelist but Bedrock has a MASSIVE issue with griefers/hackers. It was too much work staying on top of it so we opted to keep the server behind a whitelist.

      If you had read *any* of the text on this page about the server you’d know exactly how to join and why you cannot join. I recommend giving the information about the server above a read!

    • Chillie64 says:

      You must join the discord then apply to join. I play on the server BTW and they also changed the IP

    • It’s absolutely a public server – it’s just behind a whitelist because otherwise the server would be rampant with hackers, griefers, and thieves. The whitelist is in place here specifically to prevent that. With the whitelist, if a user is approved and joins and does a dumb – we can just remove them and restore a backup if necessary. Problem solved.

      Bedrock does not provide any reliable built-in moderation commands for banning or blacklisting – so currently Whitelists are the only viable way to effectively control the quality of a public non-Anarchy SMP on Bedrock.

      That said though – if you read the information about the server provided on the above page, you’ll see that how to join is very clearly explained for you. (: Sure, it’s a tedious setup, however considering the quality and reputation our server has begun to build among certain circles – the Whitelist/controlled flow of users who are invited is absolutely crucial to maintaining that.

      We hope you understand!

  216. GamerNinja says:

    Hello, I was just wondering why whenever I tried to join HoneyCraft, it says I wasn’t invited and if I try to join the discord server, it says the invite expired. Someone please help, I always wanted to play a Multiplayer Survival.

    • Try the Discord link again!

      The links were reset and the ones on here took a couple days before the mcpedl mods were able to get the page updated. The ones currently on the page should absolutely be working. (:


  217. ChabudaiL says:

    hi, I would like to join the server, I’m already in discord

  218. Eggman9582 says:

    I got removed from the discord and the server and I’m not sure what I did wrong. I definitely wasn’t inactive and I don’t recall breaking any rules of any kind.

  219. Budgetlobster42 says:

    This is a great server, don’t read the comments saying they were unfairly banned because there is always a server. this is one of the best servers I have played on.

  220. @Leo_gamer says:

    Hi I really want to join this server and requested on the whitelist and it said I was in, but i tried to join the server on minecraft and it still said I wasn’t allowed on the server. Then, I tried to rejoin the discord, but it said the invite was expired and the recent link didn’t work. Please help, this server sounds so much fun to play in.

  221. Litten4life says:

    Hi i have been banned for no given reason. I would like to find out why i have been banned.

  222. Den says:

    Disculpen el español, alguien sabe de algún servidor de habla hispana? :0

    • Heavenly Games2 says:

      Yo, por supuesto!
      Creo que lo unico que tendrias que hacer para jugar es unirte a nuestro Discord, hacer una petición para entrar y luego esperar para que te dejen entrar.

  223. RandomEditor says:

    uhh i think i got banned by seeing pizza’s island and his friend and going seeing it.
    I actually liked the server.
    I apoligize for what I did.
    Or maybe i got banned for something else but i wanna get back on the server actually.
    even if hurt me plenty is still there. Its painful with that addon.
    Thanks Cloud!

  224. RandomEditor says:

    uhh i think i got banned by seeing pizza’s island and his friend and going seeing it.
    I actually liked the server.
    I apoligize for what I did.
    Thanks Cloud!

  225. Syanide76 says:

    My name is Syanide76 and I was looking for a new SMP Server to play on and found this server. I was glad to see that stealing was not tolerated and I like that. I had a problem with people stealing in my old SMP Server so seeing this made me happy. It would be an honor and a privilege to be apart of your community. Thank you and I Wish To Join Your Amazing Community

  226. BoxCatMC says:

    everyone is rude on that server.

    • I’m sorry you think so! Were there any interactions in particular that striked you the wrong way? I’ll gladly look into this for you!

      Keep in mind that our community is mostly ages 16 – 24 so language and PG13+ content should be expected to come up from time to time. However, I don’t think i’ve ever received complaint of the community being rude. I find it quite wholesome most of the time.

      Like I said though, I’d happily investigate any issues you’ve encountered!

  227. Anonymous says:

    The invite has expired. If you see this please fix this because I really want to play on this server. I have been on many SMP’s but this one stands out. If I can be whitelisted right now, my ign is q-tip_the_crip

  228. MrWhiskerZz2015 says:

    Can I be Whiteside I have an Amazon divide so I can’t install discord my nametag is MrWhiskerZz2015

  229. Howdy guys!!

    We’ve updated our whitelisting process to be more streamlined! You can be whitelisted by joining our Discord Server and following the prompts provided! I’m aware that the Discord Link is broken in the above page, however I submitted a fix for it a couple days ago, but mcpedl mods only update the server pages once a week or so.

    In the meantime, here is the most recent invite link:

    Cheers, and I hope to see you in the Honey Lands!

  230. Budgetlobster42 says:

    I would like to join this server. I haven’t been on a modded server yet and this one caught my eye, I’m used to playing on servers where griefing and stealing is allowed and I got excited when I saw the policy. This sounds like it would be a fun experience. My discord is Dovahkiin#6318. I look forward to playing on this server, thank you.

  231. Therae12345533 says:

    Hi, I really want to join can you please invite me

  232. I used to think this server was amazing, but now clouddspiderr has totally been so unfair. He banned a lot of people unfairly and without trial. Someone got banned for spawning in villagers. And yet someone else spammed me with hostile mobs and cleared someone’s inventory. There are barely any roleplays anymore.

  233. oliz157 says:

    you uninterested heavenly/enderpotato/hallow/caden/oliz157/ploutry/wiryfire/epic/pizzav/lazer/euu for what to start a new gen of players on the server hidden the og’s from the spotlight i can predict that the older players then us quit for the same reason we made the server fun and now you tore us away the server seems less popping because of the removal of us it’s hard to see players go away for 9 mouths straight almost a year.
    what a poor choice but the server will live even though we dont what it to thats the sick truth
    the server will live with copies of us as the new spotlight rises but that does not mean there will be no competition clouddspider :)from the unfairly banned player oliz157

    • You griefed the server and were trying to encourage your buddies to help “kill the server”. You even admitted to it in our discussion last night – which i’d be more than willing to make public here if you’re determined to keep playing as though you were “unfairly banned”.

      Like stop dragging out this dramatic nonsense and just move on with you life, cat. I’m not interested in perpetuating any childish Minecraft drama. Just find/make another server and move on with your life.

      Go eat dirt.

  234. TrimBiscuit8754 says:

    Hi my name is ShadeGalaxy2005 the reason I want t join your server is because I can meet New friends and I like moded survival servers and what is your discord your other one is expired.thank you

  235. NipIsTrue says:

    It appears the invite link for the discord is broken

  236. William G. says:

    Can I be whitelisted? My name is TheConquerer10. Thank you!

  237. Glacoerthewolf5 says:

    Hi, my name is glacoerthewolf5 and I personally think this is a great server and would like to join. I may be on bedrock so this may not work, but I would still believe that I would be a good server mate. I love to roleplay, and like many aspects of building and have a close attention to detail. The text saying that you had RPG elements really caught my eye, being an RPG lover myself, I would love to see what happens. I look forward to seeing if I get whitelisted of not, because I will handle either answer acordingly. I hope you have a nice time and have best of luck running your server. (Discord also wouldn’t let me join so I mean imma just roll with it.)

  238. justZitt_ says:

    can i play pls,nick MrZitt13
    i was searching too much time for server like that,so allow me to play pls,i need this.

  239. MCNINJA05 says:

    I don’t know why I was banned from the discord. Can I just get a reason.

  240. SkinChanger999 says:

    Or give me a new discord link. -SkinChanger999

  241. SkinChanger999 says:

    Dear ClouddSpiderr, I think that this sever is a great one for me to play on. I am a beginner master builder, so I think I can really help the community. I also would like to do this style of survival. Please let me join. My IGN: SkinChanger999

  242. Jake Pospell says:

    Ya like jazz?

  243. MrKoala says:

    Hi! This server looks so cool, I am interested in it and would like to be a part of it.
    First, how did you get add-ons on the server!? I’ve always wanted to be a part of a server like this but I only have had bedrock.

  244. MrKoala says:

    When I put the in the details for the server and try to connect, it says invalid ip. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  245. Joshua103155 says:

    Hi I would like to join this server my username is Joshua103155 can you plz whitelist me I have never been on an modded server!

  246. jsfbju says:

    I would like to join. Invite me, I’m ready.

  247. charlibarlie says:

    Hi! I would love to join! I think it would be so fun to have a modded server experience and also just that general sense of community! My gamer tag is @Charlibarlie

  248. AwashPigeon87 says:

    I would LOVE to be on this server!! I’ve never played on a multiplayer modded server, and I’ve always wanted to. Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible until I read this post! Please whitelist me, I promise I won’t break any rules!?

  249. HoneyCraft is under maintenance as we work on bringing in some fancy new bungee functionality!

    We’ve also finally gotten loot tables/xp drops implemented on custom mobs! Lot’s going on!!
    Updates soon!

  250. Hi, I was planning to make a private server for just me and my friends with add-ons, but I don’t know how to add add-ons to my server. Help please!!

  251. lelzthenoob says:

    idk y but i was kicked or banned (idk which) from the discord server for no reason. all i did was send a whitelist request…

  252. SkinChanger999 says:

    can I be whitelisted?

  253. SkinChanger999 says:

    can I plz be whitelisted

  254. Hallowh34d says:

    Honey Craft is c o o l

  255. SkinChanger999 says:

    in need a new discord link plz

  256. Tristen says:

    can I be on the server? It looks fun 🙂

  257. Tristen says:

    Can I play on this server it looks cool and sounds amazing 🙂

  258. SkinChanger999 says:

    I want to join by XBL is SkinChanger999

  259. durpy guy says:

    I need a new discord link plz

  260. 0liz says:

    great guess i cant play huh..

  261. Splitcoco21 says:

    Why did you ban me from the discord server, I just want to be invited in the minecraft server

  262. Anonymous says:

    Hey I have for some reason been banned from the discord server and I am not sure why. I haven’t even been on the server yet 🙁

  263. pixelapollo2009 says:

    May I Join This Server Has Treasure+ So, It Has To Be Cool ?

  264. oliz157 says:

    well the servers up now cant join though-_-

  265. oliz157 says:

    is the server good since it has not been up for this entire day-_-

  266. BoxCatMC says:

    Can you let me join please? This server looks pretty fun!

  267. I have been playing this server for a couple weeks now and it is totally awesome. The addons are great and the admins are really nice. There are role plays that happen every now and then. The role plays are just so awesome. If you’re new some people will help you get started. Over all I love this server.

  268. Blueberry says:

    add me senpai ign-BlueberryJam728

  269. yupiterin says:

    when will white list requests come back? Btw my username is my gamer tag for when they come back.

  270. MultiPlayz says:

    Can I join this server? I want to join this server because it is fun to be together in minecraft. My name is Multiword123

  271. Matheus de Almeida says:

    Como criou um server com complementos ?

  272. Kefir says:

    I want to play on server but it says that server is not gamertag is KefirMiner

  273. Anonymous says:

    Can I join? It sounds fun! I’m kokie wolf 2

  274. CheezWiz says:

    Hey ClouddSpiderr, I would like to join HoneyCraft, because I’ve seen episodes of SMP Live and I think it would be really fun to try out an SMP server, and this one seems like a perfect one to join! If you could kindly whitelist me and let me join, I would really appreciate it! My username is WhAtiSABaNaNa1 (I know it’s kinda weird, it was an old account one of my friends use to have). Thanks!

    Also, I have a suggestion for an Addon I would like for you to add to HoneyCraft, which is Realight ( This is an addon that adds Dynamic Lighting to Minecraft, like when you hold a torch or any light-emitting object, it lights up your surroundings.

  275. Umom says:

    I cant join and the discord server link is expired

  276. Favorite says:

    May I join?

  277. justZitt_ says:

    hi,i wanna join,cuz u know now is time when all servers being griefed in a minute,but this is special one,i want to play with good and kind community,mods and rpg and rp.vanilla survivals are boring, modded survival in singleplayer are boring too.
    this server os fixing all disadvantages of this.i hope ull see this.
    xbl: MrZitt13

  278. justZitt_ says:

    hi,i want to join ur server,cuz boring vanilla survivals are boring,and boring modded SINGLE PLAYER survivals too.i wanted to play smt like this about half a year,i like friendly community,mods,survival,bees.i have experience on private servers,im a member of two rp vanilla 14,im wise,and im human from canada.
    my xbl tag: MrZitt13

  279. Izzy says:

    It’s me again, I have realized I have left out my gamer tag : isabelhoughton.

  280. Izzy says:

    Hello! I’m a Minecraft player who’s really interested in joining a server, especially a no grieving/stealing one like this. I’d love to be whitelisted and join you guys.

  281. Anonymous says:

    Can xbox players join? If so my gamertag is Rise of Ender

  282. FatDude999 says:

    its says im not allowed to join, i wanna join…

  283. Anonymous says:

    Пожалуйста можно мне в белый список. Я обожаю сервера, а вашь особенный моя учётка: ILYAGAME228

  284. MiNeCrAfTpRo says:

    Hi this looks interesting please may i join my GT:TVI MINI MAC

  285. Wi says:

    May I be whitelisted? I’m in the discord

  286. enderPOTATOcatYT says:

    it was a good time on it…until I was banned for flyhacks??!!
    I don’t ever hack
    they wouldn’t even let me plead my case!
    I hope if you join that you won’t be surprised when the day comes, you are hyped to get back on and find out you are banned for some reason and you never are able to even prove your innocence.

    • Clouddspiderr says:

      You’ve been unbanned for a day now. We did some digging and found that you did indeed lag out and weren’t flyhacking. I’ve been trying to reach you, but you’re not exactly easy to contact.

      I apologize for the confusion and headache, however from our perspective it did look exactly like you were using flyhacks.

      I understand if you don’t want to come back, but if the day comes that you decide you *would* like to return; our gates are open.

      Cheers, and once again; I apologize for the confusion/misunderstanding.

    • You’ve since been unbanned from both the server and the Discord. The obvious conclusion for what we saw was flyhacks, but upon further digging we did find proof that you had lagged out and your body was just left floating there – still able to be killed, oddly enough.

      I do apologize for not giving you the benefit of the doubt, especially considering you’ve been established with the community since the OG days. I should’ve given you more of a listen when you were trying to defend yourself, and to be blunt — I acted like a bit of a butthole.

      I understand if you’re disinterested at this point, but I am genuinely sorry and would love to welcome you back into the server. I’ve been trying to contact you, but you’re understandably hard to reach lately. You’re a talented builder and a genuinely good cat – whatever happens in the future, I wish you all the success and good fortune possible in all that you do.

  287. enderPOTATOcatYT says:

    I’m banned? someone, please tell me why I’m banned from the discord and the server,
    I’m so upset

  288. 10dollarsforanewname says:

    I contacted a mod for help after he said I was whitelisted (I wasn’t) Then he proceeded to ban and remove me because he didn’t want to sort it out himself!

    • enderPOTATOcatYT says:

      do you know his ign?

    • Clouddspiderr says:

      You were banned because you tried connecting through multiple alt accounts and get multiple accounts onto the server. If our suspicion that your were up to no good isn’t correct – we apologize, HOWEVER, we’re still going to play it safe, and reserve our right to deny access for any reason.

      The integrity and quality of our community is not with the gamble.
      We sincerely apologise.

  289. Anonymous says:

    I would like to join because hive and mineplex it isn’t fun having deal with hackers every game
    and because a few of my friends say that most mvp servers are cool and fun so can you please white list me my name is Rocketmaneo

  290. UltraGamerPro6 says:

    I cant join the discord server. It says the link is invalid or it has expired. Also, could you whitelist me? The reason for this is because I have never joined an SMP server before. Another reason I would like to join is because of the surplus of mods on the server. I promise I won’t break any rules. My username is UltraGamerPro6. Thanks.

  291. Cody Gradis says:

    pls let me join I love hard survival servers

  292. pixelapollo2009 says:

    Can I Join It Says I’m Not Invited My Gamertag Is pixelapollo2009 :/

  293. pixelapollo2009 says:

    Can You Invite Me Plz My Gamertag Is pixelapollo2009 :\

  294. Zackoro3000 says:

    Hey my ign or username is Zackoro3000 and would love to join the server and be part of the community

  295. InvalidBeast456 says:

    I Don’t Have Discord

  296. Luke MacDonald says:

    I was wondering if i could join, from what i have read this looks like an amazing smp,
    My GT: ByRaid

  297. YEET says:

    Please can i join my gamertag is TVI MINI MAC

  298. micah says:

    can i join plz most servers arent modded

  299. Cody Gradis says:

    pls let me join ive been lokking for a surver that’s hard survival but also peaceful so my username is MalarClaw581592

  300. aglover2006 says:

    Hi my user is aglover2006 I wanna play so I can help build stuff and have fun!

  301. Minecrafter says:

    Hi, can I join? I can’t find ANY good survival servers without griefers and the RPG thing sounds really cool! Can I join? My username is DraftSleet46181. (boring, autogenerated username, I know)

  302. Made me interested in joining!
    My username is Frosthunter2006, I suggest you maybe add the new Tinker add-on that was released?

  303. NinjaKID3601S says:

    my ign is NinjaKID3601s or 1S ya its hard can i play this sever on xbox one without xbox live gold?

  304. Anonymous says:

    hi can i go in the sever in xbox one do i need xbox live gold? if i can i hate greifing i don’t know how to hack and stealing just makes the game boring my ig is NinjaKID3601s or 1S ya its hard.

  305. Anonymous says:

    hi can I play this sever on xbox one with out xbox live gold? if i can i hate greifing i don’t know how to hack and stealing just makes the game boring my user name is NinjaKID3601s or 1S ya its hard.

  306. UltraGamerPro6 says:

    I cant join the discord server. It says the link is invalid or it has expired. Also, could you whitelist me? The reason for this is because I have never joined an SMP server before. Another reason I would like to join is because of the surplus of mods on the server. I promise I won’t break any rules. My username is UltraGamerPro6. Thanks.

  307. Ricky says:

    Hi, are youtubers allowed? If so can i be in ut i have a youtube channel its butterslayer204.

    • Youtubers are absolutely welcome! We have a couple who’ve been making videos on the server. (:

      It’s preferred that you join the Discord to more easily share your videos with the community – we’re awfully supportive of community endeavors!

  308. KilljoyDanger says:

    My Ign is KilljoyDanger

  309. YeetBoi says:

    Could you please whitelist me, my gamertag is SageArtifact682

  310. InvalidBeast456 says:

    Oh My Nametag Is InvalidBeast456

  311. InvalidBeast456 says:

    Please Can I Join I Have Not And Will Not Greif/Hack A Server/Realm In My WHOLE Life Plus I Can’t Join On Discord, Please

  312. 356 says:

    please add me to the server! my gamertag is stan ligero

  313. ShadowBlade 8192 says:

    So I updated to 1.13 yesterday, and found this on my LAN games for some reason (its probably a bug, there was another server there for 1.12). tried to connect, said I wasn’t invited. Now, I found this page on MCPEDL, tried adding server, still said I wasn’t invited. So I read more, and I need to be whitelisted. I would really like to play, and I don’t grief/hack/steal/etc. If you do read this, I would appreciate it if I was allowed to join.

    • Strange that our humble little server randomly popped up for you!
      If you have discord, I’d greatly prefer it if you could join through the link provided above and follow the whitelist process provided there! If not, i might just fudge you in.


  314. Angel says:

    Hola como podria unirme al server me agregarias

  315. We will no longer be taking whitelist requests through the comments here. The few griefer/hacker problems we’ve encountered have all been from users who didn’t ask to be whitelisted through our Discord process – so we’re making the process more complicated to deter these wastes of space.

    No damage is done, fortunately! We take two backsups every day so we can just revert changes back; but that said – don’t be a griefer. You’re just telling the world how pathetic of a person you are by doing so.

    I hope you all understand!

    • Cannon says:

      Hey, I’m trying to join the discord server, as I’m interested in joining the server, however, it seems that I can’t join, so I was wondering if you could help me out with that.

  316. UltraGamerPro6 says:

    May I please get whitelisted? This server sounds really fun and I would enjoy playing on the server with the other members! My gamertag is UltraGamerPro6. Thanks.

  317. InvalidBeast456 says:

    I Would LOVE To Play On This Server. I Love Mods & Multiplayer Games

  318. Littleasteriods says:

    Could you add me? My gamertag is littleasteriods

  319. Chefbuddy2 says:

    Could you whitelist me my ibn is chefbuddy2

  320. HoneyCraft v2.2 is LIVE!

    What’s new?!
    They say there’s a horrible beast from a world beyond our own that stalks the night.. The size of a house.. with the scream of a Siren from the Nether.. Kill the Siren Head.

    Also; PETS!
    v2.2 also introduces several brand new pets! These pets can be found across different biomes and each possesses its own unique powers/abilities to help you in combat! Some use magic; some repel monsters!! Go out and find one that fits YOU!


  321. Sal says:

    Hey me and my friend would love to play on this server
    Our users

  322. Cheffy says:

    Could you plz whitelist me? My IGN is Cheffy02

  323. Cheffy says:

    Could you add me to this server? My gamertag is Cheffy02

  324. stingles69 says:

    hey i love the way the pictures look, my name is stingles69
    pls unwhitelist me i cannot wait to play

  325. Just._Ay says:

    Can I join plz
    Ign: JustJay126

  326. April says:

    Could I please join this server? My ign is aixplrxx. Thank you

  327. YeetMaster69 says:

    Hello I really like the way this server looks, and it’s also the only good smp server I can find. So could you please unwhitelist me please. My gamertag is SageArtifact682. Thank you

  328. EmberKait says:

    Hey I would like to join the server if it is still running IGN: EmberKait

  329. Amy says:

    Please could I be un-whitelisted? My gamertag is: Ugh Amy
    Thank you!

  330. AwesomeKC234 says:

    Can I play in your server please?

  331. ZackHDT191X says:

    Can I join it’s ZackHDT191X I use to play on the server

  332. MrWhiskerZz2015 says:

    Can I be whitelisred my ig is MrWhiskerZz2015

  333. Anonymous says:

    Can i get whitelisted my username is lunafrias1102

  334. MrWhiskerZz2015 says:

    Hey I would love to be whitelisted your server is not briefed like all the other severs and you community is probably great my material is MrWhiskerZz2015

  335. Once again, SageArtifact682 says:

    Forgot to include this, my gamer tag is SageArtifact682

  336. SageArtifact682 says:

    Could I please be whitelisted, as for the server looks quite good. Thx

  337. mArKIs says:

    Is it possible to play on console seeing as crossplay is a thing and most servers support it ?

  338. High King says:

    Hey this serve looks amazing and I really want to play on it. I really want to join ?

  339. CoinTapestry962 says:

    May I get whitelisted? I’ve always wanted to be part of a modded server! It would be a great experience for me. My username is CoinTapestry962

  340. ChazHowell says:

    I would LOVE to be whitelisted!! I’ve been looking for a server that I don’t have to put up on YouTube, or any other social media platforms. I’m a 37 year old male who has been playing Minecraft almost since it was created. I’m not the greatest at building, and am downright horrible at redstone. I’m looking forward to playing with others in hope to learning new methods.

  341. Anonymous says:

    May I please get whitelisted? This server sounds really fun and I would enjoy playing on the server with the other members! My gamertag is UltraGamerPro6. Thanks.

  342. Bgirl1994cat says:

    Hey guys it’s me Bgirl im just letting you know that im going to be adding this to my video when i upload

  343. naijeiTheBest says:

    Can i get unwhitelisted my username is naijeiTheBest

  344. Anonymous says:

    Please add me in the whitelist


  345. HeavenlyGames2 says:

    Hey, so your Discord server link expired. It was “” but it doesn’t work anymore. Hope you answer soon so I can get back into the server

  346. HeavenlyGames2 says:

    Hey, so your Discord server link expired. It was “” but it doesn’t work anymore.

  347. HeavenlyGames2 says:

    Hey, so your Discord server link expired. It was “” but it doesn’t work anymore.

  348. HeavenlyGames2 says:

    Hey Spidey. It’s me, Heavenly.
    I just wanted to know if you could whitelist me again into the server, I think they got me out by accident.

  349. Zielto says:

    Link of the discord please? I want to be whitelisted.

  350. Anonymous says:

    Can i join i have join before but now it said i am not invited my gamertah is PotatoMoose4483

  351. Server address plz says:

    Where’s the server address

  352. Shashank Shetty says:

    Shashank shetty again I haven’t broken any rules then why ban me I was just walking in forest and got disconnected

  353. Due to the griefing of player blast87 5 (seriously; eat dirt, guy.) the server is offline indefinitely.

    I’m getting very tired of playing these games with the very absolute worst of humanity so to compensate – HoneyCraft is going being a whitelist! If you would like to inquire about joining the server – contact Ops in the Discord server.

    We apologize for this inconvenience, but some people are just assholes, and i’m done playing these games. I’m sure those of you who already enjoy the community will understand!

  354. Shashank Shetty says:

    Hey remember me Shashank shetty I can’t join the server anymore it shows I am not invited

  355. Matthew says:

    Is this for java or bedrock addition? And how do you join?

  356. Juan jose says:

    Como me puedo unir y cual es la ip del server

  357. Kermit353 says:

    Can I have a list of mods?

  358. Neflhelim says:


  359. Server is public once again — Welcome to HoneyCraft!

  360. Anonymous says:

    are you a hacker though;)-
    from your friend oliz157

  361. Olympia8798 says:

    Server IS DOWN and will never come back up it is clearly compromised by hackers

  362. ClouddSpiderr says:

    If you want to be verified so you can actually play in the world and not just look around; let an Op know, or contact a mod on our Discord server:


  363. Anonymous says:

    Sounds interesting, I would like to join but I have no idea how to do it

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