Sivils SkyBlock (Bedrock X Java 1.8-1.17)

Server IP Connect
Version 1.17.10
Status Online
Players 6/1000
Server Protocol Other

Sivils SkyBlock is a Minecraft Bedrock X Java server made for all platforms, anywhere and everyone. Designed to provide the best experience to all players, Sivils started out small, with a purpose as a server to play with friends only and not for profit. It’s now grown into a large scale server for both Bedrock and Java crossplay.

Sivils SkyBlock has many things that allows it to stand out. Below are some of the main features of the server.

  • 1.17 Server - Sivils has recently updated to 1.17! From ramming goats & cute axolotls, deepslate ores & copper, lightning rods and spyglasses, we are one of the few 1.17 servers with all its features!
  • All Platform Minecraft Server - What does this mean? You can join Sivils from practically any device, even crossplay from Bedrock AND Java! This includes PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, Switch, Mobile, Windows 10, & Java!
  • Multiversion - You can connect to Sivils from multiple different versions, 1.8 to 1.17 is all supported! This is for both Bedrock and java!
  • Fully Functional Redstone - Unlike most other servers, there is fully functional redstone just like vanilla Minecraft. Build your dream farms using redstone machines to automate it on your SkyBlock Island!
  • Vanilla Mobs - Can't find a server with good mob AI or spawning? Sivils has fully vanilla mob AI, spawning, drops, and everything about mobs from vanilla Minecraft! From Villager trading to Ender Dragon Slaying, we have it all!
  • Minions - We have 8 different minion types, all unique and customized! They are purchasable with gems inside the gem shop. All minions have upgrades, skins, renaming, and different options



  • Custom Enchants - With over 300 CE's, the server has many ways to get the enchants. You can receive a random CE book by buying it with XP. There are 6 different rarities for CE's, and each one costs a different amount of XP to purchase. Custom Enchants are integrated inside the Enchantment Table, which means you can get CE's from the normal vanilla Enchantment Table. CE's are also compatible with the Anvil, so you can combine your swords and pickaxes to make the god item. There are also many CE items, which can be received from the CE Crate.
  • Custom Chests - Tired of regular vanilla chests and the practically useless trap chest? We have a variety of unique and fun chests, Linked Chests, Auto Sellers, Auto-Crafters, Auto Collectors, Storage Units, Sky Collectors, and Sell Collectors!
  • Mystery Crates & Cosmetics - By just playing on the server, you have a chance to receive a mystery box of random rarity, which give loot out of 500+ Cosmetics in total. Mystery boxes can be 1 star to 5 star and include common to legendary loot. Loot can include different things, such as hats, animated hats, particles, suits, gadgets, pets, miniatures, banners, emotes, cloaks, morphs, pet food, and mystery dust.
  • Currencies & Shops - The main shop (In-game money) includes resources, crops, buckets, spawn eggs, and anything needed for Skyblock and more! 
    The Gem Shop includes Spawners, Custom Chests, Minions, CE Items, Crate Keys, along with other things.
    The Auction House is player-based, where you can sell and buy various items you desire!
    Selling is also made extremely easy. There are multiple ways to sell, such as by shop, running the various /sell, /sell hand, /sell handall, and /sell all commands, or by doing /sellgui to open a gui to put all your items you wish to sell!
    Additionally, we also support player based shops for players to sell/buy their own things to and from other players! Simply place down a sign and bam! Profit! 


  • Discord X Minecraft - Discord and the Server are linked together, so you can chat with online players from the discord and see what they are doing! This is really useful for those who are on one side and cannot reach the other, but want to see whats up. This includes chat, leaving/joining, achievements, death, and more!
  • Leaderboards - There are multiple ways to see your position on the server. Your island blocks, value, worth, and level are all automatically calculated and ranked using multiple methods on the SkyBlock Island Leaderboards! You can also see the richest players, the most active players, and more!
  • And Much More! Sivils has a lot to offer, whether your on Switch or PC. From custom mobs to the SkyBlock missions, there's something for everyone! Give it a try and join us! Join the Discord here -> <-

Select version for changelog:

  • Added a new way of selling, Player Based Sign Shops!
  • Removed Custom Enchant integration with Villager trading

Server Name: Sivils Skyblock | 1\.8-1\.17 | VANILLA REDSTONE

Map: §r§e§l>> §r§aMinions §r§f§l| §r§9Spawners §r§f§l| §r§3Custom Mobs §r§f§l| §r§7300+ CE's

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4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
Whitelist me please
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Does this server still work for bedrock, or is my wifi just too s***
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When can you update the server to v1.17.10 because when I try to join it says “Outdated Geyser proxy! I’m still on 1.17.0”
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Yo in my sever list it says coming soon
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GuyWhoPlaysMinecraftForTheFirstTime June 29, 2021 at 1:56 am
Scroll down its not that server
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Hey, you have to manually add the server. Scroll down, click add external server, and put in Sivils as name, as IP, and click save!
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Im on xbox bedrock edition and want to play but it wont let me even try to load..
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Hey, sorry for the late reply, but I'm pretty sure you came to the discord and it worked out in the end. If that wasn't you, join the discord and let us know and we'll try to help you fix the issue
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I can't connect to the server
It's coming unable to connect the server
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The message "Unable to Connect to world" is usually resolved with a restart of Minecraft. If your unable to resolve this, please contact us at .
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