The Shrek Movie in Minecraft (Working Video)

I doubt that there are many of us, who are unaware of who the great Shrek is. Well if you have never watched this epic movie, or maybe you just want to relive that Shrek nostalgia, now you can do that… in Minecraft!

The great Shrek. Truly one of the best movie franchises out there, except Shrek 3, we don’t talk about that movie lol. I grew up constantly watching these movies, just because I loved them so much and that’s not even a joke.

Well, I’ve painstakingly imported What I would consider to be one of the most iconic scenes from the original movie, into Minecraft. It’s only a 20-second clip from the movie, just because I didn’t want to straight up pirate this movie, but it does come with sound, so it’s not just a gif. Secondly, this add-on is already pretty big, coming in at nearly 15 mb, because of all of the frames that I had to import.

To play this clip inside of your game, simply grab a name tag and an armor stand. Rename the armor stand to “shrek” (all lowercase) and then the video should start playing immediately. It will automatically loop, after a brief stop at the end of the clip. To stop the video, simply destroy the invisible armor stand on the left of the movie clip.

Hello there

I made this whole thing on my YouTube channel, Goggled Gecko. I would greatly appreciate it, if you could perhaps go and check it out. I make a ton of add-ons on there.
You can also follow me on Twitter if you want to


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44 Responses

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  1. Professor Duck says:

    It’s perfect

  2. Minercraft pe only says:

    How long is the clip?

  3. Kevinator21 says:

    how did you make this addon im genuinely curious

  4. Zgoly says:

    I did something similar, but only without the addon and sound. But my way will be to make the new film much easier. As I understand it, you just change the blocks, and the sound is played. but that’s not bad.

  5. Niishan says:

    I am out words?

  6. No video for some weird reason? Can you help??

  7. Matthewthegood1 says:

    ah yes just exactly what i needed

    becaus ei have no budget so im just gonna watch it in minecraft

  8. Jon_Ethan_098 says:


  9. Needyllama says:

    If he add the full movie the addon size will be more than 200 MB

    Goggle can you make some more add-ons from more movie clips

  10. ChulkyBow says:

    *2020* : Movies in Minecraft
    *After that* : Movies about Minecraft ?

  11. ChulkyBow says:

    Is it a full movie?

  12. Xeno-corp says:

    Not the addon we asked for.
    But the addon we needed.

  13. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:


  14. Alphanitute says:

    Can you add more if you continue this mod

  15. Needyllama says:

    Really awesome, but there is a problem when I name a Armor stand “Shrek” it plays the sound but the screen disappears

  16. Spyguy10078 says:

    OMG but first I thought you saw the Fundy video I went on a date with he also code a treasure planet in minecraft with video and audio but still awesome creation really appreciated love it ????

  17. Minecraft lovers says:

    Can i change it to Spongebob on the run movie?

  18. XplodinNdr08 says:

    I love it but is this copyright violation who knows? XD

  19. DrPhilipTheMiner says:

    You have brought donkey back from the minecraft world (I saw donkey behind the video)

  20. ashminggu says:

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  21. DevastatorX5 says:

    Well, actually, that would be a giant. Now ogres, oh, they’re much worse. They’ll make a suit from your freshly peeled skin. They’ll shave your liver, squeeze the jelly from your eyes… Actually, it’s quite good on toast.

  22. CoolManGamingTan says:

    Ima ’bout to port Killer Bean into minecraft now.

    jk I wish I could but I don’t have enough time or patience.

  23. I have been waiting for this moment all my life

  24. This addon too nice for mcpedl site, now i can watching shrek with full vol everywhere (if i not forget pick my phone)

  25. GREAT i love this also i wanted to get rgb diamonds,diamond blocks, diamond weapons and all the diamonds things animated so pls if you could make a rgb diamonds texture pack that would be great!

  26. BoiLaToi68 says:

    This, this is what the community needed.

  27. dinohuter87d says:

    español latino porfavor

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