Shulker Boxes Craftable by Barrels and Golden Carrots Give Night Vision

In the beginning, a lot of people mistaken barrels to be early game shulker boxes.

However, it is not the case. This addon made it so that barrels can be crafted to shulker boxes. This addon also makes it so that golden carrots give night vision.

To use this addon, go to behavior packs section of the world.

Add the Official J Pack Addon.

This addon made it so that shulker boxes are craftable without the use of going to the end dimension. To craft shulker boxes, all you need to do is surround a barrel with iron ingots. The shulker box can be dyed. The shulker box given is a white shulker box. This makes the shulker box quite cheap because number 1, barrels are cheaper than chests and number 2. iron ingots are very easy to find. 

Golden carrots now give you night vision. It makes sense that carrots could help your eyes better. Since golden carrots can be brewed to night vision potions, it also makes sense that golden carrots should give off night vision for 500 seconds which is around about 8 minutes and 20 seconds.

This addon might be a bit overpowered, but it just makes the game make abit more sense.

Here is a look at what the addon does:

You may not use this for any purposes except if you give credit to the original creator (CSClub05)

Changelog View more

Added a more detailed submission and added .mcpack and .mcaddon file.

Added two videos to watch to demonstrate what the addon does.

Added a more detailed description to better understand what the addon does.

Added a more detailed description of what the addon does.


You may download directly from


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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  1. pandalabz says:

    5 stars! You should rename this addon to “Survival Enhancements”. It would be cool to see slight enhancements that make gameplay more convenient . . . not a gimme win like diamond ore everywhere. Another idea could be something like doubling tool/weapon/armor durability. Great work, I’m using it!

  2. I just wanna say I love this addon! I live this addon specifically because it actually makes golden carrots useful + I can have “backpack” without actually having to get that backpack addon that wants to send me to raboninco. Good work on this!

  3. Wernes14 says:

    Hi! can you add un-crafting? please I need it

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