Shark Biology: Feelin’ Blue Update

Recently, I have been seeing a lack of accurate shark addons for Minecraft. so I decided to do sharks some justice, and make an accurate addon for them. Each shark has different behaviours, social lives, and habitats, and I hope I have achieved this in Shark Biology.

There are currently 6 sharks in the project. Allow me to give them a quick introduction.

A popular favourite among pop-culture, Movies, Games, TV, and our imaginations, the Great white shark is the apex predator of temperate and cold oceans across the globe. It is presumed to have the strongest bite of any animal alive, and can grow up to 6 blocks long. 
Neutral Towards Player
24 HP
??? attack damage
6 blocks long
Drops: Surprise!

Found in tropical reefs and sand beds, the Blacktip reef shark is another favourite, as it is often displayed in public aquaria, and sometimes in private collections as well, and tourists often see these sharks, as they are abundant near popular tourist attractions. Nobody Knows what the black bits on their fins are for, but it’s assumed it’s to attract mates.
Passive Towards Player
20 HP
??? attack damage
3 blocks long
drops: ???

A small, cute looking, common shark, found across Europe and the UK. It may surprise you to see a shark that looks like a catfish, but that’s because many people hear more about large sharks in media and news. It is very inactive, and lays on the seabed, waiting for night. it is also ideal to keep in your Minecraft house, if you can build a large enough tank for it.
Passive Towards Player
10 HP
No attack damage
1.5 blocks long
drops ???

(Yes, the vanilla cat texture is fixed. Dawww.)

A tropical shark, this shark will feast on anything that comes by (apart from players, unless you hit them). it is very large, strong, and can knock you out in a single blow. Believe it or not, the best place to see them is in the Bahamas!
Neutral Towards Player
20 HP
??? attack damage
5 blocks long
drops leather and beef.

This shark has a tail lobe that’s longer than the rest of it! The thresher shark uses it to stun shoals of fish, and then using its small mouth to gobble them up. It is globally, from the UK to the tropics, and feasts on small fishes.
Neutral Towards Player
20 HP
??? attack damage
drops ???

A global shark, the Blue shar k has one of the largest migration routes of any animal alive. it navigates the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and even the Arctic! it is easy to spot due to it’s bright blue colour, big eyes, long body, sleek appearance, and long fins.

That’s all the sharks currently in-game.
I hope that you enjoy playing the addon, and if you have any questions or suggestions (no, no megalodon) put it in the comments, or DM me via Discord at Diddy Konk#4181.


In case you have discord, and wanna follow our progress, and chat about sharks:

CREDITS: (Discord usernames)
Diddy Konk#4181 (me): models, textures, animations.

🍗Scratchy🦃 #0731: coding.
Scratchy’ s Youtube: 

Thanks for looking at our project!

Changelog View more

Added blue shark
Added watermark to showcase pics (Eat my shorts, MCPEDL knockoffs!)
Fixed Vanilla cat texture glitch

Fixed "duplicate pack detected" glitch people have been dming me about.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16 (beta)

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119 Responses

4.79 / 5 (53 votes)
  1. OliverTheWolf says:

    It’s a good addon but can you increase the health of some of the sharks?

  2. Seoulkings says:

    sand tiger shark, whale shark,Mako shark,hammer head shark

  3. KenziKun says:

    Can U add Megalodon and hammerhead? I can wait for one Week or one month Coz ur addon so cool 😀

  4. Usernameee says:

    ok ok we get it get it from mcpedl its hard to see the sharks ya know

  5. Nether Warden says:

    Nice, Hammerhead maybe?

  6. Chungui23 says:

    This addon is really cool, 5 stars

  7. OOF lvl 1000 says:

    Zip link pls. Bcuz My Minecraft won’t work on import

  8. Shark373 says:

    I have also suggestions – Lemon shark ans sand Tiger shark (Gray nurse)

  9. Shark373 says:

    I was searching addon like this about year, thanks, it’s awesome!!

  10. Chicopazote says:

    podrian poner al tiburon cierra

  11. alessandre says:

    I love it but it can make the tiger shark have more texture with striped stripes and that the tiger and white shark can attack all the mods around them and have more lives because I see that they have life and do not see their teeth and do not open their mouths to attack the mods

  12. GR3G0R says:

    I love it but I have 1 suggestion, if you can add dunkleosteus it’s ok if I cant

  13. Emeto says:

    You have a discord server?
    Hoş is animations?

  14. Emeto says:

    You have a discord server?

  15. DraeneiWorker says:

    Sup man, i didn’t played with this addon yet.
    I have a question, in the comments you simultaneously say that Megalodon will not be added and will be added… So yes or no?
    Sorry for my bad english

  16. Sharkissss says:

    cheers, addon where sharks don’t kill you, and you don’t kill them too to survive! #sharklivesmatter. Looking forward to more shark species in the future, keep it up

  17. xXMelvinFanXz says:

    i hope you add those Sharks like the Wobbegong and the Porbeagle Shark as well some fish that hang out with sharks called Pilot fish

  18. Can you put manta rays and stingrays since technically they are in the shark family (These species are related due to their cartilaginous)

  19. garrette says:

    Great addon I love it. I have a few suggestions I don’t want to spam you I know that looks long lists can get annoying do I’m just going to suggest three every update.

    Goblin shark
    Bull shark
    Great hammerhead

  20. Diddy Konk says:


  21. the meg says:

    Everything with the addon is pretty cool, the models and the textures are really nice, but despite you gave a new link for the “duplicated pack” error, it doesnt work, to fix it i had to make it a zip file, extract it, and cahnge the names from the carpets, from Shark biology behavior/resource, to Jaws behavior/resource, all the addon except from that problem, its cool.
    Since i read the comments, i guess by not adding Megalodon you are not going to add any other prehistoric sharks like Helicoprion, so i have a list of sharks that you could add in a future update:
    Bull shark
    Whale shark
    Basking shark
    greenland shark
    cookie cutter shark
    And now all i got to say is “we are going to need a bigger boat”

  22. Rare suggestions: Goblin Shark. …
    Dumb Gulper Shark. …
    indonesian Speckled Carpet Shark. …
    Birdbeak Dogfish Shark. …
    Frilled Shark.

  23. I ask, can you put a whale shark into the game?

  24. Diddy Konk says:

    Can Y’all dinosaur fanboys stop asking for megalodon? it’s f*cking rude. (look at the bottom of the description)

  25. Zrall says:

    The catshark ruins all vanilla cats in the game, can you maybe find a solution to this? Other then that your models are excellent and fun, however I certainly hope that your will stick with this addon and update it many times in the future. The only complaint I have is that above the fins of the great white shark there are a few black pixels that look out of place, can you make these white or grey even? It would make the shark’s texture look much better.

    Ideas for sharks to include would be:
    The basking shark, this large shark would be an interesting addition to the addon
    The megamouth shark, this shark is unique and looks monstrous
    Needless to say the goblin shark, with it’s unique head shape
    The hammerhead shark, I know this will probably be added, but add unique variations like the bonnethead shark
    The mako shark and blue shark would make for some agile mid sized predators
    The bull shark could be smaller then the great white but more robust and muscular.

    Much more interesting than modern sharks would be some extinct species
    The edostus of scissor toothed shark got as big as the great white and sported some unique looking teeth
    Ptychodus, this shark had a unique dorsal fin and was massive, it is not the megalodon but it is the second largest shark to ever exist including this would be incredible!

    • Diddy Konk says:

      Thanks Zrall!
      and yes, the cat identifier is being fixed for 1.1.

    • Hanif Hauzan says:

      When i playing this addon with Asian Animals Pack, the tiger’s texture from Asian Animals Pack gets glitched and ruined (Sorry for my bad English)

      • Hanif Hauzan says:

        Because i’m from Indonesia

        • Hanif Hauzan says:

          And oh, i have a massive list of sharks that you could added in a future update:
          Whale shark
          Basking shark
          Megamouth shark
          Blacktip reef shark
          Shortfin mako shark
          Bull shark
          Japanese bullhead shark
          Whitetip reef shark
          Great hammerhead shark
          Scalloped hammerhead shark
          Smooth hammerhead shark
          Bonnethead shark
          Grey reef shark
          Silky shark
          Copper shark (aka Bronze whaler shark)
          Dusky shark
          Cookiecutter shark
          Goblin shark
          Spinner shark
          Sand tiger shark
          Smalltooth sand tiger shark
          Bluntnose sixgill shark
          Sharpnose sevengill shark
          Broadnose sevengill shark
          Sandbar shark
          Common thresher shark
          Pelagic thresher shark
          Oceanic whitetip shark
          Greenland shark
          Pacific sleeper shark
          Porbeagle shark
          Salmon shark
          Silvertip shark
          Zebra shark
          Longfin mako shark
          Dwarf lanternshark
          Blue shark
          Port jackson shark
          Lemon shark
          Spiny dogfish
          Pacific angelshark
          Atlantic angelshark (aka Sand devil)
          Angular roughshark

      • Hanif Hauzan says:

        The catshark’s model also ruins all vanilla cats in-game

      • Diddy Konk says:

        I don’t recommend using asian animals with our addon. while yes, it is a good addon, the identifiers get mixed, and also asian wildlife has less detail in it’s models, making it look out of place.

        • Hanif Hauzan says:

          By the way, do you have fixed the identifier for the tiger shark? so if i played this addon with Asian Animals Pack, the tiger’s texture from Asian Animals Pack desn’t get glitched and ruined again

  26. Godzilla356 says:

    Can you add the Megalodon in the next update

  27. BirdFungi says:

    This is a very nice, high quality addon with great textures, models, style, and animations. For suggestions maybe Megamouth sharks, Greenland sharks (which can live for hundreds of years) and maybe an extinct shark like helicoprion. Ik you mentioned not to suggest Megalodon but due to the recent revelations about Megalodon not even being in the same group as great whites and being completely different, an accurate Megalodon would be unique and fresh for an addon such as this.

  28. dinohuter87d says:

    el megalodon en otro addon te prodrias basar en estudios de como se veria

  29. dinohuter87d says:

    You can add to the stethacanthus, wobewong, megalodon, cretoxiryna and the helicoprion in a new update and that to appear them, fossil teeth of these sharks are collected to extract their DNA in a machine and create them in an incubator

  30. Danniel plays ph 2009 says:

    Ahoy diddy nice Addon is this ur Shark craft addon?

  31. VesperTerror390 says:

    i love the models and textures
    keep up the great work!!

  32. OOF lvl 1000 says:

    Add Bull Sharks, Hammer Head Sharks,whale Sharks, Basking Sharks,etc.(for more sharks,play or check Hungry Shark World sharks,except the extinct ones)

  33. JOSEPH STALIN 2.0 says:

    Nice sharks keep it up with the great work,

  34. Howulikethat says:

    Cool add-on!! Can you add other animals like platypus or Monkey-eating eagle?

  35. Beam006 says:

    Add remora please

  36. Beam006 says:

    Add remora plz

  37. Maxwell1096 says:

    In terms of coding and behavior of the sharks, it is really good. And I also really like textures. Overall you did a good job. A really good job. 10/10

  38. OOF lvl 1000 says:

    Oh finally!!! A shark addon that I can enjoyed,and I wonder,why people never think of this right?

  39. Danplayz52 says:

    I can’t thank you enough I’ve Been checking mcpedl for a year looking for a good shark addon and here it is

  40. akbarIndo47 says:

    great addon btw dont you think the shark has too little health?

  41. alessandre says:

    friend make the sharks attack all the mods please and so well put teeth to the sharks to make them more scary

  42. MCdirtblock says:

    plz add megalodon

  43. ABARE-MAX says:

    I’ve been looking for a shark addon like this
    I really like it

  44. Ivy.The.Gamer says:

    I’ve been looking for a mod like this for a long time and I love it! I have some suggestions!
    Whale shark
    Basking shark

  45. _ says:

    Could you possibly lower the spawn rate of some of the sharks because I see many of them in my world. Also great models, textures, and add-on! Keep up the good work.

  46. Diddy Konk says:

    You can post this on other sites, but please credit me.
    youtubers, dm me via discord at Diddy Konk#4181 before reviewing, showcasing.

  47. SpaceCooki says:

    Cool mod
    Also i love sharks

  48. Diddy Konk says:

    Will be updated every 1-4 weeks.
    Stay tuned!

  49. Diddy Konk says:

    NOTE: if it says “duplicate pack detected” dm me via discord at Diddy Konk#4181, and i will give you another version that works.

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