Simple UI

The Simple UI pack is a texture pack that makes your item hotbar and health/armor point indicators look more smooth and clean. This pack is perfect for content creators, OCD, or people who just want Minecraft to look better.

I hope you enjoy! 

(made with Photoshop)

This texture pack is perfect for content creators or people who like Minecraft to look much cleaner. It will make your Minecraft experience a lot more enjoyable, because of the sleek look. Its a resource pack I happy to all my worlds, just because it makes my experience feel a lot more smooth.

The pack will make your hotbar transparent, and more noticeably outline your item in hand.

It will also slightly change the look of your armor and health point indicators.

I hope you enjoy this mod!


Supported Minecraft versions


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5 Responses

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  1. Simple Craft says:

    Make this…
    – Much smaller file size
    – Compatible with other packs
    = 5 Stars! 😀

    • Simple Craft says:

      Smaller,Fixed up and Compatible with other textures version here (add the “t” after “h”)

      Creator if you want to update yours with this then feel free to and I will remove this link since yours will now be the cleaned version


  2. Guest-4420219768 says:

    Can you make the hotbar like a shadow under the item?

  3. Guest-9397446845 says:

    its 44MB bro you forgot to delete the rest

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