tag: Survival

Published on 23 Jul, 2024
zer01c.pckt.me:19132 · v1.21.2
 The new dawn smp is a fresh vanilla smp with the intention of providing players a vanilla experience. In this smp there isnt many rules that stop you from doing what you enjoy....
By Fredi 250510
Published on 20 Jul, 2024
frediserver.axenthost.me:41273 · v1.21.3
Play our Life Steal SMP now we have a great Community [Discord and MC] and enjoyable Addons!                                                                      
Published on 19 Jul, 2024
zer01c.pckt.me:19132 · v1.21.2
Zer01c smp is a survival server with a focus on vanilla gameplay. With literally no change in gameplay. In this smp you are free to do whatever you want other than obviously hac...
By MrSloth4994
Published on 19 Jul, 2024 · v
Unique Building Blocks: Whether your architectural vision leans toward medieval castles or futuristic citadels, Forsaken Lands offers a diverse array of blocks to complement any...
Published on 16 Jul, 2024
4.1 · v
DM me on discord at [ king7712 ]Mainly English only community (KING NATION SMP) is a  unique bedrock fantasy/ midevil server in were players trade build, raid,  set war and batt...
By DaystormerMG27
Published on 16 Jul, 2024
3.4 · v1.21.2
StormerClub is a vanilla Minecraft server where you can play with your friends and family. In the StormerClub server, you can also be a part of our live streams as well as engag...
By JaceH555
Published on 20 Jul, 2024
4 · v1.21.3
The Charles smp is a minecraft server that accepts anyone of any language or ethnicity, where you can essentially play out any role you want. the server has a long, detailed his...
By BigDominater318
Published on 16 Jul, 2024 · v
Welcome to a new and fun and realistic experience to demon slayer with this server. And your able to enjoy this high quality server with no lag. No seriously. Specs are 8GB RAM ...
By FlaredMoko
Published on 16 Jul, 2024
landcraftserver.aternos.me:40720 · v
Welcome to Landcraft, a Civilization SMP on a dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server. Here, you can build your own empire, form alliances with other nations, and embark on a journey...
By derGinxy
Published on 19 Jul, 2024
3.5 · v1.21.2
Welcome to the Kingdoms Geopolitical Server! If you have ever dreamt of forging your own nation, leading armies, engaging in epic battles, and establishing prosperous trade rout...
By darkchroma
Published on 23 Jul, 2024
mcpedl.catcraft.net:19132 · v1.21.2
🌟Welcome to CatCraft! Enjoy instant tree chopping🌳 & veinmining ores⛏️, engage in a player-driven diamond economy💎, and join our friendly, worldwide community🌐! Latest Minec...
By ThatLazyDude
Published on 19 Jul, 2024
club8civilwarfans.dedimc.io:25572 · v1.21.2
The Civil SMP | 1.21 A Semi-anarchy Vanilla Java-Bedrock SMP   Brief IntroductionAs the tittle suggests, this is a purely VANILLA public SMP. The server has a rich history of wa...
By BlackVarus7784
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
5 · v1.21.2
⚠️ This server is exclusively for German speakers ⚠️We are currently looking for new team members We search for: Supporter Builders and Developer If you would like to a...
By CentoriCraft
Published on 23 Jul, 2024
centoricraft.mine.bz:25565 · v1.21.2
Join CentoriCraft's Discord Server - dsc.gg/centoricraftServer IP and Port - centoricraft.mine.bz, 25565Website - Click HereLatest Supported Minecraft Version - Bedrock Edition ...