Published on April 27, 2017

Shulker Colors Texture Pack (Recommended for

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You should change just the purple one and just the shulker not the box becuz the purple are not matching the purper blocks...?
But they already added a new color palette in this latest 1.1 beta (
Thanks again DL!
we cant parkour on shulker boxes just yet till 10 may (the full release)
Are v. is out now?
I like the old color more than the addon
So this pack is to revert the colors back to pre 1.1
Can someone make a portal 2 addon??? Cause I'm iOS and I love portal 2
Nice texture pack
Thank goodness! I hate the new 1.0.9 shulker textures
New? it wasnt new at all, this texture pack just add the latest PC color update for shulker onto PE.