Published on November 17, 2022 (Updated on December 06, 2022)

Reborn RPG - GTA MineCity - Discontinued

Server IP Connect
Version 1.19.52
Status Online
Players 0/200
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Reborn RPG - GTA MineCity: 

Live out Your Best Virtual Minecraft Life! 
Build Or Claim & Decorate Your Dream Home & Fill it with Pets, a Family & Furniture. 
Build and Customize Guns & Vehicles Hundreds of Models to choose from 

Bake & Cook Hundreds of Different Foods 

Participate In Spontaneous NPC Raids, Wars, Battles, Robberies, Defenses

& Much More!

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Discontinued - Broke On All Devices except windows 10,

Maybe someday it will return

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: Campaign SMP

Map: §l§7Reborn§cRPG §gOnline §aSMP

Visit website
I need a map link
Oops it’s 4:30 and it’s not working Lol do I have to give it time?
And my name isn’t “nicole” it’s my “sisters” name I don’t really remember if I told you my name
It’s still not working Blackfire lol but I have a little Secret to tell you I will give you a hint you know me I know you but only in the game my first Acc started with a b I hope we meet again (:
Server Will be down for maintenance;

Need to Fix an Issue where Mobile/Console/Switch Users can't Join & Crash after loading.
SO EVERYONE CAN PLAY from anywhere, Not just On Windows 10/11 as its current state.

Grand Opening is on Tuesday, 2022-11-22 at 4:30 PM!
DROP PARTY STARTS at 5! Come for Mega Loots!
Join the Discord from the Link within the Post to get Connected with the Community.

In the meantime while the server is down for repairs, I recommend checking out the Addons that we use (they are ALL Credited of course, The Links are at the bottom) Get to know these mods, as some are very in-depth!

Stay Tuned, Hundreds of hours of online fun coming your way, VERY SOON!