Published on May 14, 2021 (Updated on May 10, 2023)

Reborn RPG [Adventure-Quests] [Season 1] [Origins] [PvP/PvE/Bosses] [Factions-Kingdoms] [Bosses]

Server IP Connect
Version 1.19.83
Status Online
Players 0/120
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Season 1 Beginning In a Few Weeks, Come Participate To Win IRL Prizes!
Reborn RPG Is a Minecraft Server Inspired by All Minecrafts Lore - Skyrim, HermiCraft, WoWCraft, RuneScape, Dark Souls & Many Other Survival Faction Servers - 
We're Bringing The Aspects & Nostalgia of Epic RPG Games, Right onto Your Screen! There is also a Custom Minecraft Campaign Which Includes All Minecraft Lore Within the Minecraft Universe & More!

- Embark on Great Adventure Quests For Rewards/Payments, Participate In Events/Contests, Win Real Pay-Pal Money or Gift-Cards at The End of Faction Seasons! Help Build Towns/Kingdoms & Defend Against Or Help Attack A.I & Player Sieges

- Craft, Collect, & Show off With Awesome Custom 3D Armor Models/Weapons. (Even Code Your Own!)

- Battle With Tons of Unique Pets, Against 100+ Custom Entities & 50+ Bosses.
 There's So Much This Server Has To Offer What are you waiting for..!? Make It Your New Home

Come Join Our Journey & Become Part Of a Happy Community! <- Discord Invite!

Select version for changelog:


- Giants Updated to be Tameable & Rideable & Breedable, There's a chance of a villager being born instead of a Giant! (Working on Coding Inventory)

- Updated Refresh Rate Of Mob Spawning/Grief on/off Timers To Take Longer Between Cycles

- Increased Durability Of Special Weapons & Area Damage of Sweeping Edge

- Increased Goblins Spawnrate For More Coin Gain to Prepare For Season 1 

- Added 10,000 New Blocks For Building! 

Looking For Coders & People Who Like Making Sword/Armor Textures/Items Using Blockbench or other!
Looking For Staff Members, & Minecraft Builders/Creators! Join Discord To Get Started Working with Reborn RPG & Becoming a Part of Something HUGE Within the Minecraft Community!

- Player Towns Established & Population;
Name: (1; 𝗔𝗹𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗼𝗻(7) --- 2; Abysshold(5) --- 3; Aroland(3) --- )

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: Mods\+Quests

Map: §l§7Reborn§cRPG§aSMP

Visit website
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Best Smp I've ever had Why?
1.Its not a realm its a server which is forever
2.Does not lag
3.No cheaters,Griefers,etc
4.Endless World Lots of adventures Quest etc.
5.Have a problem you can easily contact any admin to help you
What is the server address and port?
Thx this server is amazing 👌
Are People With Minecraft Education Able To Join Your Server?

Re contact me As Soon As Possible Please.
Yes, You should be as it is enabled!
It looks very cool i may suggest joining and seeing what you got on here!
Otis│MCPEDL PATROL 👮⭐ January 14, 2023 at 8:08 pm
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Could you please Give a all Server Information like
Name and ip and Port
Because Here are Many namens and i couldnt join and find.
And the Website also Not Work
Huge Update coming in a couple days ;)
Will also update this post to correspond with new server & all the changes made over the past few weeks.

Stay Tuned!
you need to fix the textures because some textures are purple black squares
That's on Your side, Not The Servers. If you'd follow instructions, It explains what to do if textures are missing. :)
Beta Update 1.9.5

New Server LOBBY Added (More To Be Added For Basic Mechanics)
Origins & Classes Can Be Chosen at Factions Campaign Lobby Now Named "Factions Lobby"
Which is Discovered after completing Campaign Introduction.

To Clarify; Server Consists of Many Safezones, the 3 main which you can easily warp to by Naming ANYTHING or Grab a Warp Compass Found In Tool-chest at HUB, Names Are as follows:

Server HUB(Colbridge) (Warp Hub)
Server Hub Containing many Server Mechanics, The Armoury, & Many Warps

Factions Lobby(Stone Bear Keep) (Factions)
The Lobby For Main Multiplayer Campaign Survival, Use Server Mechanics, Change Origins/Classes, Change Foot Trails & Projectile Trails, Trade & Purchase Pets & More!

Server Lobby (Warp Lobby)
Main Lobby, Play Mini-Games PvE/PvP Oriented Using Pre Built Kits, Or Jump right Into Survival Mode.

Get Your Towns Built! Register & Display It On The Discord "Registered Towns" Channel - Make Sure You Apply for a "Protection Core"

Protection Cores Save your builds as a mcstructure file- You'll Have your Builds FOREVER!
We Are Back!

Servers Now In Beta 1.9 - Development Continues!

-+-+-+-+- ! WORKS ON ALL DEVICES ! -+-+-+-+-
marcus taylor 44806 May 11, 2023 at 4:44 pm
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This comment has been removed
I can't find the server address or port, someone help please!
It says server port then numbers and the port is 19132
This! is the best server i ever played. It have all the mods i like and some others i haven't heard about but it is still the best server 5*
Could someone help me list out the new ores in which are better then others, I am working on a blacksmith shop and need fair prices