The Elvin Tree SMP

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Status Online
Players 1/100
Server Protocol Other

The Elvin Tree SMP

        This server has enhanced generation and gameplay so that it tweaks your survival experience to me that much better. We are in our testing stages, as the full release is coming soon. We also have a blood moon addon(you can find the link to download that below) to add variety and some extra difficulty to the game. We are hoping that the full release will have custom commands and plugins. Soon, there will be a way to claim land so nobody can grief or steal.Don’t worry, there won’t be *any* missing blocks. This server has kind staff that will not get overly mad if you did something wrong. So if you are tired of rude staff, this is definitely the place for you. We give second chances and always allow appeals except when it comes to threats like DDoS or ddoxxing.  This server is a great place to make friends. We do not spam update our mcpedl post, as to be honest, that is a D move. 

    This server was inspired by two older amazing servers called Honeycraft and Prism.

We are whitelisted. Read below.

            This server I guarantee will be a fun experience, because there are lots of community events and activities you can attend to. The world is way more dangerous than normal, so I’d suggest making a safe and secure base. Don’t worry, if you got something stolen or griefed, daily backups are made to make sure that you will not loose any more than 24h of work. Items will always be restored and given to you. This server offers unique experiences that we as in the staff team hope you will enjoy. Oh, don’t worry if the server goes down, it will usually be back up within a few minutes. Now go and explore the land, experience a time that you will look back at and have series of extreme nostalgia, or have times of occasional dissatisfaction because of annoying stuff I guess. But if your still reading this go on and join our discord server so you can play on the server and escape this bizarre and disjointed introduction.

   The Elvin Tree SMP is oriented around the community in the server. We encourage everyone to get involved as in give ideas, give suggestions and tell us our faults. We encourage roleplaying as it can make you new friends and makes you more inside of the community. We host events very often, and many players attend.

    The server is enhanced with custom addons that edit mob behaviors. So it will seem more unique, and very different from  your typical survival world. We have an automated clear lag system to keep the server running smooth at all times. If it ever isn’t running smooth, please DM GoldCroisant on discord so one of them can restart the server. 

    If you start acting toxic, after staff have already tried to explain politely, there will be toxicity given back to you.

    The Elvin Tree SMP  has grown to be a very active and dedicated community, so there are almost always players online. In fact, many players have made tons of friends already.

     The staff here are very understanding and kind. If any staff is giving any feelings of toxicity or rudeness, please report them. We really want to keep this community safe and clean. Although we do not censor our community, we still give warnings to anyone being overly rude. 

Why Elvin?

With more than 8gb of ram, you know that this server will always have little to no lag.

We have the nicest staff you will find

Our server’s rules are well enforced, and there are barely any robberies or griefs.

Our server has a lot of planning involved that takes place in the background. Our staff do the very best they can, and so far, everything has been perfect.

Elvin Tree’s world is slightly different from the vanilla world, but I’m not gonna spoil it for you. You will have to play to find out ;).

We are still looking for more staff too, so applications are open.

    At spawn, it consist of a large tree, The Elvin Tree, and a few homes. There are a few starter boxes and place to get free food. We also offer base protection so that nobody can grief. A dedicated shopping district will be added, after the community decides where they want to put it. 

    At first, we were going to use shaders like the Haptic Shaders or ESTN shaders, and texture packs such as pixelistic or the vanilla tweaks pack on the server, but we decided to give people their freedom to choose which recourse packs they’d like to use.

As listed above, the world will be kept safe and secure from thief’s and griefers, because backups are made daily, so you will never lose anymore than 24 hours of work.

Server Rules_


Send your name tag in the whitelist channel, and if you have stolen, do you agree with the server rules and/or griefed before. EX: IGN:[GoldCroisant], [whether you agree or not] No(theft), no(grief). If you do not have discord, comment your application bellow. Rate us five star while youre at it XD(you dont have to ofc).


Do not dupe, or take advantage of any glitches in game. No Xraying, or Auto Clickers(AFK) only. Results in a warning(may vary in severity depending on what you did)


Do not swear too much, and don’t be rude. Treat others with respect, and do not be toxic. No racism, mentally or sexually insulting statements.

for the question “”Do you agree to the server rules? Answer “E””.

Stealing & Griefing

Do not steal, or grief. It ruins everybody’s experience and the fun. Results in a ban on the spot. Don’t leave your stuff lying about. Hide it. Otherwise it will OBVIOUSLY get stolen.

DDoX, SWAT, or DDoS threats

This results in a perm ban on the spot.


Don’t delete messages that may embarrass you, or do bad things with commands in-game. However, you are allowed to use C mode for your own benefit (or other people’s) results in a warning (may vary depending on the severity).


You may advertise YT or Twitch. Don’t say “DM to join…” results in mute


Killing for no reason and not giving all of the stuff back results in an immediate ban on the spot. NO KILLING OTHER PEOPLE’S ANIMALS

Loop Holes

No loopholes. It is just like breaking the actual rules. It results in twice the severity warning of what you were loop holing

*This applies to everyone including staff. Follow the rules and have fun!

Plugin Guide:

-/sethome, sets your home. you can set multiple by saying /sethome [name you want it to be]

-/home, brings you to where you set your home, also /home [specific home name]

-/back, takes you to your previous location if you did /home. Also works to go back after you die in the overworld. Not the nether or end. I wanted to keep those dimensions extra challenging

-/tpa, /tpask [player you wanna tp to], /tpaccept, accepts a players tpask, /tpdeny, denies a tp request, and /tpahere [playername] asks a player to tp to you

-/spawn, takes you to spawn

thats it

    The server has its own lore about when the Great Prism fell from the sky it unleashed unrivaled chaotic power and evil. Now the bees are protecting the world from falling into the bloodthirsty jaws of inescapable death.

  If you like lore, then feel free to make up your own. It doesn’t have to be related to anything in the server, just do whatever floats your boat. You are also allowed to host community events if you’d like, just ask a staff for permission.

Dope pics from the community and not:


     Over time, players have been filling the world with large, marvelous builds scattered throughout the lands.

The monument built by players, not ops representing the Pogtopia Festival!


Come make your mark and plant’cher seeds in this unforgiving land.


    But to keep the server safe, you must join the Discord Link. You will also find the rules, and much more info about the server there. Follow the rules, treat others kindly, don’t be toxic and have fun!

We don’t censor our community, however you should still be respectful to others.

If you’re stuck in adventure, just tell an op, and they’ll put you back in survival.

When you join the discord, please send your gamer tag in the gamer tag channel.

Disclaimer: If you leave your items in a chest that is out in the open, they are of course going to get stolen. So please, if your stuff was stolen and it is because it was in a chest in the middle of your living room, they won’t replaced fully. You will get *some or most* of it back, just not all of it.

Disdisclaimer: If your gamertag has a space in it, the crossplay will not work correctly, so make sure you either change it, or register a new account if you really want to play.

Hope you enjoy and Cheers!

We are no longer using carnage, desertplus, or almost vanilla as many players wanted the vanilla mobs to spawn more for farms and loot etc.

We are no longer using any addons that are for bedrock, only custom made ones that enhance the game. There is still blood moon addon, just not the CS blood moon. We are not using hurt me plenty, but we still;; have harder mobs. 

Changelog View more

We are now whitelisted

We now have the rules written above

We showed off the new server


We are now in season one

Updated IP that works

Info about addons.

We are now crossplay!

Updated the Ip and discord link

Added plugins.

Added more info about the server.

Added more photos of the players, provided by the players.

Added info about the server protocol 

Added pics of some new additions to the world

and more...

The server is no longer behind a whitelist.

We are no longer using carnage mobs.

Updated Warnings regarding toxicity as in what will happen.

Fixed the invalid discord link.

Gave directions on how to be whitelisted, because many people were confused on what to do.

Added a fixed discord link that goes to the correct channel.

Added the addons; Almost Vanilla and Desert Plus.

Added more information about the current players, and new photos.

Added a more detailed description and clearer instructions.

Informed how long it will take to get whitelisted and more information about staff.

Supported Minecraft versions


Server Name: &aThe Elvin Tree!

Map: &6CrossPlatform!

Game Types

Other PvP Roleplay Survival

41 Responses

4.73 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. LapisAD says:

    I really love this server!

  2. XmoreRZ says:

    Wow this sever is amazing and finally me and my freind can play peacfully online . but there are few bugs , they are : teleporting 2 blocks back when climbing stairs , and today some actions caused the sever to timeout those actions are intreracting whith a bed , interacting whith a bucket and interracting whith cobwebs , now the sever is restarting and i hope those time out problems will we fixed when it is resated … thankyou

    • Gxld says:

      hello, although beds do not work, that is why we added a /sethome. Sorry for this inconvenience. Also, unfortunately, my host said that it is not possible to switch a java package to a bedrock package even though I switched from bedrock to java :/. But dont worry, me and the staff have a plan. Everything will remain the same for now. IT DOESNT MEAN ITS ONLY FOR JAVA. THE SERVER IS MOST DEFINITELY BEDROCK STILL.

  3. AThousandSunny54 says:

    So when I was going to play it said it was whitelisted so this is my ign: MCThousand54 btw I’m new I swear I’m just a normal guy not a hacker

  4. Pledgedcello633 says:

    My username is pledgedcello633 I have never stolen or grieifed because that is mean

  5. Gxld says:

    Hello everyone,

    The port of the server is 19132. The reason I am putting this as a comment and not updating it is that I have already updated the server within this week. So ye.

  6. Ske3cH__ says:

    Hey i was band for greafing but i was not i was repairing a greafed one love the server and to chill on it if you can help that will be nice 🙂

    • Gxld says:

      Actually you were not banned for griefing idk what you’re talking about. You were banned for xraying, racism, then joining back with an alt.

      • Ske3cH__ says:

        you must have me mixed up with a someone else i cant afford a alt idk how to install hacks and i am not raciest this mite be a false ban i can i be unbanned i love the server

        • Gxld says:

          Sureeeeee. You literally built penises out of dirt and called them british pp. You also said british people are dumb idiots. You also sent pictures to our discord with your xray pack on. Also bedrock alts are free. You just make a new xbox account. Nice try bud.

          • Ske3ch says:

            Ok you have mixed me up with some else I have no idea what you are talking about

          • Gxld says:

            You griefed, I saw you. You even left a sign saying “a base on of many to be griefed

          • Ske3ch says:

            I never said it was me I said like many other and even if I did why would I say it was me I was making a monument because that was a impressive base

  7. SpiritedBot says:

    I’d say this server is pretty damn good, great and non-toxic community, le owner is hella nice in general. Overall, great server, would recommend.

  8. Otto Wood says:

    I’m not just doing this because I’m told, but I’m doing it because it’s a good server, still prob a few things to work out but It’s still an amazing server

  9. vooktm says:

    Ignore my last comment. this server is amazing and don’t let my old comment make you think otherwise. The owner is very forgiving as he forgave me for leaving my old comment.

  10. francisco14007 says:

    Great server, exactly what I was looking for! The staff and community are great and active. I’ve already had tons of fun on the server, cheers to many future builds and adventures.

  11. FlossingWig250 says:

    Could you update the discord link? It says that it’s expired

  12. Gxld says:

    This comment from vooktm is BS. I never griefed nor was I banned from mcpedl(check my account, I have a post from last November). There is also *zero* way to donate at the moment. If I cared for myself, I would not be checking up on my server everyday teleporting to every single person, making sure that no one is breaking rules, offering base protection, or investing a chunk of my salary into this server. Next time, at least back yourself up with a little bit of evidence.

  13. vooktm says:

    The server is amazing! The owner, not so much. The owner of this server is a well known GRIEFER who only cares about himself. You may think that he is nice, until he randomly shuts down the server after, coincidentally, donations were made to get ranks. Let this be a warning to all. Btw, the owner is an alt of le pultri, a user who was banned from mcpedl

  14. Moonlight13th says:

    The discord invite link has expired. :/

  15. Emily lol says:

    Can I join this server? I would really appreciate it if I can.

  16. ExtremeStylez says:

    In my opinion its fucking great even though im banned why do i have to get angry but keep inv is on you dont have to go get your stuff back its the best server

  17. ExtremeStylez says:

    In my opinion its a nice server but the owner banned me becoz he thought i was 12 becoz i said i was 12 to protect my identity but im actually 14

  18. Owendug123 says:

    This server is really friendly and welcoming so if you want to join a modded smp this one is the place to be. The mods fit really well together and its not carnage like most servers. P.S don’t worry its nice and relaxed and your not expected to rush and put long hours in. Keep inventory is even on.

  19. Gxld says:

    Thanks for the kind feedback guys! <3

  20. SomeonewhoplaysMC says:

    Really great server! It reminds me of Honeycraft AND Prism just as they said. Spawn is really nice too. I recommend it to everyone.

  21. AstroHunterMC says:

    This server is good uwu

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