SimpleCommands Mod

A common problem as soon a new version of Minecraft Pocket Edition is available is that Toolbox, BlockLauncher and other tools take some time to be updated. But there’s no need to worry anymore because the SimpleCommands Mod adds all the necessary commands you need to easier manage your gameplay. By the use of some simple commands you can change the weather, time of day and gamemode. In total it includes includes more than fifteen different commands.

Creator: Schoki (Twitter Account), Toxdev



  • /about
  • /help
  • /coords
  • /lvl <50/100>
  • /give <item> <amount> <damage> (click here for items/blocks IDs)
  • /timeset <day/midday/noon/night/midnight>
  • /home
  • /time
  • /world
  • /weather <rain/lightning/stop>
  • /kill
  • /heal <amount>
  • /gamemode <0/1> (0=survival, 1=creative)
  • /fly <on/off>
  • /tp  <x> <y> <z>
  • /spawnpoint
  • /effect <id> <time> <level>
  • /clearinv
  • /xp <value>
  • /lvl <value>
  • /home
  • /sethome
  • /gamespeed
  • /slowmotion
  • /kit noob
  • Supports English & German

Install Guide

  1. Download the mod by pressing the download button further down.
  2. Import the ModPE .js script.

If you like this mod. Make sure to check out SimpleCommandsButtons!


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122 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Sawyer says:

    Can you get this on Xbox and Windows 10???
    If so post the link below.

  2. Kerry says:

    It’s good good job!

  3. Unknown says:

    Can you make one using media fire please

  4. Bill Cipher says:

    Hi! I didn’t download the add on but I just wanna comment to see if you reply! :3 XD

  5. Minecraft Man says:

    Is it possible to download this mod on an IOS device?

  6. Lucy says:

    Hi I am using the current version on and when I add the command block, then the Redstone, and the lever then add the command /weather rain my command block does nothing when I pull the lever?? Please tell me what I’m doing wrong???

  7. Ryder Nurscher says:

    Does this work on iOS? If yes tell me plz!i would love to know

  8. Unknown says:

    It works for me its awesome mostly tuff

  9. Liam says:

    I loved it be minecraft

  10. Lava jukebox says:

    Can i use this mod in my modded map

  11. jose says:

    I think it is the coolest

  12. Alex says:

    Does the setblock command work?

  13. GamingPlayer says:

    Why my BlockLauncher always crash when i download this mod?

  14. UltimaCreeper says:

    Can you please add a /game rule command just like in PC

  15. I Iike trains says:

    Will it work on Windows 10 edition?

    • Editor says:

      It requires an application, like BlockLauncher, to load the ModPE script. As far as I know, Windows 10 Edition currently doesn’t have such an app.

  16. Trever says:

    I love Minecraft

  17. Seth Myers says:

    It crashes BlockLauncher in 0.14.0 on Kindle Fire. I need it to use the mcpe command block mod. Plz Fix.

  18. Jutness says:

    I have mcpe master i imported this dl to it so that i could use the new command block mod but to no avail this dl just crashes the game and without it cant use the command block mod

  19. Charles says:

    CAN YOU ADD A COMMAND /say or that words appear on screen

  20. Ferteman says:

    how to know the JavaScript? please answer me

  21. James Gutierrez says:

    I Cant download it when I download directly when I check my files its not there and when I press download with app it sends me to an error web pls help me Editor

  22. ErgoGaming says:

    I have block launcher pro but where i can download this modPE

  23. gamermens2 says:

    When I download it says this works only in block launcher and ……

  24. Imtiaz24vgh says:

    How do me upgrade 0.14.0? So I can get this

    • Editor says:

      Go to Google Play and search for Minecraft Pocket Edition and then press the update button on that page to update it. Normally updates should be sent out automatically though.

  25. jasonice says:

    the commands doesn’t work on 14.0

  26. muham says:

    Where is the Download Link?

  27. Jason says:

    I love commands ??☺

  28. Rudy says:

    It doesn’t work. When I press download, it sends me to Dropbox, then it says, open in app, but I press direct download. When it downloads, it says it was unsuccessful and i f I press the download, it takes me to my files and tells me it’s unknown and it failed to download, and it has no name and is not zip

  29. Luffy says:

    How do i download from dropbox

    • Editor says:

      Just click the download button and then when the sign up box pops up just click in the dark area outside it and then click the download button again to download it.

  30. Julan says:

    Hey editor if itap the download link why it direct me to drop box? I’m mcpe 0.14.0

  31. Finnbar (Redstone Engineer) says:

    Does this mod have all of the commands? Because I want to build big things

  32. Paulsunis says:

    Mimecraft the best!!!

  33. Krozzi says:

    Does this work with 0.14.0?

  34. Cold Fire says:

    Is this works on 0.14.0?

  35. Shiruto_MCPE213 says:

    If this work for 0.14.0 ? Please Answer

  36. Emanuel says:

    Dos e it work no 0.13.2

  37. Dodopo says:

    Sorry this won’t work on Apple iPhone will it

  38. Angel says:

    Do this work on 0.13.1?

  39. Dodopo says:

    If I want to get rid of the mod how do I do that

  40. Kkcupcake says:

    I can’t find the help button

  41. L says:

    How you get mods


  42. shock 000 says:

    Why you don’t add potion effect in command

  43. Zirio says:

    Oh wow! Thanks! Thus is cool! Share this news!!!!! 😀

  44. Eilliam says:

    How do you download this

  45. Nabila says:

    It works perfectly on 0.13.1 version. I have made an easy lets play and maps with this mod. Please add more commands such as /enchant and others.

  46. miner says:

    OMG it works finaly a mod that works

  47. Moeabed12 says:

    How Do I Get This On IPAD?

  48. MaRiOcrafter2000 says:

    I made a mod review for this (it kinda sucks tho) just seach MaRiOcrafted in Youtube.

  49. allan says:

    what the different beetwin normal & music version ?

  50. Joseph says:

    And try to make a end mod for mcpe

  51. Joseph says:

    For some reason the simple commands mod is not working I’m typing /fly on and it doesn’t

  52. Dark magick says:

    Do you pay for this mod

  53. Aarax says:

    It shows . bin file I can’t import it

  54. tan says:

    Is the mod available on IPad

  55. Jaren says:

    Help me please I really wanna use your mod it says directory not found and do I really download the real mod it’s named file.bin

  56. Izabella says:

    Do you guys know how to download iOS 8???? Please tell me I need to know! D:

  57. Izabella says:

    I’m gonna get google play store and see if I can update pocket edition there 🙂

  58. Izabella says:

    Guys I don’t fricken have BlockLauncher because I’m on an iPad not an android!! 🙁

  59. Izabella says:

    I’m trying to download this mod but I don’t know how can someone please help?! :/

  60. Brandongessa says:

    Super cool

  61. Diana says:

    When I click on the link it says “Safari cannot download this file.” What do I do?

  62. Nayhaan Sharif says:

    Its cool

  63. StarkVille (Aka) Jeremiah Kaatz says:

    When I launch Blocklaucher Pro It Says I Need To Update The Copy Of It To Use Blocklaucher Any Of Y’all Know How too =/ #/ THX AND IF SO COMMET BELOW

  64. Peter says:

    You should do a better armor mod

  65. Josh_Djo says:

    ehhmmm ,….. Editor is the BlockLauncher already available to MCPE V0.13.0 ? if yes im so proud of it please say it what versiion of the Block Luancher is ?

  66. akmal says:

    Why i can’t download?

  67. Kieran says:

    The download link isn’t working.

  68. Bryan says:

    why my blocklauncher always crashes?

  69. Sondra says:

    These commands dont work for 0.11.0 on micecraft pe very dissapointed

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