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Hello! It’s me Fishy and I’m back with something new! Introducing the Shaderless Shader, this pack is the concept of something that changes the natural looks of the game like a shader would but without shaders and not like a regular texture pack does it, this pack includes features like custom clouds, glowing sun and moon, cleaner weather particles, super pretty colormaps, tropical water and much much more! This also works on 99% of devices and is only 4MB in size

Water color changes depending on depth and blocks nearby!

Custom super clear stained glass unlike any other!

Tropical and lush oceans and shores!

Simple warm lighting for night time and cave environments with minimal to medium light levels!

Bluer skies and clouds with varying transparency to provide variety in the skies!

Custom weather particles and blue flog! 

(blue fog is at 32+ render distance)

NOTE: I know this isn’t by technical definitions this is a concept not a direct shader.

An RTX Version is available now! few normal maps or any form of pbr is available in this build however there will be a future build of the Shaderless Shader with RTX that will include it.

NOTE!!!: All screenshots below are taken with an RTX Capable GPU with Ray Tracing enabled. This is NOT the main Shaderless Shader or the Lite version these are the Shaderless Shader + Ray Tracing packs

Please read the other green highlighted text above the above images if you would like to know more

Changelog View more

-Link Changes-

-Added link for Shaderless Shader + FWS mcpack

-Removed mcpack and zip links for Shaderless Shader LITE until LITE v1.2 releases

Note: No unseen content is in this update this is just a change to the links!

-Ray Tracing Build 2-


-Fixed lighting issues and mapping with lava and lanterns and few other lighting sources(blocks like glowstone still need fixing)

-Fixed weird grey water and now it looks nice, pretty and clean

-Fixed certain .json files

-Added custom fog levels to make PTGI effects more realistic

The Shaderless Shader + Ray Tracing works better now because RTX is properly out and issues will be less likely to arise however the pack may still include bugs

1.2 update!

-Removed all features from the normal and added features from enhanced version 

-Removed enhanced version links

-Enhanced version is now the normal version

Note; Shaderless Shader + Ray Tracing should work better now that the RTX is officially released(latest nvidia game drivers are required)

-Added Lite version zip 

-Added Shaderless Shader + Ray Tracing mcpack(the zip version will come later)

-As of now no pbr or any kind of normal maps or specular maps will be added for that RTX version due to the render dragon taking a shift in the pbr pipeline

Added lite versions of Shaderless Shader Including mcpack and zip files

-Lite version have lower resolution textures to save performance for super low end devices

-Not much else to say except i love u guys!!

Introducing the ENHANCED version of the Shaderless Shader

The enhanced version includes:

-More defined colors

-Clearer stained glass

-More Colorful Enchantment Glint

-Fixed weather particles(there was an issue with the normal shaderless shader with rain)

-and there is much more to explore!!!

also there is a lite version for those with really weak gpus that cant handle some of the high res textures

No new update for the Shaderless Shader, just fixing the mcpack link that broke during the upload and I hadn't had realised so I fixed the link.

It should be working now :) sorry for any inconveniences.


Supported Minecraft versions



16x Shaders

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  1. Giorno_Giovanna says:

    Hey Ms/MrFishy your shaders are SOOOO FRICKING COOL can you create some texture pack

  2. JoeBo says:

    I was wondering does this pack work good with texture packs? For example could I have PureBDcraft on and the shaders will still work as long as I put the pack on top?

  3. Danest101 says:

    Mr fishy, can you please make waving bushes and water for this shader

  4. Danest101 says:

    does this shader work on windows 10 1.16.200 without rtx

  5. NgecitDosa says:

    Does this Shader work on the phone? And does the 3gb ram work?

  6. Everlowin_ says:

    Hi, I was wondering whether I can use this shader for my YouTube channel art or make a video on it. Maybe both. If you do allow me, how should I credit you.

  7. Ms Fishy says:

    Hey guys, Please be patient I’m going through a lot and not feeling like making shaders right now but I’ll return in the future

  8. SpaceCooki says:

    Awhh this sucks the link is entirely broken

  9. Not-A-Creator says:

    Update the download link

  10. Stuleo says:

    Hi, the links aren’t working.

    It says always : “something appears to be missng..”

  11. Nicholas Flamy says:

    The link isn’t working again.

  12. a4t1so173-HBD says:

    well the thing is, it doesn’t really change the look of anything without raytracing so you are pretty much-getting nothing

  13. DaTnTBoom says:

    love all your shaders keep up the good work!

  14. Ms Fishy says:

    Link is fixed…
    Happy now?

  15. Nizyo says:

    medifir: haha broken link gos brrrrrrr

  16. BigGhostMiner says:

    Can you set the download link to mediafire because I cannot do anything with Linkvertise.

  17. Wawancraftia says:

    Hey man, can i use this in my modpack? I will credit you and other mod creators

  18. Wawancraftia says:

    Wow nice this is what im searching for to be paired with fly UI

  19. Minus says:

    Can i use this in mobile

  20. KOMALA says:

    Oi… Você poderia dizer se essa shader e para MCPE?

  21. Minecraft lovers says:

    I wish my phone is realme c17 🙂

  22. Skaboom AB says:

    I wish if RTX was added to ALL PLATFORMS

  23. WARNIX MC says:

    I liked the shader, the only thing I did not like is the texture of the grass, you could make it more similar to the original minecraft grass

  24. CubeIR.old says:

    Basically Vanilla tweaks, not a Shader & a line of
    “capabilities” : [
    in .json file.

  25. itzRcL says:

    Enchanted shaderless wow what the enchant mending? sharpness? or what

    Lol Jk

  26. OtakuOne says:

    What’s the difference between Enchanted, the normal one and the lite one?

  27. MONKAY says:

    Bro Dont plasy mincraft play fortnight season 5 chaper 2

  28. SyNate says:

    Would this work with xbox one?

  29. S4NT1 says:

    Estoy algo perdido, ¿para qué sirven las diferentes versiones abajo en los enlaces?

    Supongo que el primero es para el sombreado común pero no entiendo los otros tres.

  30. Kartikk says:

    This is the best shader that i could find i just love it <3

  31. AwesomeSauce3000 says:

    1. Does this work on xbox one s
    2. does this need an RTX card

  32. Meowth boi says:

    This is everything I like about your Wonderful shaders but without the dark blue wall that instantly cuts off the view. The only thing I don’t like is the main menu background but I removed it myself, still definitely my favorite shader. A few months ago I was thinking of leaving a comment about removing the blue wall but today I searched for shaders again and find this, perfect timing lol

  33. Ms Fishy says:

    The link has now been fixed, enjoy 😀

  34. does this so called “not a shader” have access to the time of day in ticks?

  35. Ironarohan says:

    I love it. The normal feel of minecraft with enhanced features! 😀

  36. Ms Fishy says:

    Note for those asking about the mcpack link, the link corrupted when I was uploading it and it should be fixed very soon I just have to wait for mcpedl to update the link

  37. TheBlueCoder09 says:

    I can’t download the mcpack. It says:

    Download not available
    This file can not be downloaded because there was a problem with the upload. If possible, contact the person uploading the file to ask them to upload it again.

    Please Fix, I really want to try, Thanks!

  38. CallMeSasuke79 says:

    Hi where can i contact you?

  39. IBLESKIM says:

    please fix the .mcpack download

  40. CrazyBomb227 says:

    download the zip

  41. Ms Fishy says:

    Sorry guys the upload glitched out I’ll fix the link asap

  42. Lithout says:

    This is the shader ive been looking for a lot of time, Amazing!

  43. Diego721 says:

    Could you fix the download this looks good

  44. Poggers! Another well rounded and meaningful shaders by Fishy!

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