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Published on March 21, 2015 (Updated on March 21, 2015)

Simple Health Indicators Mod

This mod adds a beautiful and unique health indicator at least we've never witnessed anything similar to it before. Besides that it looks good it also is very simply done with only a few lines of code used.

Creator: JovanModPE

The health indicator is only activated to be displayed on a mob when you get close to it and move your finger over the mob. Whenever you get 20-30 blocks away from a mob it will be deactivated so you won't have a lot of health indicators cluttering your screen.

Alv ya no está el archivo literalmente ya no existe
Es verdad. al fin alguien que habla español je je
Add a mcpack pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!
Does it work on players?
Darn, I forgot it isn't for pc nevermind
I cant download
Add a .mcpack for the iOS people that don't have Dropbox ? This is so annoying
Get the apple branded file explorer
nice and simply like the RPG games it's wonderful mod