Simple Lightsabers

It’s just a simple, balanced (as much as it can be), mod for survival and map-making purposes. I wasn’t really going for an exact reference to actual lightsabers, but more of a fun alternative that’s less obstructive and more versatile than other mods. (This may not be the final product)


General Info

All lightsabers do 10 damage, which may seem high compared to a netherite sword’s 8 damage, especially since lightsabers are half as expensive, but you also can’t enchant lightsabers. (A sharp V netherite sword does 22 hearts critical)


Phasers are pretty simple. With just a blaze rod, a crystal (color of your choice) and a netherite ingot.

(replace center crystal with colored or white crystal of your choice)

Colored crystals aren’t complicated either, just harder to remember. White ones, however, are very simple.

That’s it. Just smelt a diamond. Not very creative, I know, but it works.

Colored crystals now. Each of them has an individual shapeless recipe but all of them have one blaze powder, a white crystal, and an item for color. Here are all of the recipes.

I tried to make them balanced and avoided using diamonds etc. while staying true to the crystal color.


For convenience, all /give commands start with “cc:” and typing a color will obviously prompt the crystal and the saber of that color.


Crafty Craft (mod maker for iOS)

Offroaders123 (dark mode shown in pictures)

Some stolen reddit post (crystal texture)

Myself (lightsaber textures, coloring of crystals and bringing the mod together)


Changelog View more
  • Mcpedl page typo fixes
  • Mcpedl page thumbnail revision
  • New Changelog


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Ashtron says:

    its pretty bad i mean i found way better star wars mods one star but good work

  2. hozan says:

    Pretty good 5 stars

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