Shifttech Network

Server IP   Connect
Version v1.16.100
Status Online
Players 0/70
Server Protocol Other

Shifttech is Minecraft Server with uhc/ultra hard core, Skywars, Snr/survival no rules

We also have a light anticheat to stop fly hacks speed and .give and nbt cheats

hope you visit!

So first thing you will see is the lobby

and You can either tap an npc or use The server selector

now lets talk about the gamemodes

First lets talk about uhc which is Short for ultra hard core

you are put in a 500 by 500 world with stone tools and 10 minutes to collect  resources after 10 minutes pvp will be enabled and you will fight to the death with others

Ok we all know what Skywars is

but ill tell you anyway, Skywars you spawn on small islands in the sky and fight to the death

And snr which is short for Survival no rules

Snr has been running since 24/2/2018 and has more history then I could tell you here

so heres more info if you want

so snr is a anarchy server running on minecraft dedicated but we had to swich software due to exploits 

soon to be more updates!

We also have a discord for anything you may want to know

Supported Minecraft versions


Server Name: Shifttech

Map: PocketMine-MP

Game Types

PvP Skywars Survival

10 Responses

4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. FuntimeFreddy says:

    It’s a good server but I won’t go on it much as I keeps getting spawn killed

  2. TheMixerGame says:

    Just like the terraria mobile server name

  3. teIemc says:

    So far a amazing server, i loved the skywars map, and snr is really nice because i can hack, and greif anybase i want on the server, i loved the smp aswell so far the best server ive seen so far, also very helpful staff 🙂

  4. Spyguy10078 says:

    I didn’t wanted to tell you buttttt….., Honestly i don’t liked it too much but it’s NICE 🙂

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