Published on May 29, 2021 (Updated on June 07, 2021)

[Thai Server] MCTham Network

Server IP Connect
Status Online
Players 0/0
Server Protocol Pocketmine-MP

Welcome to server MCTham Network This is the new Thai Server this server is 
Now in Beta! Please understand. We will try to develop the server as best we can!
good luck!

There are not many minigames on this server, but they can make every People can enjoy together. We recommend playing together in a group of friends, this server is not very well known. And it has only been opened for a long time

=-=ThamSMP (Thai Only)=-=
This SMP will only allow Thai people to enter. I'm not racist or anything, but in order to communicate more, I have to do that.


MurderMystery It is a minigame that has a lot of people know, which we have in the server too! Have fun being Murder, Detective and Inoccent.
Be careful with the killer...


One of the minigame that have been around for a long time, from the past to the present day. Have fun fighting in the sky.
Boat can fly...


One of the minigame that are great for brain training and potential, PvP is another option. Have fun.

Minigames List
- MurderMystery
- SkyWars
- PvP
- Creative
- Coming Soon!

Toolbox For Minecraft PE can't use in this server because we have a protection system.
to protect this server from Hacker.

Can support this server by Donate
TrueMoneyWallet : 086-718-9172

Good luck and thank you...

Select version for changelog:


-Add protection system to make Toolbox can't use in this server.

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thatcreeperingreen July 19, 2021 at 5:58 am
Look like the creator delete his own comment about the update and will not respond to any critisism. So unprofessional.
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thatcreeperingreen July 15, 2021 at 5:15 am
Truly one of the worst optimized server I have played. The plugins used for the plugins are fine, but the performance optimizations are horrible. The minigames sometimes won't even start and when they eventually starts, tons and tons of bugs are present. Don't call this a Beta, call it a pre-Alpha instead.

Also, if this is a "Thai" server, why bother promoting it here and says that you don't accept foreign players? Promote it in your own country's outlets then.

I hope future updates will make the server more stable. And also, ACCEPT FOREIGN PLAYERS IF YOU WISH TO PROMOTE IT HERE!
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