Shulker Head Boss V2 Add-On

This add-on adds a new mob and boss in Minecraft there two types of mobs and did you know that the shulker is not in the shell it can be dangerous it can be also to fly and it’s hard to kill.

There are two types of mobs

1. Shulker Head

Is a kind of hostile mob that shoot’s Shulker Bullet

2. Shulker Head Boss

It has 3 types of attack

1. Normal (its shooter is shulker bullet)

2. Fireball Mode (its shooter is large fireball)

3. Summon Mode (its summon shulker head)


Diamond Stew

When you eat this it can give you effects:

1. Regeneration

2. Absorption

3. Damage Resistance

4. Fire Resistance

5. Slow Falling


2. Shulker Ball – Drop by the shulker head and shulker head boss, use to make shulker sword

3. Shulker Sword – A powerful sword that has effect when you use it, to activate its effect just sneake and attack.


Video Showcase:

Changelog View more

Added Shulker Ball, Shulker Sword

And The Two mobs will naturally spawned in your world

Added Some Items:

1. Shulker Ball

2. Shulker Sword

Added Naturally Spawning For Those Mob


This addon is updated in minecraft 1.16 version

Credit me if you want make video for this


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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    I swear addon is made by one of those addon creator app you can find in the play store

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    This looks amazing!

  3. AquaBob says:

    This looks really cool!

  4. Guest-1276259544 says:

    dont be like that

  5. Guest-9542688811 says:

    Why do you need to add the diamond stew it’s not related to the addon

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