SMP PvP With Java Combat (Update)

Server IP Connect
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Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

 This pvp smp server revolves around not having protection 4 armor since in bedrock it is too op and it even barely takes 1 away from a hit of sword sharpness 20, so I decided a way to do everything possible to avoid this enchantment

The server has an addon that recreates the java combat system and makes the pvp more dynamic



This is the spawn where you can't put blocks and it has a 25x25 radius

Implement new minerals that give enchantments to avoid protection 4

Since the anvil and bookshelf are off

To enchant yourself with these minerals you have to have the tool you want to enchant in hand and click the block

These ores are generated a little more than diamond

In the spawn there is a pillager who trades useful things

This has no trade limit

The End crystals and spawn anchors are just as dangerous as java

You can craft this apple which when consumed will increase 2 extra health containers but will be removed upon death

This apple gives instant health 2 and absorption 2 for 2 minutes

The nether has a 200x200 border

And in it 2 new structures are generated

These structures generate on the ground and their spawners cannot be broken

Nether wart custom crafting

The end loot was modified so that protection 4 does not give anything

Combat Log

Every time you are in combat a message of this will appear

During this time you will not be able to use elitras or ender pearls

When you are in combat you have a minute to get out of this mode


Don't use hacks

Maximum teams per team 2


Instant damage arrow and pots

Vanilla recipe off end crystals


Fletching table

Server Info

Ram 12 GB



If you want to know more about the combat, I leave a video here


I still do not update my addon but I did the java attack speed with damage multiplier and damage sensor

Select version for changelog:


The server was updated and remade


The ip and port of this was also changed

Supported Minecraft versions

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