Published on December 26, 2021

The Elvin Tree Remastered! Faction/Smp Based

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Welcome to the Elvin Tree Remastered! We used to be a running server that had a  big community, but due to ongoing issues, the server was ultimately closed for a few months. However, it is back, and better than ever!


   The staff here are very understanding and kind. If any staff is giving any feelings of toxicity or rudeness, please report them. We really want to keep this community safe and clean. Although we do not censor our community, we still give warnings to anyone being overly rude.  

Why Elvin?

This server has a great community! We are positive you'll find friends to join, journey, and conquer with! This server is factions, however, has the feeling of an smp with the community! People are friendly, but at the same time, you will face challenges against other players if you aren't careful enough! We have stories of Friendship, Hate, Love, Revenge, and much more! I hope you'll join and give the server a try. We have a lot of players who were around the previous year, and we all look forward to meeting the newest people, and continuing to make memories.

At spawn, it consist of a large tree, The Elvin Tree, and a few homes.

At first, we were going to use shaders like the Haptic Shaders or ESTN shaders, and texture packs such as pixelistic or the vanilla tweaks pack on the server, but we decided to give people their freedom to choose which recourse packs they’d like to use.

Plugin Guide:


-/sethome, sets your home. you can set multiple by saying /sethome [name you want it to be]


-/home, brings you to where you set your home, also /home [specific home name]


-/back, takes you to your previous location if you did /home. Also works to go back after you die in the overworld. Not the nether or end. I wanted to keep those dimensions extra challenging


-/tpa, /tpask [player you wanna tp to], /tpaccept, accepts a players tpask, /tpdeny, denies a tp request, and /tpahere [playername] asks a player to tp to you


-/spawn, takes you to spawn

Factions Plugin Guide

all these commands have /f as a prefix.

-invite [playername], invites a player to your faction in order to increase your max power

-join [faction name], joins the faction u were invited to.

-perms, manage your faction permissions. PS. it works better with classic UI, not pocket

-claim [chunk radius], claims chunks according to the radius you entered. If you have more power, you can claim more land. If you have less, you can't.

-unclaim [chunk radius], opposite of ^ except when you unclaim, you get power back after you used power to claim other land.

-create [faction name]

The more people you have, the higher your max faction is. You gain power to fill your max power by killing people. If you die, you lose power. These are just the basics, there is still more im sure youll be able to figure out with /f help.

Pictures From The Community!



Supported Minecraft versions

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Great server! Theres always the risk of being raided which keeps me awake at night lol
This server is so much fun! I have literally been looking for a server like this for ages! finally Ive found it. The people are nice and the plugins are pretty fun to use, and theres no minigames or other random stuff added. Its the best server i played
This is by far my most favorite server and i would prefer it over all of the featured servers. Unlike many other factions servers, nothing has been removed like blocks, items etc. and its not OP factions either, just pure Minecraft with plugins, and there aren't extremely strict rules. I would definitely recommend this. The only problems with it are the extreme lag spikes that happen often (But it will get fixed soon when a new geyser update is installed).
Gud server very nice
bro I just saw someone get banned and their user was likle "spookz4221" something and they did nothing, they are such a nice perosn to be around and it s funny cause I gave then a full set of thdaimond armor and they did not do anthing (5 satrs by the way unbna me rsikus or I will hack your chick fil a membership card)