-Shaders Test Map- New Modes

 This map was made to test shaders and check if they work or not. Some shaders may not have the techniques of the things showcased in the world though.

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Each shader has its shadow or bright light or realistic details so in this map you can test the shaders in different…

mode 1

Mr fishy´s

ESBE_2G V5.0

Mode 2

Mr Fishy´s

ESBE 2G v5.0Mode 3

Mr Fishy´sESBE 2G v5.0Mode 4

Mr Fishy´sESBE 2G v5.0Mode 5

Mr Fishy´sESBE 2G v5.0Mode 6

Mr fishy´sESBE 2G v5.0Mode 7

Mr fishy´sESBE 2G v5.0Mode 8

Mr fishy´sESBE 2G v5.0

Mode 9Mode 10Mode 11Mode 12

In this map only 2 types of shaders are used but you can put the shaders you like

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New Update

1- New modes

2- bugfixed

3-New details

4-New spawnpoint


On this map the creators of the shaders were asked for permission for this map


Supported Minecraft versions


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