tag: PvP

Published on 23 Apr, 2024
4.1 · v1.20.80
DM me on discord at [ king7712 ](KING NATION SMP) is a  unique bedrock fantasy/ midevil server in were players trade build, raid,  set war and battles and including new pve dung...
By n00bslayr94
Published on 23 Apr, 2024
play.rebellionMC.co.uk:19132 · v1.20.70
A modded factions/SMP/twisted Minecraft server committed to hands-off moderation. Wars, griefing, raiding are encouraged - with leaderboards to track your progress - who will en...
By DarkChroma
Published on 21 Apr, 2024
mcpedl.catcraft.net:19132 · v1.20.80
🌟Welcome to CatCraft! Enjoy instant tree chopping🌳 & veinmining ores⛏️, engage in a player-driven diamond economy💎, and join our friendly, worldwide community🌐! Latest Minec...
By Aslam786
Published on 21 Apr, 2024
smp.thehidden.tech:26260 · v1.20.73
Modded Bedrock Server 1.20.72+ . Our server has town systems and you can create your own towns and we will conduct town wars when more towns are made and Discord link : https://...
By Traizel
Published on 15 Apr, 2024
traizelcraft.net:2072 · v1.20.80
Discover TraizelCraft: a massive Network with an RPG Survival Server, a Factions Server, and a Mini Games Server. We offer Crossplay and CrossVersion so you can play from almost...
By Mystic Studio
Published on 15 Apr, 2024
mystic-craft.net:19132 · v1.20.80
Mystic Craft Faction is a dynamic and immersive Minecraft server focused on faction gameplay. Here, players can build and protect their bases while competing for dominance again...
By BlackFire4775
Published on 10 Apr, 2024
3 · v1.20.80
Reborn RPG - GTA MineCity: Live out Your Best Virtual Minecraft Life! Build Or Claim & Decorate Your Dream Home & Fill it with Pets, a Family & Furniture. Build and Customize Gu...
By Survivalplus
Published on 10 Apr, 2024
4.3 · v1.20.70
We got homes,warps an auction house an of corse the lifesteal experiance.If u die u lose a heart and if u kill a player u gain one . Figth in the normal world or arena 
By GarudaNet
Published on 7 Apr, 2024
play.garudanet.fun:50001 · v1.20.71
Features :Factions, Economy, Money, Bank, Jobs, Warps, Reedem Code, Clear Lag, 24/7, Keep Inventory OFF, Shop, Role Play, Anti TNT, Anti Creeper, Scoreboard ON/OFF, Sethome, Cla...
By marsdygers
Published on 3 Apr, 2024
dygers.fun:19132 · v1.20.70
In this article we will talk about a cool Minecraft PE (Bedrock) server called Dygers, where anarchy has been added. Full vanilla game! Portals, mobs, working mechanisms and muc...
By nixybuilder
Published on 2 Apr, 2024
empiremc.eu:19132 · v1.20.80
New survival server / customized gameplay, pet your little friends Pets, Server shop, Menu book, Crates, Public workstation, Ender chest, Economy currency, and World teleporter....
By BlackFire4775
Published on 28 Mar, 2024
3.7 · v1.20.80
⚔️100+ 3D Armors/Weapons/Tools🛡️Countless Custom Enchants🌟⛏️Emerald/Diamond/Gold/Money Scoreboard Compatible & Exchangeable Economy/Banking System💎🔥Whether Experienced or a N...
By Alien Edds
Published on 30 Jan, 2024
play.broccoligang.com:19132 · v1.20.80
Soulful is a Vanilla+ Minecraft Bedrock Server that is Infested with the Undead. With Classes, Abilities, Magic, and Souls.All players get to choose from classes such as Bard, S...
By Buffy Official
Published on 23 Jan, 2024
play.sivils.net:19132 · v1.20.70
GSMP has been shutdown to be worked on the "GSMP Release Update" Embark on a global Minecraft journey with our Gaming SMP server! It's the ultimate virtual space where players u...