-1618472320: Shipwreck Surrounded by Corals Near Spawn (Beta Only)

In this seed you’ll spawn right next to a big and extraordinary ocean. Go for a swim into the far depths of the ocean and you’ll find an almost intact shipwreck surrounded by a plentiful of beautiful corals in all colors you can possibly imagine. It’s a great seed to try out if you want a quick way to explore some of the new ocean features which are coming in the Update Aquatic.

Found by: JPlaysPETwitter AccountYouTube Channel

The spawn is admittedly kind of normal (and boring), but the actual truth is that not far away from spawn there are plenty of corals and also a shipwreck with a treasure chest.

The shipwreck is the main point of interest and what’s really cool about this particular wreck is that it is almost intact.

Coordinates: 482 48 43

Another key feature of the shipwreck is also the treasure chest which contains a treasure map.

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27 Responses

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  1. linda vandoren says:

    Does anybody have a seed for shipwreck on Xbox 360 only ?

  2. Unicorn girl says:

    It did not work for me I typed in the whole seed right but it shows me a different world.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It did not work for me and I have the update with the turtles and other things

  4. Caiden Sheldon says:

    I found another shipwreck!!!!!!! Also the thing that says answer the question and I know the answer it is Mojang domy.

  5. Raecbce030 says:

    Did anyone else by chance not have their thing move the map when trying to find the treasure. It could’ve been that I hadn’t moved far enough, but I am just curious in case it is a bug.

  6. Me says:

    Fix it because I want to find the treasure.

  7. Likeahorse3 says:

    Sherlock you need to dig and you will find a chest

  8. Likeahorse3 says:

    Amazing seed!

  9. Duckie02 says:

    What are the coordinates for the treasure???

  10. irondiamonds says:


  11. Sherlock says:

    How do you find the treasure? We found the map and the “x marks the spot,” but we can’t find the treasure at the x. What do we do?

  12. sword says:

    Amazing seed, there was even a diamond in one of the chests

  13. Bob Ross says:


  14. vader050477 says:

    The Update hasn’t come out yet! are you blind?

  15. ThePixelBuddy says:

    Erm the update hasn’t come out yet… :,(
    (One tear runs down my soft face… XD)

  16. Memes says:

    The ship didn’t spawn

  17. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work 4 beta test

  18. RascallyGoose49 says:

    I Have the experimental gameplay on but nothing spawned

  19. jen says:

    Thanks! I Was Doing A Video I Didn’t Finish, When This Update Didn’t Come Out. I Tried Out The Beta, But, I Abandoned The Video. I Couldn’t Find A Shipwreck So, Thanks Again!

  20. Hosting says:

    Thank you SOOO much!😊

  21. Stavinair says:

    Nice find! Did you encounter this seed by chance?

  22. JPlaysPE says:

    hope you guys like this Seed! one of my favorites

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