Published on August 17, 2020 (Updated on May 12, 2022)


Server IP Connect
Version 1.18.30
Status Online
Players 1/100
Server Protocol Other

Discover TraizelCraft: a massive Survival RPG Crossplay and CrossVersion Java server! We are a 10+ year project that started on the Xbox 360! From Survival to Dungeons to Parkour, you will find a ton to do here! Join us today! Discord-

Welcome to TraizelCraft!

Embers of Shiza is the next update coming soon! Experience the incredible new features!



We are a 10+ year project that started on the Xbox 360! Our current server is CrossPlay and CrossVersion meaning you can play on both Bedrock and Java, and can play any version from 1.9 up to the current version! 


These are some of our Key Features:


We have a vast open world to explore, collect loot, complete quests, find secrets and Easter eggs, and defeat powerful enemies! We have a ranking system so players can unlock new areas as they level up with even better gear, secrets, and mobs to fight! Complete Quests, discover secrets and Easter eggs, create or join a Guild, unlock more areas and become Legend!


We have a Survival RPG that is similar to top tier Java Servers! The overworld survival is a 100% custom terrain map with custom mobs and an Envoy arena in spawn! We also have a Nether and End Survival for gathering dimension resources as well as resource gathering in the zones to help gather certain resources, since our main map is custom terrain!


We have a large selection of carefully made and quality Parkour that ranges from Easy mode for beginners to Expert mode for hardcore Parkour masters! All parkours grant money, XP, and class levels towards completion!


We have challenging Dungeons that range from basic "Guns a Blazin" dungeons to Objective based Dungeons. There are also Incursions that are extremely difficult dungeons with a big boss! Level up your Dungeon Rank and unlock newer and harder Dungeons that are more rewarding!

The ALL NEW TraizelCraft Battlepass! Play Dungeons, level up, and unlock loot with the all new Battlepass! Gain super powerful rewards with the normal tier, or go even further with the PRO tier, given with ANY rank! Go to to get yourself a rank!

We offer a very COMPLEX RPG and Character Leveling system! Choose a class, level up your character, and unlock new stats and abilities! There are 7 Classes to choose from, each with a powerful Masterwork Class to unlock! We also have a wide range of custom gear and weapons with special abilities that can be earned in activities or crafted in our custom Forge!


We have tons and tons of custom Loot and Mobs! There are over 10 different mob factions/species and over 400 different kinds of mobs! All of them level up and become harder to kill!

We have an extremely complex RNG loot system! With over 200 unique weapons and 20 sets of Armor, you will never stop the grind! This system is similar to games like Destiny, where every item you get is rolled with different stats and abilities. Try and get a God Roll! We also have a ton of crates and kits that can be bought! Use these to help you along your journey, and maybe find something really cool!

We use a plugin that integrates a Discord Chat and our In Game Chat so you can talk with Discord and vise-versa! It is very useful when you are not online and want to talk with online players. Players can also show off their items, inventory, and more in game and on Discord using a fancy chat item plugin! Join the Discord at!

We have a TON of cosmetics! Go to our store, or just be active and vote daily to get some coins and save up!

On top of all of this, we also have:

  • Mazes
  • Tutorials
  • Hourly Server Events
  • Casual and Competitive PvP Arenas
  • Friends and Party system
  • RTP System
  • A Casino
  • Auction House and Lottery
  • Custom enchants, god kits, abilities, and skills
  • MVP area to show off our top players
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rewards
  • Discord Events ran by Traizel and other Collabs
  • A great community that has been growing for over 5 years
  • 10 Years of experience, perfection, and history

In the future, we plan to add:

  • Mini Games
  • A Full Story Campaign
  • More gamemodes and mechanics

Join the community! Discord- Follow us on Twitter and Insta @TraizelCraft!

Current Server Version: 4.1.8

Select version for changelog:


TraizelCraft Update 4.1.8

  • New AFK System
  • New Rank benefits!
  • Many new items to the shop
  • Reworked Mob leveling system
  • Added lots of info to our Wiki
  • New Custom chests, loaders, and tools for automated farms!
  • New Utilities shop!
  • All new god kits!
  • Reworked crates
  • Added an event server for temporary events
  • Added a game point currency, earned in the event server
  • Several "quality of life" changes
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks


Server Name: Survival RPG | Custom Mobs | Custom Loot

Map: Geyser

Visit website
Pinned comment
If you have any questions, concerns, or want to join the community, join our discord! Link up above or join at!
I cant find the discord server link, did u forget to add it
It is in the description,
wow this server, it is like not a famous server no one was there... is this even a server? creator, can you like share it to everyone? or can you comment the link to download the shader?
It is a big project, 10+ years so far. I dont focus too much on advertising. Shaders used in the pictures are silders shaders.
This comment has been removed
What shaders do you use for the screenshots? (And are they on bedrock?)
Silder's Shaders, it is a Java shader unfortunately. I usually use Kelly's RTX for Bedrock and I would recommend that
also kinda destroyed
You must have not completed the tutorial
The tutorial is destroyed for backstory. Requires some reading
no one is on at all
I have a question i rated this 5 stars because i want a suggestion can you make this available for Minecraft EE because i have 560493 Friends online to all of my social account, now if you activate it in Minecraft EE your server is gonna be full! and boom in all of my account!
Ill give you credit!!!
Education Edition is still new and has no support for servers yet in general, I would not be able to support it even if I wanted to
Does this have RTX?
You can use your own shaders and texture packs on Java and Bedrock. If you are on bedrock simply set the global resources and join!
Can we use skill on this
Mobile player’s my brother play’s on Mobile
I can not unbind my skills
Skills can be used on any device, mobile, PC, and console!
If you have any questions, concerns, or want to join the community, join our discord! Link up above or join at!
Just a breathtaking server 10/10
Great and fun server and great interactions with the community the staff team and other players are very welcoming. TraizelCraft also has a many pluggins and many ways to entertain yourself 100/5
This server is really awesome, is one of my favorite servers. in my opinion of course but for me is highly recommendable
Cool server, i wonder why there has almost no players

The lag tho
Thank you for the review! Not sure why you were experiencing lag, we have our plugins optimized and run on the optimal RAM recommendations.
a hakear se a dicho