Published on October 30, 2022 (Updated on November 20, 2022)

Redemption Of The Mages (Java and Bedrock Magic Server)

Server IP Connect
Status Online
Players 0/0
Server Protocol Other

Want to experience a server filled with magical wands and intense PvP? Join for a fun, cross platform (bedrock and java) Magic PvP and PvE very soon experience! We hope to see you there!

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--------------------- ROM THANKSGIVING UPDATE --------------------- 
 - Changes in how players join games! There are now floating lobbies above each map so you can wait at the location! - No longer need to hold crouch to join a game! 
- Access to all available map variants at any given time! 
- Every time you level up the amount of XP required to level up also increases 
- PIN-POINT (primary), an interesting ranged wand! 
- DRILLDON (secondary), armor? gone. 
- THANKSGIVING EVENT ONLY (week long) TURKEY CANNON bawk ba bawk!!! 
BALANCE: (+ = buff, - = nerf, ~ = change) 
- Heart Soup takes 20 seconds to refuel (was 10 seconds) 
~ Flamethrower now does not detect a radius, instead its direct 
- Flamethrower Physical Damage decreased (was 6 now 1) 
+ Flamethrower Fire Damage increased (was 4 now 6) 
- Flamethrower Range decreased (was 15 now 6) 
PLEASE NOTE: This update is VERY buggy, it works very well however there are miss-placed textures, however I hope these changes are appreciated!! Might get a lil bit of time to get used to lol... and sorry for the wait!!!! We also you like the FREE Turkey Cannon in the Game Center!!!

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