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Enter a world where the cosmos holds untold mysteries and horrors. Unrelenting forces of malignant terror are clawing at the boundaries between our reality and their own. Join Outercraft for a fun and fresh SMP experience with lots to offer. Custom currency, armor, weapons and a great community behind it all. Find out how you can join!

Enter the World of Outercraft

Please read all posted info before asking how to apply!

Outercraft is accepting applications for membership. It is a Bedrock Edition Hermitcraft style SMP server with custom weapons and armor, islands for player shops, community farms and player made mini games! There is a starting island with access to the Nether Hub and fast travel to the other islands.There is also a special currency you can collect to use on the shopping island. The Ancient Coins you find while on your adventures are valuable and should be held on to.

We have a Discord server where all updates, announcements and rules can be found and a good community along with that. To join the server you must APPLY on our Discord server after reaching the required level. All the specific rules and details are on Discord.

Server Features

NEW Wither Dungeon now open!

  • Fight endless mobs for loot
  • Test your skills with parkour
  • Fight a custom boss
  • Make it to the end and challenge the Wither

Custom currency, the Ancient Coins

  • This is the only acceptable currency for the Shopping Island
  • Drops from monsters!
  • Can stack with as few as 4

Socketed Weapon and Armor add-ons

  • Craft a Jeweler's table
  • Merge gems into weapons and armor for powerful new variants
  • Craft the rogue set and throwable daggers

A World for the Players

  • Multiple community builds and events planned!
  • Shopping Island - Build a shop to make money to buy things from other shops.
  • Farming Island - Farms built by the community for the community.
  • Gaming Island - Minigames and time killers made by other players.

Draksmouth Island

  • Build yourself a small house or shack on the spawn island while looking for a base.
  • Or live in an abandoned home left by someone before you, you can even modify it.
  • Instant access to the Nether Hub and the 3 other islands.

Ender Dragon Loot Drops

  • Elytra, with the possibility of it having Unbreaking
  • Dragon head
  • 5-10+ Ancient Coins
  • 0-18+ Dragon Breath
  • Black Shulker box

Other Features

  • Increased shulker shell drop rate
  • Shapeless Bread, Shulker box and Paper crafting
  • Rotten Flesh to Leather via Furnace and Campfire
  • Horse Armor can be crafted


More features and info are available on the Discord server.

How To Apply

To apply you must join the Discord server and assign yourself a role and be 15+. After that you can go to the Rules, where you will find and read ALL the posted information and reach the required level in Discord by chatting before applying.  You can DM @ModMail there if you have any further questions!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mfqwxDw

Message @ModMail on Discord for a link to the rules and application requirements if required.

We are eager to go through your applications and build an amazing world!

Select version for changelog:

  • Updated server version to Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17.30 from 1.17.11.

Supported Minecraft versions

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How do i get in the server the connect link doesnt work also if u gonna give me the ip where do i type it in
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Got banned from discord, never will make Samuel L. Jackson meme phrases anymore.
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It's Giorno here btw
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Just saw this, you got clapped by the automod for certain words. If you message me on Discord we can chat if you are interested in coming back.
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I forgot your tag
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Not anymore, got it on your mcpedl profile
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