Published on May 23, 2021 (Updated on November 21, 2022)

Minecraft Sivils | Skyblock + SMP (Bedrock X Java 1.8-1.19)

Server IP Connect
Version 1.19.40
Status Online
Players 3/1000
Server Protocol Other

Sivils is different from other servers, as it's a crossplay between both Bedrock and Java with features no other servers offer! Full redstone, vanilla mobs, active staff team, custom enchants, cosmetics, discord x mc chat, and much, much more! We have a vanilla-esque Skyblock, an SMP, with the Slimefun plugin that adds backpacks, machinery, tools, equipment, among other fun plugins, an Elite SMP, which features the Elite Mobs plugin, More Structures plugin, as well as many of the main SMP's features, and others, an open beta for Dungeons, which features custom weapons, enemies, armor, and much more to come!

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- Added Sivils Coins, a network wide currency used to purchase items for gamemodes 
- Pumpkin and Melons added to Scavenger Orb 
- Added Textured Tags 
- Added Textures to Shop Navigation Items 
- Added Texture to Farming Lootbag 
- Added more Name Colors 
- Added [Voter] Tag 
- Added more Voting Rewards 
- Bedrock Player avatars can now be seen on MC X Discord messages 
- Added [/bal] command 
- Tab Menu and Player Tags now include Name Color 
- Complete Missions Revamp 
- Removed Phantoms 
- Removed Disband Limit 
- Most locked Tags in Tag Menu now show empty spaces 
- Voting now gives Sivils Coins 
- Voting is now network based, and will work on all servers 
- Reworked Auction House Listing Item Menus 
- Sell Chests no longer sell Heart of The Sea's 
- Removed Lodestones from Crates 
Bug Fixes 
- Fixed inconsistent Lava Flow 
- Fixed Ghost Blocks 
- Fixed Spawners not spawning mobs 
- Fixed Voting not counting 
- Fixed Discord Vote Messages 
- Fixed "No Such Command" for server selector in Lobby

Server Name:  Minecraft Sivils

Map:  §aSkyblock!

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Pinned comment
Great server, super friendly staff and awesome features. For the people who need to contact me, please contact me in the discord server, I rarely check comments here
Great server defo recommended
I am a newbie and I don't understand how claiming land works but I entered the slime server or something like that. And I can't move, everytime I move I just glitch.
Haha theyre not see me cheating in this server
Pretty good! However, one guy hit me with a sword from 10 blocks away. Maybe get a better anti-cheat
kman iz cool 69420 April 06, 2022 at 3:45 pm
i think its good but i dont no how to make a new skyblok
Why You Not Add Any ScreenShot For This Server?
Great Server, Hard To Understand Commands But I get The Hang Of It!
how do I make a skyblock island?
Do /is create or click the book in your inventory
thank you
Great smp but today I was kicked and banned for some reason unknown
Join our discord and we’ll unban you
Great server, super friendly staff and awesome features. For the people who need to contact me, please contact me in the discord server, I rarely check comments here
This is the real enderboy April 26, 2022 at 9:01 pm
why can't i claim (bedrock, smp)
Dune, i cant join discord server. always got kicked.
Hey Staff Here! Whats The Reason of the kick?
Great server Great community Great staff

Server pretty difficult to learn but you can get the hang of it also I got banned because of some clapped Asian so yeah that’s not great but server is 1 of the best for sure Dune contact me please
Sir why we can't join the server I am in 1.18 please fix the bug
Whitelist me please
Does this server still work for bedrock, or is my wifi just too s***