[Modded SMP] HoneyCraft! – Genesis

Server IP honeycraftgenesis.apexmc.co:25578   Add / Connect
Version v1.13.0
Status Online
Players 1/50
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

HoneyCraft! is a unique twist on the classic SMP formula! We try to keep the core gameplay reasonably Vanilla while using a myriad of add-ons to make the overall experience more immersive, engaging, and difficult.

You won’t find another Bedrock SMP like HoneyCraft! – we promise that!

is a unique twist on the classic SMP formula! We try to keep the core gameplay reasonably Vanilla while using a myriad of add-ons to make the overall experience more immersive, engaging, and difficult.

Taking loose inspiration from server builds such as RLCraftHoneyCraft! aims to incorporate loose RPG elements into combat and exploration while making the world more visually attractive and diverse with over 100+ unique mobs – both hostile and  passive!
Heck – just watching the sunset/sunrise is an exhilarating experience in the Honey Lands!

Most importantlyHoneyCraft! has a heavy focus on community and community-engagement. We care a lot about player privacy, and rights to their sovereign properties – not only do they have every right to kill you simply for trespassing, if you’re found to have stolen, griefed, or refused to respect another player’s propertyyou WILL be removed from the community – no warnings. We go to great lengths to preserve our community and protect and ensure it against bad-faith players.

While we are still a relatively new server, we’ve already built an incredible community of diverse and creative individuals! 
Events, community-involvement, and add-ons keep the world evolving, fresh, and engaging!

You won’t find a Bedrock SMP like HoneyCraft! anywhere else!

We aim to allow players as much freedom as possible in how they play in the world. We welcome PvPers, builders, and role-players all! Diversity is the spice of life and HoneyCraft! tries to accommodate many different play styles!

Are you good with add-ons?  Ask about getting involved with server expansions!

We do have four rules that we strictly enforce. – These four rules stand true across the entire server and are punishable by removal from the server entirely – either temporarily or permanently.

We actively reserve the right to refuse access to the server for any reasonable suspicion, behavior, or discovery of wrong-doing.  Typically, when this happens, we will confront you about it first and punishment will be determined pending your reaction. Apologies and sincere regret might net you a second chance – but fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, go eat dirt.

These are the four golden rules that maintain HoneyCraftian Order:

– 1. No Hacking.         – 2. No Griefing.
– 3. No Stealing.         – 4. No Duping.

If you can respect us by respecting these four simple ruleswe’ll respect you and your freedom in how you play in the world! To reiterate once more: We have zero tolerance for griefers and thieves, If you grief or steal you WILL be removed from the server. No Warnings.

To further preserve the community against potential losses,
a backup copy of the world is created and downloaded every day  —  the world will never lose more than 12 hours of progress in even the most EXTREME circumstances.

Sleep easy knowing that your other home is kept safe and secure!

To preserve our community HoneyCraft! is behind a whitelist most of the time! If you’re interested in being whitelisted and joining the server; please comment below OR contact @Ops on the  HoneyCraft Discord Server  and give a brief introduction for yourself, AND at least two sentences on why you would like to join HoneyCraft!

Please have patience as the process to join HoneyCraft! is slow and tedious by design,

Current Add-ons:
Keyyard’s Floating Text
Biome Pets
EnhancedBiomes [BP only]

Texture Pack: Hybred’s Texture Pack [x32]
Shaders: ESBE_2G ,     Chroma Selection Box
(also some original modifications)

HoneyCraft! is a beautiful world of struggle – will you craft for yourself a life that’s as sweet as honey?

Come get’cher Honey!

Changelog View more

Server has been taken offline due to security concerns and will remain offline indefinitely.

The server will likely return with the official launch of 1.13.  We apologize for the inconvenience!

- RattCraft is now HoneyCraft! 
- Included some new screenshots!
- Made the hostile mobs cranky...

- Now includes temperature mods! Get sick in the heat and stiff in the cold!
- Improved spawn hub!
- Moved HoneyCraft to it's own independent Discord community.
- HoneyCraft is now behind a whitelist USUALLY.
- Mowed the grass.

- updated images and added some new ones!
- updated whitelist process via discord!
- grifted some griefers!

- Now updated to Minecraft v1.13!
- Over 100 new, unique enemies to thwart!
- Improved ambient sound effects!
- Randomly generated loot can now be found as you explore!
- Danged the Ghasts to heck!
- Fixed the community links!

buzz! buzz! !

- updated images!
- updated description text and included more information!
- fixed hyperlinks!
- Server updated to HoneyCraft v2.6!
- Various tweaks and improvements!
- Threatened a Maximum Dragon!
- Killed by an unimpressed Maximum Dragon!

- Massive server overhaul!

- Players now spawn in to a randomized location in the wilderness!
- Map reseeded with EnhancedBiomes for a more immersive world!
- Custom mobs now drop loot and xp!
- Updated screenshots!
- Still waiting for the bees..!


Supported Minecraft versions


Server Name: HoneyCraft! Genesis

Map: honeycraftgenesis

Game Types

Roleplay Survival

174 Responses

4.45 / 5 (66 votes)
  1. Jake Pospell says:

    Ya like jazz?

  2. MrKoala says:

    Hi! This server looks so cool, I am interested in it and would like to be a part of it.
    First, how did you get add-ons on the server!? I’ve always wanted to be a part of a server like this but I only have had bedrock.

  3. MrKoala says:

    When I put the in the details for the server and try to connect, it says invalid ip. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  4. Joshua103155 says:

    Hi I would like to join this server my username is Joshua103155 can you plz whitelist me I have never been on an modded server!

  5. jsfbju says:

    I would like to join. Invite me, I’m ready.

  6. charlibarlie says:

    Hi! I would love to join! I think it would be so fun to have a modded server experience and also just that general sense of community! My gamer tag is @Charlibarlie

  7. AwashPigeon87 says:

    I would LOVE to be on this server!! I’ve never played on a multiplayer modded server, and I’ve always wanted to. Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible until I read this post! Please whitelist me, I promise I won’t break any rules!😁

  8. HoneyCraft is under maintenance as we work on bringing in some fancy new bungee functionality!

    We’ve also finally gotten loot tables/xp drops implemented on custom mobs! Lot’s going on!!
    Updates soon!

    • IcicletheHunter says:

      Hi I’m IcicletheHunter. I wish to join your server so I can experience minecraft with addons, and make friends. I will understand if I’m not allowed to join.

    • TheCrabs says:

      May i please join? Message me on discord, as i dont spend much time on mcpedl.


  9. Hi, I was planning to make a private server for just me and my friends with add-ons, but I don’t know how to add add-ons to my server. Help please!!

    • Contact me through the discord – i can help point you in the right direction – it was a lot of trial and error for me to figure it out as there’s basically zero information online.

  10. lelzthenoob says:

    idk y but i was kicked or banned (idk which) from the discord server for no reason. all i did was send a whitelist request…

    • scketchake says:

      lelzthenoob wana join or group for players like you?

      • AwashPigeon87 says:

        This happened to me as well. I followed all the guidelines, never got a response(the server was down) then tried to request a whitelist again and came on later that day to see that I had been kicked off.

  11. SkinChanger999 says:

    can I be whitelisted?

  12. SkinChanger999 says:

    can I plz be whitelisted

  13. Hallowh34d says:

    Honey Craft is c o o l

  14. SkinChanger999 says:

    in need a new discord link plz

  15. Tristen says:

    can I be on the server? It looks fun 🙂

  16. Tristen says:

    Can I play on this server it looks cool and sounds amazing 🙂

  17. SkinChanger999 says:

    I want to join by XBL is SkinChanger999

  18. durpy guy says:

    I need a new discord link plz

  19. 0liz says:

    great guess i cant play huh..

  20. Splitcoco21 says:

    Why did you ban me from the discord server, I just want to be invited in the minecraft server

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hey I have for some reason been banned from the discord server and I am not sure why. I haven’t even been on the server yet 🙁

  22. pixelapollo2009 says:

    May I Join This Server Has Treasure+ So, It Has To Be Cool 😃

  23. oliz157 says:

    well the servers up now cant join though-_-

  24. oliz157 says:

    is the server good since it has not been up for this entire day-_-

  25. BoxCatMC says:

    Can you let me join please? This server looks pretty fun!

  26. Poultry Man says:

    I have been playing this server for a couple weeks now and it is totally awesome. The addons are great and the admins are really nice. There are role plays that happen every now and then. The role plays are just so awesome. If you’re new some people will help you get started. Over all I love this server.

  27. Blueberry says:

    add me senpai ign-BlueberryJam728

  28. yupiterin says:

    when will white list requests come back? Btw my username is my gamer tag for when they come back.

  29. MultiPlayz says:

    Can I join this server? I want to join this server because it is fun to be together in minecraft. My name is Multiword123

  30. Matheus de Almeida says:

    Como criou um server com complementos ?

  31. Kefir says:

    I want to play on server but it says that server is not existing.my gamertag is KefirMiner

  32. Anonymous says:

    Can I join? It sounds fun! I’m kokie wolf 2

  33. CheezWiz says:

    Hey ClouddSpiderr, I would like to join HoneyCraft, because I’ve seen episodes of SMP Live and I think it would be really fun to try out an SMP server, and this one seems like a perfect one to join! If you could kindly whitelist me and let me join, I would really appreciate it! My username is WhAtiSABaNaNa1 (I know it’s kinda weird, it was an old account one of my friends use to have). Thanks!

    Also, I have a suggestion for an Addon I would like for you to add to HoneyCraft, which is Realight (https://mcpedl.com/realight-addon/). This is an addon that adds Dynamic Lighting to Minecraft, like when you hold a torch or any light-emitting object, it lights up your surroundings.

  34. Umom says:

    I cant join and the discord server link is expired

  35. Favorite says:

    May I join?

  36. justZitt_ says:

    hi,i wanna join,cuz u know now is time when all servers being griefed in a minute,but this is special one,i want to play with good and kind community,mods and rpg and rp.vanilla survivals are boring, modded survival in singleplayer are boring too.
    this server os fixing all disadvantages of this.i hope ull see this.
    xbl: MrZitt13

  37. justZitt_ says:

    hi,i want to join ur server,cuz boring vanilla survivals are boring,and boring modded SINGLE PLAYER survivals too.i wanted to play smt like this about half a year,i like friendly community,mods,survival,bees.i have experience on private servers,im a member of two rp vanilla servers.im 14,im wise,and im human from canada.
    my xbl tag: MrZitt13

  38. Izzy says:

    It’s me again, I have realized I have left out my gamer tag : isabelhoughton.

  39. Izzy says:

    Hello! I’m a Minecraft player who’s really interested in joining a server, especially a no grieving/stealing one like this. I’d love to be whitelisted and join you guys.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Can xbox players join? If so my gamertag is Rise of Ender

  41. FatDude999 says:

    its says im not allowed to join, i wanna join…

  42. Anonymous says:

    Пожалуйста можно мне в белый список. Я обожаю сервера, а вашь особенный моя учётка: ILYAGAME228

  43. MiNeCrAfTpRo says:

    Hi this looks interesting please may i join my GT:TVI MINI MAC

  44. Wi says:

    May I be whitelisted? I’m in the discord

  45. enderPOTATOcatYT says:

    it was a good time on it…until I was banned for flyhacks??!!
    I don’t ever hack
    they wouldn’t even let me plead my case!
    I hope if you join that you won’t be surprised when the day comes, you are hyped to get back on and find out you are banned for some reason and you never are able to even prove your innocence.

    • Clouddspiderr says:

      You’ve been unbanned for a day now. We did some digging and found that you did indeed lag out and weren’t flyhacking. I’ve been trying to reach you, but you’re not exactly easy to contact.

      I apologize for the confusion and headache, however from our perspective it did look exactly like you were using flyhacks.

      I understand if you don’t want to come back, but if the day comes that you decide you *would* like to return; our gates are open.

      Cheers, and once again; I apologize for the confusion/misunderstanding.

    • You’ve since been unbanned from both the server and the Discord. The obvious conclusion for what we saw was flyhacks, but upon further digging we did find proof that you had lagged out and your body was just left floating there – still able to be killed, oddly enough.

      I do apologize for not giving you the benefit of the doubt, especially considering you’ve been established with the community since the OG days. I should’ve given you more of a listen when you were trying to defend yourself, and to be blunt — I acted like a bit of a butthole.

      I understand if you’re disinterested at this point, but I am genuinely sorry and would love to welcome you back into the server. I’ve been trying to contact you, but you’re understandably hard to reach lately. You’re a talented builder and a genuinely good cat – whatever happens in the future, I wish you all the success and good fortune possible in all that you do.

  46. enderPOTATOcatYT says:

    I’m banned? someone, please tell me why I’m banned from the discord and the server,
    I’m so upset

  47. 10dollarsforanewname says:

    I contacted a mod for help after he said I was whitelisted (I wasn’t) Then he proceeded to ban and remove me because he didn’t want to sort it out himself!

    • enderPOTATOcatYT says:

      do you know his ign?

    • Clouddspiderr says:

      You were banned because you tried connecting through multiple alt accounts and get multiple accounts onto the server. If our suspicion that your were up to no good isn’t correct – we apologize, HOWEVER, we’re still going to play it safe, and reserve our right to deny access for any reason.

      The integrity and quality of our community is not with the gamble.
      We sincerely apologise.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I would like to join because hive and mineplex it isn’t fun having deal with hackers every game
    and because a few of my friends say that most mvp servers are cool and fun so can you please white list me my name is Rocketmaneo

  49. UltraGamerPro6 says:

    I cant join the discord server. It says the link is invalid or it has expired. Also, could you whitelist me? The reason for this is because I have never joined an SMP server before. Another reason I would like to join is because of the surplus of mods on the server. I promise I won’t break any rules. My username is UltraGamerPro6. Thanks.

  50. Cody Gradis says:

    pls let me join I love hard survival servers

  51. pixelapollo2009 says:

    Can I Join It Says I’m Not Invited My Gamertag Is pixelapollo2009 :/

  52. pixelapollo2009 says:

    Can You Invite Me Plz My Gamertag Is pixelapollo2009 :\

  53. Zackoro3000 says:

    Hey my ign or username is Zackoro3000 and would love to join the server and be part of the community

  54. InvalidBeast456 says:

    I Don’t Have Discord

  55. Luke MacDonald says:

    I was wondering if i could join, from what i have read this looks like an amazing smp,
    My GT: ByRaid

  56. YEET says:

    Please can i join my gamertag is TVI MINI MAC

  57. micah says:

    can i join plz most servers arent modded

  58. Cody Gradis says:

    pls let me join ive been lokking for a surver that’s hard survival but also peaceful so my username is MalarClaw581592

  59. aglover2006 says:

    Hi my user is aglover2006 I wanna play so I can help build stuff and have fun!

  60. Minecrafter says:

    Hi, can I join? I can’t find ANY good survival servers without griefers and the RPG thing sounds really cool! Can I join? My username is DraftSleet46181. (boring, autogenerated username, I know)

  61. Made me interested in joining!
    My username is Frosthunter2006, I suggest you maybe add the new Tinker add-on that was released?

  62. NinjaKID3601S says:

    my ign is NinjaKID3601s or 1S ya its hard can i play this sever on xbox one without xbox live gold?

  63. Anonymous says:

    hi can i go in the sever in xbox one do i need xbox live gold? if i can i hate greifing i don’t know how to hack and stealing just makes the game boring my ig is NinjaKID3601s or 1S ya its hard.

  64. Anonymous says:

    hi can I play this sever on xbox one with out xbox live gold? if i can i hate greifing i don’t know how to hack and stealing just makes the game boring my user name is NinjaKID3601s or 1S ya its hard.

  65. UltraGamerPro6 says:

    I cant join the discord server. It says the link is invalid or it has expired. Also, could you whitelist me? The reason for this is because I have never joined an SMP server before. Another reason I would like to join is because of the surplus of mods on the server. I promise I won’t break any rules. My username is UltraGamerPro6. Thanks.

  66. Ricky says:

    Hi, are youtubers allowed? If so can i be in ut i have a youtube channel its butterslayer204.

    • Youtubers are absolutely welcome! We have a couple who’ve been making videos on the server. (:

      It’s preferred that you join the Discord to more easily share your videos with the community – we’re awfully supportive of community endeavors!

  67. KilljoyDanger says:

    My Ign is KilljoyDanger

  68. YeetBoi says:

    Could you please whitelist me, my gamertag is SageArtifact682

  69. InvalidBeast456 says:

    Oh My Nametag Is InvalidBeast456

  70. InvalidBeast456 says:

    Please Can I Join I Have Not And Will Not Greif/Hack A Server/Realm In My WHOLE Life Plus I Can’t Join On Discord, Please

  71. 356 says:

    please add me to the server! my gamertag is stan ligero

  72. ShadowBlade 8192 says:

    So I updated to 1.13 yesterday, and found this on my LAN games for some reason (its probably a bug, there was another server there for 1.12). tried to connect, said I wasn’t invited. Now, I found this page on MCPEDL, tried adding server, still said I wasn’t invited. So I read more, and I need to be whitelisted. I would really like to play, and I don’t grief/hack/steal/etc. If you do read this, I would appreciate it if I was allowed to join.

    • Strange that our humble little server randomly popped up for you!
      If you have discord, I’d greatly prefer it if you could join through the link provided above and follow the whitelist process provided there! If not, i might just fudge you in.


  73. Angel says:

    Hola como podria unirme al server me agregarias

  74. We will no longer be taking whitelist requests through the comments here. The few griefer/hacker problems we’ve encountered have all been from users who didn’t ask to be whitelisted through our Discord process – so we’re making the process more complicated to deter these wastes of space.

    No damage is done, fortunately! We take two backsups every day so we can just revert changes back; but that said – don’t be a griefer. You’re just telling the world how pathetic of a person you are by doing so.

    I hope you all understand!

    • Cannon says:

      Hey, I’m trying to join the discord server, as I’m interested in joining the server, however, it seems that I can’t join, so I was wondering if you could help me out with that.

  75. UltraGamerPro6 says:

    May I please get whitelisted? This server sounds really fun and I would enjoy playing on the server with the other members! My gamertag is UltraGamerPro6. Thanks.

  76. InvalidBeast456 says:

    I Would LOVE To Play On This Server. I Love Mods & Multiplayer Games

  77. Littleasteriods says:

    Could you add me? My gamertag is littleasteriods

  78. Chefbuddy2 says:

    Could you whitelist me my ibn is chefbuddy2

  79. HoneyCraft v2.2 is LIVE!

    What’s new?!
    They say there’s a horrible beast from a world beyond our own that stalks the night.. The size of a house.. with the scream of a Siren from the Nether.. Kill the Siren Head.

    Also; PETS!
    v2.2 also introduces several brand new pets! These pets can be found across different biomes and each possesses its own unique powers/abilities to help you in combat! Some use magic; some repel monsters!! Go out and find one that fits YOU!


  80. Sal says:

    Hey me and my friend would love to play on this server
    Our users

  81. Cheffy says:

    Could you plz whitelist me? My IGN is Cheffy02

  82. Cheffy says:

    Could you add me to this server? My gamertag is Cheffy02

  83. stingles69 says:

    hey i love the way the pictures look, my name is stingles69
    pls unwhitelist me i cannot wait to play

  84. Just._Ay says:

    Can I join plz
    Ign: JustJay126

  85. April says:

    Could I please join this server? My ign is aixplrxx. Thank you

  86. YeetMaster69 says:

    Hello I really like the way this server looks, and it’s also the only good smp server I can find. So could you please unwhitelist me please. My gamertag is SageArtifact682. Thank you

  87. EmberKait says:

    Hey I would like to join the server if it is still running IGN: EmberKait

  88. Amy says:

    Please could I be un-whitelisted? My gamertag is: Ugh Amy
    Thank you!

  89. AwesomeKC234 says:

    Can I play in your server please?

  90. ZackHDT191X says:

    Can I join it’s ZackHDT191X I use to play on the server

  91. MrWhiskerZz2015 says:

    Can I be whitelisred my ig is MrWhiskerZz2015

  92. Anonymous says:

    Can i get whitelisted my username is lunafrias1102

  93. MrWhiskerZz2015 says:

    Hey I would love to be whitelisted your server is not briefed like all the other severs and you community is probably great my material is MrWhiskerZz2015

  94. Once again, SageArtifact682 says:

    Forgot to include this, my gamer tag is SageArtifact682

  95. SageArtifact682 says:

    Could I please be whitelisted, as for the server looks quite good. Thx

  96. mArKIs says:

    Is it possible to play on console seeing as crossplay is a thing and most servers support it ?

  97. High King says:

    Hey this serve looks amazing and I really want to play on it. I really want to join 😂

  98. CoinTapestry962 says:

    May I get whitelisted? I’ve always wanted to be part of a modded server! It would be a great experience for me. My username is CoinTapestry962

  99. ChazHowell says:

    I would LOVE to be whitelisted!! I’ve been looking for a server that I don’t have to put up on YouTube, or any other social media platforms. I’m a 37 year old male who has been playing Minecraft almost since it was created. I’m not the greatest at building, and am downright horrible at redstone. I’m looking forward to playing with others in hope to learning new methods.

  100. Anonymous says:

    May I please get whitelisted? This server sounds really fun and I would enjoy playing on the server with the other members! My gamertag is UltraGamerPro6. Thanks.

  101. Bgirl1994cat says:

    Hey guys it’s me Bgirl im just letting you know that im going to be adding this to my video when i upload

  102. naijeiTheBest says:

    Can i get unwhitelisted my username is naijeiTheBest

  103. Anonymous says:

    Please add me in the whitelist


  104. HeavenlyGames2 says:

    Hey, so your Discord server link expired. It was “discord.me/rattcityyy” but it doesn’t work anymore. Hope you answer soon so I can get back into the server

  105. HeavenlyGames2 says:

    Hey, so your Discord server link expired. It was “discord.me/rattcityyy” but it doesn’t work anymore.

  106. HeavenlyGames2 says:

    Hey, so your Discord server link expired. It was “discord.me/rattcityyy” but it doesn’t work anymore.

  107. HeavenlyGames2 says:

    Hey Spidey. It’s me, Heavenly.
    I just wanted to know if you could whitelist me again into the server, I think they got me out by accident.

  108. Zielto says:

    Link of the discord please? I want to be whitelisted.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Can i join i have join before but now it said i am not invited my gamertah is PotatoMoose4483

  110. Server address plz says:

    Where’s the server address

  111. Shashank Shetty says:

    Shashank shetty again I haven’t broken any rules then why ban me I was just walking in forest and got disconnected

  112. Due to the griefing of player blast87 5 (seriously; eat dirt, guy.) the server is offline indefinitely.

    I’m getting very tired of playing these games with the very absolute worst of humanity so to compensate – HoneyCraft is going being a whitelist! If you would like to inquire about joining the server – contact Ops in the Discord server.

    We apologize for this inconvenience, but some people are just assholes, and i’m done playing these games. I’m sure those of you who already enjoy the community will understand!

  113. Shashank Shetty says:

    Hey remember me Shashank shetty I can’t join the server anymore it shows I am not invited

  114. Matthew says:

    Is this for java or bedrock addition? And how do you join?

  115. Juan jose says:

    Como me puedo unir y cual es la ip del server

  116. Kermit353 says:

    Can I have a list of mods?

    • Texture Pack: MultiPixel [x32]
      Shaders: ESBE_2G
      – Vanilla Twilight mobs
      – Mountains+
      – Keyyard’s Floating Text
      – ItemsRarity
      – Hurt Me Plenty

      Be mindful that i’m constantly experimenting and trying different addons to see what works in 1.12 multiplayer and doesn’t – so far a lot of addons don’t. Many of these will be possible with the release of 1.13, however!

  117. Neflhelim says:


  118. Server is public once again — Welcome to HoneyCraft!

  119. Anonymous says:

    are you a hacker though;)-
    from your friend oliz157

  120. Olympia8798 says:

    Server IS DOWN and will never come back up it is clearly compromised by hackers

  121. ClouddSpiderr says:

    If you want to be verified so you can actually play in the world and not just look around; let an Op know, or contact a mod on our Discord server: discord.me/rattcityyy


  122. Anonymous says:

    Sounds interesting, I would like to join but I have no idea how to do it

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