Simple Vehicles Add-on Version 1.1.0 Pre-1

This add-on adds over 35 vehicles in Minecraft and this is my biggest add-on that I ever made it for you and to everyone who love vehicles add-on and this could be suitable to City maps and role play maps

This Add-on Adds 35 Vehicles in Minecraft and this is the largest mod I every made and I will talk you about this mod


I made this add-on since March 2019 and I do an upload online but I’m not good enough to make add-ons here before then now I have an good potential in making mods so I continue to working in this mod and I did it

And did you know that I like making Vehicles too that can be found in local or not but some models are made by me anyway


I do the showcase of the vehicles in different category like first of all is the cars

1. Car this is my first vehicle I ever made and these have over 10 colors (I think it’s eleven😂)


  • Grey            
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Cyan
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Purple

Another Feature

  • Can be ridden by a Villager, cat, and NPC but make sure the key(Saddle) is not applied to the vehicle

2. The lowrider since I also made it for those people who like cool but simple 

3. Toyota AE86

This is the one of suggested vehicle that can carry up to 4 player

4. Toyota Corolla 

This add-on was look like 2000s Edition of The Toyota Corolla but It could be ride up to 4 players*

*- Same as car can be ridden up to 4

5. Ford Mustang

This vehicle can be only ridden up to two people but It could be run up to over 200MPH(but It think I need to study the speed of some vehicles)

Then Now I Showcase you the public utility vehicle which can be used for bringing passenger from one place to another up to 10 players (I think it could be compatible for realms and servers)

1. Bus

This vehicle can be ridden up to 10 players (rider included)

2. Minibus

This vehicle is also small bus but I need to do Improvements on it but It could be ridden up to 5 players (Local Server or Cloud Server Approved😂)



3. Philippine Local Jeep

This vehicle is can only be found in the Philippines and there’s the two types of jeepney I ever made it for you

  • Traditional
  • Modern

4. Van

This vehicle has just one color but it could be add new colors in next update and can be ride up to 6 players

5. Taxi

This vehicle can be ridden up to 4 players*


  • Yellow
  • White

Here’s the Vehicles that can be used for emergency and public services

1. Fire truck

This add-on can be ridden up to 4 players and you can do a role play as a firemen

2. Ambulance – can be used in hospital to bring patient and you can do the role-play like doctors and patient

3. OB Van 

This could be used for television and news broadcast but Sorry for the color and texture🙂

4. Tanks

This Could be used by the military and it’s need to be remodeled in next update

5. Police Car – this vehicle is good if you want to do cops and robbers

And there’s more Vehicles that you ever loved it:

Flying Vehicles

1. Plane – this vehicle can be ridden up to four players but You can get the sperate one here

2. Christmas Sled – I should need to do it in December but anyway I made this in advanced 😂

3. Helicopter – It need to be retexture in next update

Special ability – These can be flyable, when you look up it go up and look down it go down

Double wheel Vehicles

1. Motorbikes – it has 5 colors and can carry up to two players


  • Pink
  • Green
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black

2. Bikes 


  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Orange

3. Hoverboards


  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow

4. Volt Bike

Other Vehicles

1. AUV Car – it’s an private vehicle that can be ridden up to 4 players

2. Pick up truck – an vehicle that can be ridden up to 2 players only

3. Tesla Truck – this is an future-vehicle type

4. Limousine – Is the luxurious type vehicle and it can ridden up to 6 players

5. Shuttle bus

6. Truck – can carry up to 15-20 slots of storage

7. Speedboat

And lots of more Vehicles to try of it I’m sorry I can’t take some images of other vehicles anyway you can watch some of Vehicles

There are 3 new vehicles added in this mod

(It also shown that Simple Vehicles Addon is now supported on Latest BETA Version)

1. Opel Corsa

This vehicle can be ride up to 4 players

2. Opel Astral

This is an small car that it has an simple texture (this could be change in next update)

3. Volkswagen Beetle

This Vehicle has five colors

  • White           
  • Red
  • Yellow           
  • Blue
  • Green

Here’s the latest version and add new vehicles 

1. Ice Cream Truck – Since this was added in Minecraft and it has one seat position only

2. Honda Accord 2019 – it can carry up to 4 players and it has five colors

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White

The last but not the least is the Cadillac (CTS) DTS 2010


I made some of Showcase vehicles and I hope you gonna love it

Version 1.0.0

Version 1.1

This time it’s on version 1.1.0 Pre-1

Here’s the Latest Version of Simple Vehicles Add-on Version 1.1.0 Pre-2 Video

Note: The models, textures and codes are belongs to Me (RMPlaysMC YT) and you are not allowed to steal on it.

Suggestions: You can DM me via Twitter if you have some request or problems, you can do also DM me on Facebook

And For someone who likes tho support my development you can donate here (Any amount is good enough for me🙂)

There are some plans that I should do in the next update:

  • Custom Player Animations
  • Adding more Vehicles and Colors
  • And So much more

Changelog View more

Add Three new vehicles in Version 1.1.0

  • Ice Cream Truck
  • Honda Accord 2019
  • Cadillac DTS 2010

Fixing The Minibus Riding Position

Added Few Descriptions about the add-on and discord server added

Add three vehicles

Simple Vehicles Addon 1.1 Has Lite Version for low-end devices

This Addon is now supported to the BETA Versions

Add an download guide tutorial so you can watch it how🙂

If you download this Mod make sure:

  • You are allowed to showcase this mod to your YouTube Channel
  • Use it in good condition
  • Use the Mcpedl link to your videos and it's important to support my development

You are not Allowed to used this Mod if you

  • Redistribute to other sites without my consent
  • Stealing the code

Installation Guide has Added :D

You can choose one of those download in step by step:

  • Wait 10 Seconds
  • Read Article
  • And you can have a download and enjoy

Changing the Resources and Behavior Link 

Adding Few Descriptions like upcoming features 


You can choose one of those download in step by step:

  1. Wait 10 Seconds
  2. Read Article
  3. And you can have a download and enjoy

If you download this Mod make sure

  • You are allowed to showcase this mod to your YouTube Channel
  • Use it in good condition
  • Use the Mcpedl link to your videos and it's important to support my development



Addon by RMPlaysMC YT

Link: This Link must be included to your videos USING MCPEDL LINK IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOUR VIDEOS


Discord Server:


You are not Allowed to used this Mod if you

  • Redistribute to other sites without my consent
  • Stealing the code


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta)

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  1. SamuelCDMX says:

    hello the addon I love it is very good but could I ask you something? And that something would be that if I could make the cars have headlights or lights as an example, turn them on at night I for the moment use another addon called realight, I recommend them for people who play at night and use it in the car only I ask that the creator do it if you can of course I will leave the link of the addon that I mention: https: //

  2. TheNekozillaYT says:

    To get past linkvertise, click free access with ads then click read discover interesting articles from the web, do not click any of the articles and wait 15 seconds, click X then click continue and you will be directed to mediafire

  3. Where’s the new update? It’s been so long, and already late October. Can you please release this new update by tomorrow so I could decorate my thriving town with ice cream trucks and other new vehicles coming out with this update?

  4. SparkEngine1389 says:

    Good news: the addon gets a suggestion: Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity (creative only) Why not make mars rovers from 2004 and I will subscribe to ur yt.
    Bad news: I can’t download it; it says “Unknown error” that’s why I give it 4/5
    It keeps saying it’s duping

  5. SparkEngine1389 says:

    Good news: the addon gets a suggestion: Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity (creative only) Why not make mars rovers from 2004 and I will subscribe to ur yt.
    Bad news: I can’t download it; it says “Unknown error” that’s why I give it 4/5

  6. When will the next update come out?

  7. For the references, I sent them by email. The pictures show what the ice cream trucks here in America are like.

    On the top shows the official truck that Mr. Softee owns and operates. The next few is the red truck, which is just an example, but part of the pack; the rest of the trucks can simply have different colors with the ice cream cone with the sprinkles, the Shakes, cones, & Sundaes text on both sides, as shown on the picture attached to the email.

    The last 5 pictures are the interiors of the truck, including the soft serve machine, the shakes machine, freezer for the packed ice cream, and the storage compartment in the back of the truck. Since the trucks are based off box delivery trucks, only one driver drives the truck, on the left hand side.

  8. How’s the ice cream truck coming along? BTW 5 stars as always.

    Can you also model a Mr. Softee truck as a special edition? Here in America, the company is famous.

  9. Hellopeople1300 says:

    Absolutely amazing but I have some suggestions maybe add some more boats
    And planes but overall amazing 5 star

  10. KingCashew276 says:

    This needed Saddle?

  11. Us airways 001 says:

    This add-on looks like it’s been made by a 3 year old.

  12. Mandolorian20 says:

    Awesome mod, love the mustang, my sister lives the beetle, well done!

  13. Wailin says:

    Can u add recipes for survival

  14. SparkEngine1389 says:

    OMG THANK YOU FOR THE VW BEETLE!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!111

  15. NetherWart says:

    This addon is amazing. I love how instead of having to get a bunch of brand name expensive cars I can get any car/truck/boat without a brand name! I have a few suggestions, though: 1. I think the cars should go a little bit faster. 2. Have the speedboat not drown when it stops 3. When I drive the news van it glitches and the wheels are in the sky. Other than that, I give it 5 stars. Awesome work!

  16. SwenIIX says:

    This add-on is really amazing 😀😍

    5 Star!

  17. Spinoray says:

    Can you lower the top of the cars pls they would look cooler

  18. Spinoray says:

    You should retexture the vehicles in the next update also how do I ride the cars?

  19. DarkoKL says:

    Can u add skateboards,Jet,Jetski and 1998 Subaru impreza 22B STI?

  20. Can you make an ice cream truck next with this pack? Seeing an actual ice cream truck drive around Minecraft would be very cool.

    • That looks great maybe on Late October

      • Like the other cars, ice cream trucks come in different colors. There are also many famous ice cream truck companies here in the United States. One example is Mr. Softee which has been in America since 1956. The official truck is white and blue. Good Humor is another ice cream truck company that debuted in 1920. Today, ice cream trucks are based off from box delivery trucks, which are very common in the US. (Google “ice cream truck” for some ideas). Just giving you some ideas of how they can actually look for this next update. Hope the truck(s) can have a correct seating position for the driver’s seat so me (and other players) can have a clear view of what’s up front while driving.
        Overall, great pack.

        Like the planes, the ice cream trucks could come In with a separate pack, and also this one, since there would be multiple of them. The Mr. Softee truck can be the special edition, since it’s one of the most famous ice cream truck companies in America.

  21. cubosaurus77 says:

    I like the addon very much but it makes all skins created with character creator Steves for no reason. Pls fix if u can

  22. creepyeggiboi13 says:

    Could you make a newgrounds tankmen each looking tank?

  23. XwMANDINGUSwX says:

    I love the mod. But can you add more emergency service vehicles. Like a fire and rescue helicopter, swat truck, and maybe even a Humvee/army Jeep to go along with the tank.

  24. MinecraftBro says:

    yahoo! great! yay! thx!

  25. M.M.16 player says:

    When did you will remodel the tank?

  26. Alberto117 says:

    Can it be used in Realms? Since for this there must be a recipe to be able to create the vehicles, I hope it was so, since I really like your mod and that it could be used in the realms to craft

  27. LifeInBlocks says:

    Fantastic add on. You did a lot of work. I love it and so do the players on my realm

  28. Unknow Newbie says:

    Can you remove the shadow?
    Or make the entity can’t be hit by players, nice add-on BTW.

  29. FlareX says:

    Can you plss update that you can dye the cars and add planes plssss i like your addon

  30. SparkEngine1389 says:

    Hey will u add vw beetle? I tried to download the beetle addon but its outdated with ni fix coming. If so you will be rated five stars

  31. LordBond says:

    I can get in/on the vehicles but I cant drive them. How do you do that? I was able to get the helicopter to do up and down depending on where my mouse was pointing but couldn’t get any other movement

  32. PrinceMJ says:

    Just Awesome… Awesome Addon RM I See The Hard Work You Did With This Addon And I Wish You Good Luck With Other Add-ons I Had Fun Reviewing This Addon On My Channel The Tank Is My Favorite LOL 😀

  33. It doesn’t work in my world

  34. IndicoMCPE says:

    I Love This Addon It Makes My Game Better…Adfly Is Ok,Linkvertise Is Ok,Dropbox Is Also Ok,Even Better When It’s Redirected To Mediafire What Is Wrong With People Are They Actually Moron There Is Nothing To Worry About Those Link It’s Been A Month Since I Started To Download Mods/Addon/Shader/Texture Pack/Maps And I Got No Virus At All Even Turning On Notification Is Not Even A Problem To Me Just After You Turn It On Go To Settings/History/Clear Browsing Data And Clear Data And Your Safe They Are Just Worried By Them Self And They Don’t Even Care About Other People’s Hardwork And They Said They Are Blessed !!!Shut Up!!! btw This Addon Is Great Keep Up The Good Work 5 Star For Me But If There Is a 10000000000000 Star Like That I Will Choose That Your Addon Is Great(Sorry If My Eng Is Bad, i live in asia).

  35. MrStriking says:

    This the only addon or one of few that has a full package of vehicles. I just hope that the textures would be upgraded/remodeled to be better in the future.

  36. Rayvex says:

    I’m okay with ADFLY because I do know you need to earn money because you spent time making it but please not LinkVertise

  37. Can u make them craft able please so we can use them survival world

  38. M.M.16 player says:

    This is what I was looking for simple and fantastic!
    I love this style ! Can we have more vehicles next update?

  39. unuselessgamer says:

    A Fantastic Addon , A must have ADDON
    but can u add more boats and planes , and the tank and helicopter dont need remodeling the look perfect , thank u

  40. LouisV says:

    can’t believe that you’ll actually publish this addon on mcpedl. Thanks

  41. Qaanie says:

    Yessssss, I downloaded this on your YouTube and now I can finally get updates from here. I’d just like to add that this is the only believable vehicle addon that has been able to be used with a group of other addons. Thanks so much for making this.

  42. Liam TDP 💎 says:

    Love the addon RmPlayz 👍 Its very nice

  43. Atlas Boyyo says:

    Here are some vehicle ideas! Love this addon btw
    Tesla (any model)
    Hover Cars
    Hover Bikes
    Larger planes

  44. Ilikestuff says:

    Your cars are beautiful

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