Simple Resources Pack

Disclaimer: This is my first resource pack, so it may not be perfect.

This texture pack makes building in Minecraft a whole new experience. From the clear look of glass to the unique outline of ores, this texture pack will bring you a new looking world. 

This pack took me 9 hours, and I used photoshop for it.

This resource pack re-textures almost every block in the game to look more simple, and cartoon-like. Glass is made much clearer (see 2nd-to-bottom row in pic), ores are easier to see (see 4th row-from-bottom), wool is more stylish (see rows on very left and right), etc. Its fairly similar to the plastic texture pack (as seen in Minecraft Marketplace) but it has lots of different features. 

I hope you enjoy my first texture pack ever, especially during the current covid-19 quarantine.

Changelog View more

More description added. Also slightly changed dirt texture to look cleaner.


Click the link to download

Wait 5-15 seconds

Press skip-Ad in the top right corner

Download the pack

Extract the zip to the Resource Pack folder

Or click on the .mcpack


Supported Minecraft versions




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13 Responses

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  1. Guest-8417978120 says:

    thanks i got less lag now thanks mate

  2. Guest-2666403261 says:

    Is it updated to 1.16 yet?

  3. Guest-7644761341 says:

    Will you update for 1.16 please

  4. Guest-9534393631 says:

    Nice texture pack! I love it!

  5. Guest-7818340309 says:

    Can you make it more simple to download I’m just confused

  6. Guest-7341679199 says:

    YO Discord?
    Link or something?

  7. Guest-9346917786 says:

    Love it!!

  8. Guest-5663127631 says:

    Do you have a discord?

  9. Guest-5433218779 says:

    Amazing thank you

  10. Anonymous says:

    Any requests for other texture packs? =)

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