Shinobi Add-On

Did you want to add Naruto to minecraft, too? That’s why I did the addon. There’s a lot of shinobi bandage, byakugan, sharingan, clans, food, morph. There are three varieties of sharingan. I’ll soon improve the addon, enjoy

Kunai Melee damage: 7

Kurama morph: Full armor


kunai lightning :10


Kunai Long-distance: 5

Kunai explode: 5

Shuriken: 5

Shuriken explode: 4,5

You can make sure that you can endlessly throw the shurikens 

Endless shuriken:

Endless explode shuriken:

The damage is equal to them 

You can make a bedrock of his crafting:

To craft some things you need bedrock for example endless throwing weapons and clan badges



Sharingan3 We have to do as on the second


1tail: full armor

Kurama morph : Full armor 


Clan Uzumaki 

Clan Uchiha 

Clan Hyuga



Kurama mode

Explode paper

Changelog View more



-Kurama morph


Updated For version 

Added donate link

I fixed the link to the mediafire. addon version: 1.3



-lightning kunai

I'm making 3D models so updates won't last long


-Hyuga clan icon

-Added function 

Changed Kraft clan hyuga 

-instead of white wool yellow, and black dye on red


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200

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19 Responses

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  1. mar23mystic says:

    so I checked out you YouTube and it wasn’t so helpful I’m on 1.16.200 and I’m still having difficulties could you maybe make another video explaining it more for the version I’m on please

  2. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    I love naruto and i love your addon but i think you should add 1 2 and 3 tails armor and also add sabuza’s sword and also Kisame’s sword

  3. Hexykin says:

    I love the addon but can you separate the behavior and behavior pack so I can play the addon on xbox

  4. tezka says:

    Hello a question works for servers (sorry, i do not know much english)

  5. hellogame9983 says:

    Also i downloaded this but i’m unable to craft/find in creative. But cause this is good and i still have the power ups i’m sparing it from 1 star.

  6. SverdHerre says:

    Pretty good, but when I load up a world nothing works. I’ve got experimental gameplay on and the mod installed. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  7. MCvivitek says:

    The eyes are not intimidating but rather funny. I’m going to change the textures soon.

  8. MCvivitek says:

    How do you my first addon 🙂

  9. FOXYTEEN13 says:

    not everyone likes Naruto and its an addon not a mod

    • hellogame9983 says:

      So? number 1 if they don’t like naruto then why will they come here? to Comment/Download/See what it does? number 2 why are you here? to send unnecessary hate? number 3 if they hate/dislike a really good anime and see this they’ll ignore it/Not click it. So be gone thot

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