SetHome Addon

This addon adds two new commands, one is “home” and the other is “sethome”. The first command, home, allows you to teleport to any home you have set with sethome or by sleeping in a bed.

How to install

First, enable the addon in behavior packs.

Next, go in creative mode (/gamemode 1) and get a command block. (/give @s command_block) Place down the command block. In the “command input” section, type “function homes” (No quotes). Next, tap/click the dropdown menu that says “impulse” and select “repeat”. Then click/tap “needs redstone” and select always active.

Congratulations! The addon is now installed and working!

How to use

Once the addon is installed, open your inventory. You will see a book and quill. Move it to your hotbar, then open it. Next, tap/click on “sign” and name the book “home” or “sethome”, depending on what you want to do.


After that, click/tap “sign and close”. Drop the resulting book and you should see a message in chat if you did sethome. Example:


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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18 Responses

  1. Guest-5943508859 says:

    This didn’t work for me. Most likely I did it wrong, but can I have explicit step by step instructions please?

  2. Guest-6318133156 says:


  3. Guest-9006784040 says:


  4. Guest-1485144928 says:

    Lmao making a command block to make a sethome is so much easier then installing a simple mod. ??

  5. Guest-5430011670 says:

    confused make it more easier to understand or make a video

  6. Guest-2480728905 says:

    Funciona esto en servidores dedicados??

  7. Guest-3493600347 says:

    Some of the code is messy and the addon is not efficient. It is however very creative, but didn’t meet my expectations.

  8. Guest-5446214282 says:

    Does this work on Multiplayer?

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