Sika Deer Addon

Introduce deer to your Minecraft worlds! Sika deer are majestic animals that can be found all around the world. This addon brings both doe and stag sika deer to Minecraft,  and you can have fun exploring taiga biomes to try and find the different colour variations.

Deer Variations

Male and female deer spawn in your Minecraft worlds in three colour variations:

  • the common tawny coloured Sika with white spots
  • the reddish-brown Sika
  • the rare albino Sika

All colour variations spawn in taiga biomes but you can also find the tawny and brown variations in normal forests.


Sika deer will drop raw venison and leather (plus experience) when killed.

Raw venison can be cooked in furnace to get cooked venison which will fill more hunger bars (4 bars apposed to 1½).

But be careful killing the stags as they will attack back.

Successfully kill a stag and you may be treated with an antler.

Collect two antlers and get yourself a leather helmet to craft an antler cap. You can wear them.

To wear the antler cap just put them in your helmet slot.

The antler cap can be worn with armor.

When the antler cap is equipped they will provide you with two defense points. And they look AWESOME!

Deer cannot be tamed but they are breedable. To breed the deer you will require sweet berries, a stag and a doe. You can tempt and age deer using sweet berries, wheat, carrot and golden carrot.

Perhaps on your adventure you encountered a band of pillagers and were infected by the bad omen effect, you have just found a village in a taiga biome but are scared to go in as you will start a raid. Fear not! Find yourself a doe and milk it.

Deer will be attacked by wolves.

You can place an antler cap on armor stands.

You can find all the items in the creative menu.

More images:

Any feedback is welcome, enjoy the addon!

Textures and art by @hamurrr


To gain full functionality of this addon, you will need to enable experimental gameplay in your world.

If you are going to upload a review of this addon to YouTube, please credit me and only provide the download links that are on this site. Thank you!

Changelog View more
  • Added all items to creative menu
  • Renamed "antlers" to "antler cap"
  • Antler cap can now be equipped like all wearables via armor slots
  • Wild wolves will now attack deer
  • Updated texture for wearable antlers
  • Baby stags do not have antlers
  • Improved animations
  • Can tempt and age deer with carrots and golden carrots


  • Download both the resource and behavior packs (you will need to wait 10 seconds on the download website)
  • Create a new world and enable experimental gameplay
  • Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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62 Responses

4.32 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. Just_some_guy says:

    I’m not able to eat the food? I play on bedrock and Downloaded it all right. But can’t eat the food

  2. Beam006 says:

    Food Don’t have eating animation fix this plz

  3. Knuckles la Enchilada says:

    I can´t download the addon, the linvertise one wants me to install an app, but the last time I did that it was just malware, and the alternative link is just a malware page with lots of pop ads.

  4. Suspicious Goose says:

    hey, I think the horns can be given a growth system, depending on the climate, weather … like in the wolfquest game moose and deer grow antlers according to the time of the game, deer and moose fight for the female, and if in the game it is realistic to implement a combat system in which one of two will be the loser but will remain alive, then this will become your calling card. And yes moose and musk deer will not interfere with the addon. Thanks for translater

  5. Suspicious Goose says:

    If interested,um have some ideas for animals to future update.

  6. Suspicious Goose says:

    I just once played with this add-on and there was no sound, so I ask . ….. Feeded them for dire wolfes.

  7. Tixel22 says:

    Can i review this addon in a you tube video. I will credit you and leave a mcpedl link. I accept your permissions

  8. Suspicious Goose says:

    My english is bad.

  9. Suspicious Goose says:

    These addon have sounds? If they have im loaded these.

  10. theguywithafly says:

    i guess i could add it to my zoo

  11. MiralitStar says:

    I have a request: maybe make them tamable so we can have a bodyguard? Thanks for the addon I love it! Good work!

  12. Beam006 says:

    Add reindeers that spawn in snowy tundra and snowy taiga in group of 2-4 they will attacked by wolves and polarbears and when kill they will drop venison, leather and antler(for buck)​ make tamed wolves can bred and healed by raw and cooked venison and make when a doe attacked it will make it and it’s herd retreat from predator​s but when there’re bucks nereby bucks will protect it’s herd make sometime bucks will fight each other to protect it’s leadership​ make deers afraid of player and lastly make fox and ocelot hunt baby deers plz

  13. Guest-8127524041 says:

    Could you perhaps add a deer skull that drop you equip with the antlers? (You obviously don’t have to but It would make The addon more realistic in my opinion)

  14. Guest-6824283473 says:

    Can you make it so wild wolves attack you when you wear the antlers?

  15. Guest-1828881744 says:

    I cant wear the antlers

  16. Very interesting addon, can I use it in my world?

  17. Guest-1697343192 says:

    Sería genial que agregues osos usándolo como su depredador

  18. Guest-3749540532 says:

    add african wild dogs please.

  19. chicopanda_oficial says:

    Podrías crear más animales así? Hembra y macho? AMO ESTE COMPLEMENTO ?? AMARÍA QUE HAGAS MUCHOS MAS

  20. Guest-9149489056 says:

    Hi great addon, the resource and behavior works amazing but i cant find the antlers nor get them when i kill it, do you know why this is? Great addon do you have youtube or patreon?

  21. Skepta says:

    I won’t be downloading it, but it looks like a really cool addon that you actually put a little depth in to. Rather than just adding a single deer model and that’s it. Good job!

  22. Guest-3585754490 says:

    Hello! I’m having issues when it comes to wearing the antlers. When I long pressed with my phone, it looks like I’m eating the antlers, pls fix…….. But anyways, I love the addon!

  23. Guest-4023113241 says:

    This is awesome, we need deers in Minecraft. If you are gonna add a predator, I’d like to see a nice looking grey wolf, but do it your way, no need to copy others. Plus, deer species are the natural food source for wolves, so consider my words as influence. I wish you luck!

  24. Guest-5931033997 says:

    could you maybe change the downloading website to the way you normaly do it?

  25. Guest-6323017580 says:

    I realy like to play with it only it brings me to a site where the download isnt threre

    • MineyMator says:

      Hi there, sorry you’re having trouble downloading the add-on.
      The links should take you to linkvertise where you will need to complete the following steps:
      •complete the recaptcha
      •press the continue button
      •wait 10 seconds for the direct link to appear
      •click the direct link button where you will then be redirected to mediafire
      •download the addon

  26. Beam006 says:

    Plz make wolves hunt all of them and foxes hunt the babies

  27. ChaoticSweetness says:

    Lovely addon 10/10

  28. Guest-7875045393 says:

    Love this

  29. Guest-8302877193 says:

    Amazing addon! Honestly, this mob should be implemented into vanilla Minecraft BE

  30. Guest-2058873732 says:

    love this mod! i think the model need a bit of tweaking but over very good!

  31. Guest-2219073883 says:

    Make them tamable and Rideable please!!

  32. Guest-7979614672 says:

    It dosent work for realms 🙁

  33. Guest-1156906163 says:

    This is really good, i love it

  34. Guest-4698655531 says:

    I can’t download by mediafire!

  35. Flintycellar991 says:

    What is the program you use to make the mods because this one is amazing

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