Published on September 07, 2021

Triple Survival! | Java + Bedrock Crossplay Server!

Server IP Connect
Version 1.17.10
Status Online
Players 0/100
Server Protocol Other

Hi! I'm TheWardo. Me and some of my moderators have worked together for months to set up this server to how it is today!Introducing Triple Survival!3 Modes of survival to play on:- Skyblock SMP- Foxen Hills- Axoloted

The three world/survival types have their own unique experiences to be had in them!

Skyblock SMP:
The Skyblock SMP is a nearly infinite world of floating islands! It was customized to the feedback of our players just to how it is now.
You have a lot of building capabilities in this world! Feel free to bridge around, just don't look down!

Foxen Hills:
Foxen is fun to explore, custom terrain!
With an enormous area of 15k x 15k blocks, it has lots of opportunities for building and mining!

Axoloted is an underwater world. You are a fish and have to try to survive completely underwater!
There are lots of ravines making Axoloted a great place to mine, explore and build!


Me and some Admins have been working to bring our playerbase a personally made city with shops and minigames!
The most popular buildings of all so far is the casino; where you can exchange iron ingots for credits to gamble with!


We are still adding plugins as time goes on, but some we have now are
Slimefun, Trading, bubble text, and a few more!

Bubble text allows players to see what one another are saying above their heads!

Slimefun is a plugin that adds over 250+ items to the game!
Some being food, all the way to new weapons and ways to travel!
I hope to see you around! GLHF
(Rules and discord below images)

No Griefing 

No Hacking (Includes autoclickers) 

No X-Ray 

No Abusing Glitches 

No Blackmail 

No Stealing 

Have fun 

Be Nice 

No Extreme Toxicity 

No Bullying or harassment 

No Slurs of Any kind 

No advertising in-game

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: Geyser

Map: Another Geyser server.

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4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
This is the best server i've seen!
"7" stars
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By the way how do you craft the advanced crafting table(slimefun plugin)?
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Need more cows over polar bears, apparently they spawn in foxen despite the fact there’s no snow, quite frustrating when running out of food and all you can see is useless polar bears. Also rain happens too often, please turn weather off completely if possible. Overall 3 stars.
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This is the server i wanted not like other smp servers who has the same concept i want servers like this. A server that is different from other smp servers. The server is fun to play i just want alot of people to know this server and can you add a tp so i can tp my friends to my location that would be helpful. i dont know if there is actually a tp thing in the server and im just blind or didnt know that theres a trick to tp someone. I will give it a 4 star but because its fun and i dont see other smp do this ill give it a 5 star i hope this server will have updates or become popular have a good day owner and admins :)
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Thank you for the feedback!
We are currently trying to add a working /tpa plugin. :)
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Lol i just saw u TheWardo
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I'm aaaaaaaaaaaa573 the guy who joined it
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