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Version 1.18.0
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Players 3/50
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SkyBlade is a community Minecraft Bedrock Edition server, hosting a large catalog of Minecraft minigames (including some classics)! We're passionate about keeping our community safe and pleasant at all times, so you will never feel left out and will always be welcomed. Our friendly and experienced staff team are always happy to help with any issues, questions, or concerns you may have. We strive in creating high-quality games and features to keep our players engaged with plenty of things to do. We also take feedback from our players to help improve the SkyBlade experience.

Being a community server, our players mainly interact on our Discord server, where they discuss when they'll next be online, show off things they've built in their worlds or have a chat and get to know other players. You can join us here:

At SkyBlade, we're committed to bringing our own unique twist to some of Minecraft's most beloved mini-games.

Our collection of minigames include SkyWars, CoreWars (BedWars Equivalent), The BridgeTNT Run, Spleef, One in the Chamber, Punch (Sumo Equivalent), and a collection of other games featured in our game rotation system.

We understand that not everyone is a fan of mini-games, which is why we have multiple other game modes for everyone else to enjoy. We offer Creative, SkyBlock, and a Community SMP, which are all packed with their own set of features to enhance the experience and give a distinctive twist compared to other servers.

If you happen to be into the competitive side of mini-games, we offer game statistics for each of our games and frequently host events and tournaments that can bring true competition and fun for the whole community!




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Server Name: ! SkyBlade ! - \(1\.18 ONLY\) \.

Map: SkyBlade

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Love this server, ima stream it live on NX SharkYT!