Shields Mod

The Shields Mod adds one new item known as a shield. The shield looks absolutely amazing and not so surpringly it adds a lot of protection while being equipped.

There’s certainly some things left to do such as the possibility of equipping a weapon at the same time as holding the shield. It would also be nice to see some additional shields such as a ballistic shield.

Creator: BagasMC, Twitter Account

How to get the shield and what does it do?

The shield can be crafted in-game or you can also use the creative inventory to retrieve it.

  • Shield (502) – 6 oak wood planks + 1 iron ingot

Select it as your active slot to equip the shield. It will be placed in your right hand and currently it’s not possible to equip any other weapon while holding the shield. However, you do gain the following potion effects while it’s equipped: Resistance IV (protection), Slowness III (move slower).


Download (Textures)
Download (Mod)

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74 Responses

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  1. FireCreeper09 says:

    I dont know how to use dropbox

  2. Tazmoe says:

    Thats cool. Now they actually added sheilds in bedrock, but now, DOUBLE SHEILDS- Throw em- Block em!

  3. Minecrafter#999 says:

    They really should add it for real

  4. Gabriela Meirelles says:

    It work in IPhone?

  5. Maeesh MMA says:

    I liked it ???

  6. Ozwa says:

    windos 10, nomas no 🙁

  7. Anonymous says:

    Shields are so

    cool i is them in Minecraft

  8. Rayhan says:

    saya suka shield ini

  9. ImmortalWorkings says:

    is this able to be downloaded for windows 10 edition?

  10. The360One says:

    How about making the shield more useful if u can allow it to be used on the left hand

  11. sabastion says:

    i have no idea how to install this so could someone help me?

  12. Kellie says:

    How I get the mod please help

  13. B C says:

    I can’t put on the mod, ???plz plz plz plz!! Fix the mod please ?

  14. Henryisme123 says:

    Sorry for being mean, the mod is good but lags new rating

  15. Anonymous says:

    Crap Does Not Work

  16. Hacker says:

    Can u make it so its JUST like a shield and can HOLD WEAPONS while holding shield then if you do reply. I’ll check on this everyday after school

  17. FoxytheDJ12 says:

    How do u download? I rlly don’t understand Dropbox……. Maybe cuz I’m on iOS iPad..

  18. Bingo says:

    Hi i just came in

  19. Dlan Boyd says:

    I love addons

  20. Comftable Kitten says:

    Woah! Wait shields! Nobody told me about shields! That is AWSOME!!! Mum might get it for me!

  21. Ice_Ender says:

    Its not working -_-

  22. Fake quest says:

    This mod really good

  23. dabestawesomeguy567 says:

    What item does the texture replace

  24. Muhdhaikal says:

    Is it work for beta

  25. Bryan says:

    How to you even use it ?

  26. ahmadramadhan says:

    Please mod this shield made in addon only because if mod is too busy to install

  27. Lizbeth says:

    Does this work in 1.0.7?

  28. SOLDIER says:

    Men do you think your are done working hard no! Beacause we want moooorrreeee!!!! (Sorry for the “Mooo”like spelling)i want more pls!!?????

  29. bahasa apa ini ya? says:

    Make bahasa laen biar greget

  30. Super_Tiger says:

    make it a add-on plz I’m a iOS user 🙁

  31. Khgamer says:

    I can wear it in the chestplate but it is so crash

  32. Miguel says:

    Don’t work i don’t have computer so stupid I can’t find free mod

  33. NIGHTDWARF45299 says:

    oh and is it for windos 10 beta don’t have anything else cuz mincraft pc will only let me use the demo.

  34. NIGHTDWARF45299 says:

    can editor leave a link. I realy want to use mods but I don’t have z-zip and the whole process of not having a mcworld is realy confusing me.

    plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. anoymous says:

    It work on 15.×?

  36. Luigi says:

    Awesome, I guess its perfect with dual wielding

  37. winwin says:

    Whats with the Html like in downloading mod?

  38. bob the minecrafter says:

    Does this work for PE Or is it just for PE?

  39. Daniel says:

    is it for 14.0 also?

  40. Emmanuel says:

    This mod is awesome

  41. Aidil says:

    This mod is so cool , I love it

  42. lauren says:

    Hi I’m now in the comments yay

  43. lauren says:

    I’m now in the comments yay

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