Published on February 19, 2019 (Updated on March 26, 2021)

SuomiCraft PE - Minigames Server!

Server IP Connect
Version 1.20.80
Status Online
Players 9/100
Server Protocol NukkitX

SuomiCraft or SCPE for short is a Finland-based Minecraft: Bedrock edition server, SCPE offers plenty of game modes such as SkyWars, BedWars, PVP, and much more!

SCPE has a family-friendly community. We're in need of more players, everyone is welcome!

Join Discord server (

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Update to the latest version, minor changes to the wording, and mentioning other available games on the server.

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: SuomiCraft PE

Map: Powered by Nukkit PM1E


Can you pls pls pls pls Put linkvertise download link pls now ok :(
Could you send a link to the world download please?
Good Minecraft server, only more users but it is funny
Finnaly a server without alot of bulls**ts. Not very special, but I like this server.
how to join
I want to become admin because I never see a creator or the owner on
I wanted to play bed war but it didn't load and only 1 person was there
Hello Bite Mira I see that you have an interesting server I would like to help you improve your server If you want I have very good ideas for you if it is so contact me: [email protected]
How do WE join?
It's easy! Just copy SuomiCraftPE IP, and copy it on the servers menu!
By clicking on Servers - Add server - IP: - Port: 19132

And have fun!
Wow, that makes us happy to see you an old player! I hope you enjoyed.
Ive been looking for a Spleef and Survival server for a while now. Thank you!!
Cool, good you have found a good server for you! Have fun.
I know this server. I play on this server from january
Wow, that makes us happy to see you an old player! I hope you enjoyed.