Short JailBreak!

Hi! This is my first Minecraft map i made. It is very short, but i hope you will find it fun! This map is for about 5-7 minutes, if you play it normally without speedrunning. I used some things that i learned not a long time ago. You can’t break this map (if think). Because you play it on adventure!

This is my first map, and I’m proud of it! You can find there many funny things! It is short, because i had no idea, what level should I use. (Next maps will be longer!)

I don’t want to spoiler anything to you, so i will only insert screenshots here 😀


Prison Main Room:


Command Blocks And More Command Blocks!:

And Map From THe Sky!:

Have fun playing this map !


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12 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. mat383 says:

    The map itself was rather bad, the beginning was very buggy, but I absolutely love the use of command blocks to simulate a person joining the world and speaking, I genuinely got scared by that. Good job!

  2. Guest-6430532068 says:

    Good but too short

  3. Guest-1000394867 says:

    i love the map and how u join and left but it’s short
    thx for this map and I’ll wait your maps

  4. Raid games says:

    I loved the map and I hope you make a sequel but how did you make that villager? I want to know

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