tag: Roleplay

By derGinxy
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
2.3 · v1.21.2
Welcome to the Kingdoms Geopolitical Minecraft Bedrock Survival Server! If you have ever dreamt of forging your own nation, leading vast armies, engaging in epic battles, and es...
By darkchroma
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
mcpedl.catcraft.net:19132 · v1.21.2
🌟Welcome to CatCraft! Enjoy instant tree chopping🌳 & veinmining ores⛏️, engage in a player-driven diamond economy💎, and join our friendly, worldwide community🌐! Latest Minec...
By CentoriCraft
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
centoricraft.mine.bz:25565 · v1.21.2
Join CentoriCraft's Discord Server - dsc.gg/centoricraftServer IP and Port - centoricraft.mine.bz, 25565Website - Click HereLatest Supported Minecraft Version - Bedrock Edition ...
By JaceH555
Published on 11 Jul, 2024
4 · v1.21.2
The Charles smp is a minecraft server where you can essentially play out any role you want. the server has a long, detailed history that started all the way back in December of ...
By shadowzeclaw
Published on 10 Jul, 2024
2.6 · v1.21.2
7th Reality is a server with many options you can set up an government and rule the lands, or you can create a peaceful farm with your friends, maybe you like building or want t...
By Constyntine
Published on 10 Jul, 2024
4.5 · v1.21.2
Welcome to the Calican Empire, a vast and immersive Minecraft server where creativity, adventure, and politics come alive! Our server offers a unique blend of building, explorat...
By Nyxaer
Published on 24 Jun, 2024
4.4 · v1.21.2
Join our discord server to connect with the community and secret rewards: https://discord.gg/zBTKH5Gq8C Thrones Rising a Geopolitics Kingdoms Server! Looking to conquer the worl...
Published on 9 Jul, 2024
4.1 · v1.21.2
DM me on discord at [ king7712 ]Mainly English only community (KING NATION SMP) is a  unique bedrock fantasy/ midevil server in were players trade build, raid,  set war and batt...
By Smell of curry
Published on 16 Jun, 2024
play.pokebedrock.com:19132 · v1.21.2
Minecraft Bedrock Pokémon Server! Catch, train, and battle with a fully game-accurate Pokémon addon. Join us now! Experience next-level open-world Pokemon RPG gameplay. Play wit...
By ValdenCity
Published on 5 May, 2024
3.5 · v1.21.2
Valden City is an immersive city building project coordinated by SpiredBusse, Pvpmaster7165 and Dyl518. Here at Valden City, you can choose to whoever you want to be. That could...
By BlackFire4775
Published on 2 Jul, 2024
3.6 · v1.21.3
⚔️100+ 3D Armors/Weapons/Tools🛡️Countless Custom Enchants🌟⛏️Emerald/Diamond/Gold/Money Scoreboard Compatible & Exchangeable Economy/Banking System💎🔥Whether Experienced or a N...
By Buffy Official
Published on 23 Jan, 2024
play.sivils.net:19132 · v1.21.1
GSMP has been shutdown to be worked on the "GSMP Release Update" Embark on a global Minecraft journey with our Gaming SMP server! It's the ultimate virtual space where players u...
By Alican2367
Published on 28 Nov, 2023
play.Grieferking.de:19132 · v1.21.2
The Best CityBuild/Freebuild/Survial Server 2020/2021/2022 and for ever come and Join on The Best Minecraft Bedrock/PE Server This is Grieferking come and Join than you are The ...
By ImNotYourDev
Published on 19 Nov, 2023
bedrock.earthvision.eu:19132 · v1.21.2
EarthVision -> BedrockWe are EarthVision! One of the biggest bedrock earth servers with Java, Bedrock & cracked crossplay! Best performance, connection, support and more can be ...