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Published on July 26, 2018 (Updated on July 26, 2018)

2025521382: Shipwreck On Land Seed

This is a really cool seed with an extremely rare spawn. It might not look as much at first as you will be spawning in a forest. However, just behind spawn (through the small forest) you will find a shipwreck on land. Inside the shipwreck there are two chests with some decent loot, and right outside the shipwreck there's a small ravine.

Found by: Irondiaonds

It's easy to find the shipwreck. Just turn around once you've spawned and walk along the sand coastline and you will soon find it.

Inside the shipwreck there are two chests both with some decent loot. In one chest you will also find an explorer map which will lead you to a buried treasure nearby.

Right next to the shipwreck you will find a small ravine.

Seed: 2025521382 /

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Great seed! I made the ship as my home.

Also there is a treasure chest at X: 712 Y: 64 Z: -120.
How'd they sink the boat on land? :I
Maybe there used to be water there
There is also a spawner in the ravine
And Coordinates please
yeeyee Rowan UwUlady July 03, 2019 at 10:25 am
yeeyee 2019 july anyone?GOD MEMERISE FROM LAST TER
There is also a zombie spawner at 653, 34, -96
Try out this seed
I spawned this world without the seed
hi this wont work on my ipad running 1.5.2
Shipwreck at 693 71 -136, treasure at 712 59 -120
Other locations in this map:
1. Shipwreck on land.
2. Desert Temple behind shipwreck.
3. Desert Temple across the desert from the front door of the first desert temple.
4. Keep going strait back to hit the Glacial Biome. There is a town there that has some bookshelves and such.
5. keep going straight back from there and you will see an igloo. Under the carpet, there is a ladder that goes down for a chest, brew stand, cauldron.
6. From the igloo, to the right, there is another town with a blacksmith and other houses with bookshelves. Beyond the town, you will see some pumpkins too.
7. Beyond the reef next to the shipwreck, there is another shipwreck. It is right near a ravine but it is pretty far out. There are 2 chests that I found.
8. There is a spider spawner dungeon in the cave right next to the ocean, in the desert, a little before the acacia biome.
Where would that first temple be? I've searched all over and never found it...
Their is a sea monument right next to the glacier biome
lets make it a house then
That is not a shipwreck, it is a landwreck